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2.3k · Nov 2017
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
“Wrong way on the freeway because I’m already going backwards “
1.8k · Sep 2017
The heartbroken overthinker.
Zoie Marie Sep 2017
My definitions
Of right and wrong
Is made by your idea
of where we belong
I'm hurt
I'm sad
I'm somewhere inbetween
But from all of this
I understand what you mean
I'll remember the good times
I'll miss the simple ones
Moving on
Won't be a good time
I miss your smile
And your voice at night
And after this
My heart is shadowed in fright
I don't want to feel
This drop in my gut
But one day I'll heal
And I thank you for that
Your amazing
And caring
One day you'll find the girl
Who shows you this feeling
This feeling of happiness
This feeling of daring
I'll check everyday
For the blue buttons to say
That I can tell you
All the rest of my days
I would be your friend
In a distant of meanings
To know how your doing
And know how your feeling
I'll give you your distance
I'll give you your time
I wish you the best
In all of life's battles
Show me your happiness
Show me your glow
Even if that's
With someone I don't know.
This poem is about the man who showed me I deserve love. I hope someone shows him the same thing even if that's not me.
1.2k · Nov 2017
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
I’m so happy
I’m gonna cry
I’m so happy
I finally don’t want to die
1.2k · Aug 2017
Zoie Marie Aug 2017
My mom always told me
Don't light that Zoie
You don't know who you'll be
You might ruin your fantasy

The spark from that lighter
Could put out the spark in your heart

But I lit it mom
It tasted like jade
I felt the edge
I may not live to 99
But I know what pink tastes like
How marb burns faster
Camel slightly slower

That spark from the lighter
Erupted a spark in my mind

I'm free
You're no longer part of me
You tore my seams

It singed them back together

I'm independent
An individual

Pink No.9
I've been set free

The lighter burned your ties to me
758 · Oct 2017
Zoie Marie Oct 2017
You think *** with her
Would be better than *** with me?
Just try daddy.
687 · Dec 2017
Story time...
Zoie Marie Dec 2017
“He looks at me like a story book that isn’t finished”
609 · Oct 2017
Late Nights
Zoie Marie Oct 2017
Unlike any other
We sat on the hood of my car
And stared at the beautiful stars
A simple kiss here and there
But it wasn’t anything more
He wouldn’t dare
Kisses, cuddles, laughing and stories
You remind me
Who it is to be Zoie
From elementary school
Middle school
High school
And beyond
You have always been
My favorite song
Went out with an old friend tonight. Definitely an unforgettable night.
586 · Sep 2019
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
Please make me feel wanted
If not by you
by myself
561 · Sep 2019
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
“**** him.
**** me.”
4 words yet so much meaning
541 · Nov 2017
Advice isn’t alway poetic
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
“I pushed him away too. I hurt him. But if he can’t handle me at my worst he certainly doesn’t deserve me at my best. You gotta treat yourself as if you’re the finest most fragile piece of jewelry and take care of yourself“
Poetry isn’t always poetic my love
526 · Dec 2016
Zoie Marie Dec 2016
you changed the way the world looked
not like the way light shines off water
but the way the blood shines a crimson red after a life is just taken
then i met him
with eyes that shine like stars on a clear night
music rhythmic like the way his heart beats through his chest
he opened my world instead of changing it
flowers are brighter
words are smoother
nights are easier
i could read this to him 1000x
and he would never know
The world lost
In his deep eyes
518 · Jan 2018
Step forward
Zoie Marie Jan 2018
Tell me tell me why
Do you gotta fly
Out of my life
Every other night
I miss you like
Life misses death
But I have to let go
Because I fear
My dear
If I see you
I’ll feel the love
Oh so strong
I’ll be fine
Life will go on
I’ll move on
480 · Sep 2017
Beautiful person
Zoie Marie Sep 2017
You're a beautiful person
Inside and out
You're a beautiful person
Don't mind the doubt
You're a beautiful person
Don't listen to what they say
You're a beautiful person
No matter the day
You're a beautiful person
Despite the pain
You're a beautiful person
On a rainy day
Love yourself he asked. So I will.
479 · Jan 2018
Zoie Marie Jan 2018
I’m alone this new year
No one to hold
No one to touch
No one to love
It’s just me
A single little bug
Relationships carry hurt
They carry pain
Oh god
I feel I’m going insane
I don’t want anyone
But him
I don’t want anyone
But you
It’s time to find myself
My biggest fear had come to life
I’m alone
On these cold winter nights
478 · Nov 2017
Speak near me
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
Let’s speak outer space while getting lost in personal space.
Let’s get lost together
453 · Jan 2018
Zoie Marie Jan 2018
I know you’re somewhere
Out there
But I found another
Near here
He makes me smile
He makes me laugh
He makes my realize
Life is meant to last
I miss you my dear
That may never go away
But man
I must say
This mans taken my heart
Straight into his hands
So delicate
Not what you would expect
From a man
He holds my soul
Deep in his eyes
As I watch
My sadness dies
We go on adventures
Get stuck in the mud
Walk for 4 miles
And need to call someone
No matter what we do
I never complain
Because together
We are one and the same.
Life gets better, you find new beginnings, new love, and new happiness
417 · Feb 2017
Zoie Marie Feb 2017
tell me why you're falling apart
why the world tells you
how to live
how to do

