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Zowie Georgia Jul 2017
Who am I to try to force anything,
Fooling my true self with illusions that separated me
From my own completion.
Oh how often I forget
When I'm questioning life,
To just let go..

Like the waves in the sea
Always returning to where they belong.

Here I shall find myself
With an understanding from a deeper place.
Oh how often I forget
That what is meant for me
Will always find its way to me.
Who am I to chase anything
In fear of it going away.
Forgetting that whatever is chased
Wasn’t mine anyway.

How silly I was
To lose trust in life,
In my destiny that’s surely on its way and is always there
Like the waves in the sea
Always returning to where they belong.

Now I've been reminded again,
From the depths of my own knowing
Initially showing itself as rejection,
Now transforming into so much more.

-Zowie Conway Writing <3
Zowie Georgia Jul 2017
My emotions leave me and encircle me
like a residue of a puddle after a heavy rain shower,
Even though an emotion has released,
I’m left with a knowing that
No feeling ever really dies.
I know another river is flowing inside again,
We're always running through so many different rivers
like small intricate fish in the swimming pool of life
going in so many different directions
And yet continuously connected,
Always moving.

There’s something so beautifully deep and yet fickle about this movement,
And the stillness
Even if it feels just momentary.
As we search for harmony
Within the chaos,
Through the pushing and pulling of our lives
Trying desperately to find the midpoint
To start all over again.
Do you know what I mean?
Zowie Georgia Jun 2017
I'm feeling light
As if a carousel has taken my worries for a while
Blowing them in circular motion
As I'm catching all of my wishes ever given to the air.
There's something magical about you
That makes me believe in dreams again.
Zowie Georgia Jan 2017
You hurt me and I hurt you.
Forgetting with every hurt
How safe softness could feel.

Now you’re with someone new
And I’ve moved on too,
Feeling only gratitude and warmth now,
To realise what great teachers we were.
Feeling only love and respect now,
At where we are today
And who we are

I will always feel thankful now,
I know you will too
And with this natural ending,
My heart re-opens
Because I know we will never hurt each-other again.

And as I sit here
Bidding you farewell,
A vulnerable softness is remembered
And through a tear I allow you to rise to the surface
To fall away.

I hurt you and you hurt me too, and no longer are we angry*

Thank you, for the bitter and ultimately, the sweet.
Zowie Georgia Mar 2016
There are dreams you're are not aware of yet.
They dance beyond moulded visions.
Dreams that cannot be dreamed in limited minds.
Dreams that exist beyond desire,
Those conditioned desires that tell you what happiness feels like.
Because there is a place that is waiting,
For your heart to let go
To allow the real dreams to arrive.
Let go of your dreams to open to more than you can imagine right now.
Zowie Georgia Feb 2016
Caught in-between winter and spring and
The in-between of summer moving into autumn,
When it’s not too sure what it’s doing but it isn't in a hurry.
When it's not quite in limbo but its transition is ever so slow.
I have a vision of myself with a blue bicycle in the sunshine,
The day whispers with inspiration and aeroplane trails demand in clear skies
'Come get me, right now'
But at the moment my bike which is so full of romance and culture
Has a puncture and I'm walking it beside me.
I'm moving fast one way and ever so slowly in another,
Missing those moments wished for,
Even when those wishes are not happening yet,
When just a thought of them brings a lightness.
These thoughts take me on a train somewhere warm,
Somewhere I look forward to discovering.
Somewhere music feels different and I have the space to feel more.

I miss the wanderer that explores
Even when she explores the explored

Feeling something fresh.
I’m running in the material
But there’s a longing,
I’m not wanting to live on the edge,
I long to be outside the lines I currently walk
To colour myself in as if my very own colouring book.
I'd paint myself sky blue
To pathways that fulfil the creative inside.
So many roads are open and yet I want more
To wander.

My legs are strong now
But I want to be knocked off my feet.
Into waves somewhere
Knowing the waves come and go
But each feeling is different
That’s what I want,
To wander here in this feeling for some time
As the familiarity washes away.
I know that I'll have to jump soon
To reach what takes me breath away... <3
Zowie Georgia Aug 2015
Everybody gives you a gift
Presented in a myriad of ways
Containing a multitude of feelings,
All for us to discover how to accept.
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