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ZS 6d
Hello Darkness, you're here again.
You've always been there since then.

You're there when I'm in pain,
More so when I'm going insane.

You know when I'm not okay,
You check on me day by day.

I just want you to stay away,
But I realised that I'm always astray.
ZS Jan 18
This is not about The Woman on an episode of Sherlock Holmes.

This is about a woman who I thought, felt like home.

Unlike the woman, this woman didn't need to make me solve puzzles or crimes to know what she feels.

Later on, I realised for her I'm head over heels.

And if you're lucky enough, you'll get to be with her and keep her.

If you're wondering if I'm one of the lucky or the unlucky ones, I'm the latter.
ZS Jun 2018
Sometimes we already know what to do, we just needed a little push from someone.

Sometimes we already know what's wrong, we just needed someone to ask us.

Sometimes we already know such things, we just wanted to hear it from someone.

Most of the time, we already know how we feel, we just didn't know what to do with it.
ZS May 2018
It's like a person that I don't wanna see but can't avoid.
A force that keeps on pulling me away from the things that I wanna do.
A wall that separates my goals.
A darkness even when it's sunny.
A shadow that keeps on following me.
ZS Mar 2018
Maybe you're just in love with the idea of being in love. Maybe you just want someone to fill the emptiness in you. Someone to satisfy your dream of a perfect relationship.

Maybe it's not about the person you're currently with. It's about getting the love you've always wanted and when you think someone is giving you that, you'll accept it. Maybe you're attracted to anyone who's good for your eyes. That's why you get hurt so easily.

And when you're not getting that kind of love you think you're giving, the kind of love you're dreaming,
You'll question the kind of love someone has for you, if you're receiving that perfect love, if you're being loved at all, if it was there in the first place.

Maybe I'm right. Maybe you're wrong. Maybe it's the other way around.

And maybe what we had was new to me so I messed it up. Maybe we love differently, maybe we feel things differently, maybe we see things differently.

Maybe, love. Maybe.
ZS Mar 2018
If loving you would only make you sad, then I don't wanna love you anymore.

If walking away would put a smile on your face, then I'd gladly walk a mile.

If my silence mean you'll stop hurting, you'd never hear a thing.

If you wanna feel at ease and live your life in peace, I'd give you my absence, yes you'll be released.
ZS Nov 2017
Let me miss you tonight,
If I could I'd even hold you tight.
For everything might change tomorrow,
You may not even feel any sorrow.
My heart will be with you always,
Even when we stop talking the following days.
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