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ALamar Apr 2017
There's a deeper place of self
A richer place than wealth
A place where one's inner pretenses and precepts are left
A place where the secrets of the soul are kept
ALamar Apr 2017
Linked arm in arm like a knot
Whether we were play fighting
Or kicking at the spot
Playing ball getting girls or getting stopped by the cops
There was never a doubt about who had my back
ALamar Apr 2017
For the sake of living I engage and socially interact
But the true and honest fact is that I
I've never had friends like the ones I had back when I just some kid on the block
ALamar Apr 2017
I open my eyes and I see the sun
I awake and I feel life coursing through my veins
This is morning I feel lucky to have life
To take in the trees the wind
neither to shrink or fear
Power and love in my mind I feel
I am yours to do with me what you will
I need thee today to lead me and order my path
In my weakness I welcome your strength
With you I can do it
Without you there's balance I know I can through it
Existing without is chaos and malice
A man with no soul is as empty as a broken chalice
ALamar Mar 2017
While the vultures pile in hostels and political houses
Dictators take hostages
Killing innocent people for millions of dollars and unlimited power
ALamar Mar 2017
In Him
I'm closer to grace than I've ever been
I'm grateful sin doesn't control my life like it did back when
Before I found joy, found peace
Glory to the most high God who supplies my every need
From the pain I carried around my neck like a leash
To the pile of pride I was buried beneath
I questioned myself if I would ever be free
In him I know I’m no longer condemned
There is nothing to gain by being away from him
My life is empty being away from him
If you ask me who do I love most my answer is always Him
ALamar Mar 2017
A fanatic
In its truest form
An addict who can’t overcome her demons the behemoth of being in love with addiction to crack
A ***** making scores of money for a manipulate
Who could care less if she ended up OD’d or in prison
Of her own volition giving her body to make an ingrate coin
A black woman, mother of two boys, a daughter and two others she can’t raise because she’s unemployed
Deemed unfit incapable of providing a healthy place for her children to be raised
I know this case because my mother adopted two of her sons so they wouldn’t become wards of the state
Beautiful kids with no idea of their biological aunt now adoptive mother did
They weren’t her problem but they were her family
And she just couldn’t sit idle while these innocent babies slid
She saved those boys is what she did
Imagine being 58 with grown kids
Now you’ve got one age seven ir eight and the other age 10
My mother
By no means a patron saint
But the mandate she willfully embraced
Carries with me to this day
It shows her growth as person and as a mother
Reflecting the need to live in service someone else
She depicts exactly what the bible says when it says despite everything love above all else
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