the med's kick in
i'm a zombie of a person
fogged in
left cursing

i'm left caged
caged in
a complete mess
a dead human

who am i?
who should i be?
don't answer.
that's up to me.
you are who you choose to be despite what everyone else says
400 · Nov 2017
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
Happy thanksgiving my dear
Tomorrow would have been one year.
395 · Sep 2017
Fighting for light
Zoie Marie Sep 2017
He held me while I cried
He knows sometimes I just wanna die
But this distance
May prove
That we need eachother
No matter how far we move
This solitude I sit in
All I can think is how to improve
Who I am inside
Who I constantly fight
I'm fighting for light
In a brain full of lies
I'm going to continue to fight
Till the day I die
To show not only you
But the whole world
How I can pursue
My happiness
Fight for my love
Fight for me
Fighting for light
In a brain full of lies
I know who i am
I know who I should be
I'll let her free
And show the world me
I'll win the fight for light
In a brain full of lies
I'll make it truth
I'll make it new
I'll show you
I'll show them
Who I am
No longer fighting for light
In a brain full of lies
Self-deceit is self suicide.
387 · Oct 2017
Zoie Marie Oct 2017
I got drunk last night
But all we did was be quiet
You didn’t respond
We didn’t bicker
I just wish you where near
You’re everything I need
And everything I wish
But maybe you didn’t need this
384 · Sep 2017
Zoie Marie Sep 2017
The emotions fade
I'm alone again
I get confident
And it fades
How did you get me?
So in love with you
I don't understand
How much I need you
It's undeniable
I'm exhausted
And wish to be in your arms
I'm tired of the hangovers
Tired of the drinks
I just need
20 minutes of ******* lead to days of needing you
377 · Nov 2017
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
It’s not actual fun unless it’s quite possibly life threatening.
I’m finally living my life. Not just surviving in it. Plus I’m a Gemini so it’s even better.
374 · Dec 2016
pothead prince
Zoie Marie Dec 2016
he's like the prince you never read about in your fairy-tales

*** in his left hand

your heart in the right

he doesn't have to try

just speak

words strong

touch unknown

a world lost in the  light

the light from your laptop you use every night

but he cannot know that he is your prince

because young princess

he is much to good for you
370 · Dec 2016
my escape
Zoie Marie Dec 2016
take me out
show me off
make me lost
make me free

one sip
one puff
one drop
be my escape

don't let me fall
let me smile
don't be my only
be my all

i don't want forever
i want temporary
i don't want to remember
who he was to me

you're my escape
from the pain
from the thoughts
from the hurt

you know what
maybe you aren't my escape
maybe just maybe
you're already my everything

one sip
one puff
one drop
be my escape
365 · Dec 2016
Zoie Marie Dec 2016
the plan wasn't to fall
the plan wasn't to care at all
but then your eyes changed color
and the world got a lot less duller
you drive me insane
the way you take the pain
you make it nothing
while i wanna make us something
360 · Sep 2017
Zoie Marie Sep 2017
Full of lies
Full of deceit
You're not that neat
Let go of me
Set me free
You're not me
Alone time
And in my solitude
Is where I find the courage
To say *******
Let go of my brain
Let go of my mind
This isn't who I need to be
This isn't who I should be
I don't hate myself
I don't wanna die
Let go of my brain
Let go of my mind
Set me free
Let me be me
I'm happy
I'm compassionate
I'm caring
I'm not lying
I'm not deceitful
I'm not a leach
I am Zoie
And I am me.
I am not her.
353 · Oct 2019
Rose Quartz
Zoie Marie Oct 2019
I seem
To be afraid
Of the feeling
I can’t even enjoy loud music in my car anymore
353 · Mar 2018
Sweet dreams..
Zoie Marie Mar 2018
The beat of your heart
Is the sweetest of lullabies
I don’t think he realizes dating a poet is the most beautiful challenge of all.
348 · Sep 2017
Good night.
Zoie Marie Sep 2017
I sleep with my volume on tonight
Because all I wanna to do
Is hear the words
"I need you"
I sleep in hope of what we might be
Call it instanity
It won't be the same this time
But I promise you'll hear your name the next time
Our relationship will blossom
Others will question
"What got em'?"
It's called trust
It's called love
Something we must never let go of
You're my one
You're my all
I still fall
For the sound of your voice
Even in my mind
"Your hearts racing"
"It's because I'm in love with you"
Well my sweet love
I'm in love with you too.
Good night. Sleep well.
340 · Nov 2017
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
I still remember
Waking up at 4:30 am
Going to work
Rogue river
You absolutely beautifully asleep
Your sleepy goodbye kiss
“Text me when you get there”
I still remember
The ecstatic feeling
Of moving in with you
Sleeping next to you
Waking up next to you
Spending everyday
With you
I still remember
How you would
Tell me you love me
It’s 3:30 am
And I still
All those ******* memories
They eat me
You create me
I’m independent
But so broken

I know what I did wrong
How I pushed you away
I would do anything to undo it.
I need you.
All of you.
Friend or more.
You’re my world and I miss my world
I miss my happiness
Your clinginess
Your ****** laugh

Just please
Tell me
One day
I can be someone you love.
All over again.
335 · Nov 2017
Thank you
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
Whispered words
Seem to have the most impact
They seem to have always come
At an impass
But lately
They’ve been telling stories
Opening doors
Creating memories
My tears hit the floor
I finally scream
I accept my fate
I’ve hurt you
Way to many
So many
I tried to drown it with Henny
Or was that Denny’s?
And drugs
Nothing sates my desire
To feel your touch
Zoie Marie Oct 2017
I went without writing
I went without our fighting
I thought I was free
I thought I was happy
But honestly
With you
There’s no place I would rather be
The fighting was rough
But I’m tough
There’s nothing I would fight for more
Than for us
Should I come see you
Should I do this must
I need to see you
To hear your voice
Even if
It’s an angry noise.
327 · Oct 2017
Zoie Marie Oct 2017
As I sit here trimming ****
About you and me
I have beautiful souls in my life
Telling me to
Just be me
So I’m gonna listen
I’m gonna be happy
And pleased
Because the ghost in me
Will eventually leave
321 · Jan 2017
Last One
Zoie Marie Jan 2017
It was the last one
the last thought
the last feeling
while you're
the first
the last
the in-between
from the first time i saw you
you had me
the way you thought
and moved
the rhythm behind your emotions
everything rhythmic
like a song i'd never heard
hes like a song i can only hear once because its different every time i'm around him
320 · Dec 2016
screw you
Zoie Marie Dec 2016
**** the rhyme
**** the scheme
**** the way you made it seem
i thought i had a shot
but i guess ******* not
you made me fall
but couldn't answer a ******* call
i wrote about you
**** i wish you knew
318 · Sep 2019
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
People think im a child
20 minus 10
You don't know what i have seen
What i have felt
We all have made decisions

Mine haunt me
My dreams
My thoughts
My daily life

It was amazing
The control you took
You pushed me past my limits
I loved it
I was AdDiCtEd

You left me

Yes i'm drinking.
What's new?
It always makes me think of you
"you don't need that"
"really Zoie? another one?"

I should've listened.
Now i'm addicted.
I guess i turned into an alcoholic without your guidance
315 · Dec 2016
Zoie Marie Dec 2016
Confidence is key
you're beautifully lost in your own mind
your beautiful heart
your beautiful soul
tragically lost
in a world of tragically lost minds
we don't know
which way to go
which way to turn
we scream
with our own minds
312 · Sep 2017
Control me
Zoie Marie Sep 2017
Let's start from the top
Your hair messed
From the touch of my fingers
Your eyes glistening from the sensation
You run your hand down my body
"No touchie"
Let's not forget
We both have control
But in this moment
It's unnecessary
Your touch sending shocks up my body
Like no other
You show me another
Another side to what's left
Our clothes ripped off
Not knowing whose sweat is whose
While all I can think about it you
And how you look
Dominate in nature
Submissive at heart
Let's not stop at the start
Just feel my heart
It's beating through my chest
I don't want it to rest
309 · Sep 2017
I miss you
Zoie Marie Sep 2017
I don't exist
I feel like nothing but mist
Even at work
They look right through me
I'm not a mystery
I want to love
I want to care
But how do I dare?
I keep messing everything up
I'm nothing but destruction
In the eyes of the people I love
I miss you
Please tell me
You miss me too.
Help me.
308 · Nov 2017
Was may mean is.
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
The drive was peaceful
The night was beautiful
Your presence was blissful
The love was undeniable
308 · Sep 2017
Zoie Marie Sep 2017
"When all else failed, she had her mind and soul"
307 · Nov 2017
For you
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
“For you” he whispered when he gave me a final kiss
Now that’s a feeling I’m always going to miss.
304 · Feb 2017
Zoie Marie Feb 2017
These med's make me drowsy
but ****
i feel so **** lousy
i really ****

i'm vastly insecure
i wanna skip every meal
severely unsure
i hate how i feel

i should smile
be healthier
run a mile
be stealthier

they say i'm okay
i hide my face
i smile in dismay
i'm a missing case
sometimes med's can be the only things that are there for you even when you're lost i na world of people saying the opposite
304 · Sep 2017
Zoie Marie Sep 2017
Listening to indie
Wondering if your thinking of me
Are you thinking of me right now
While you sleep
Do you dream of me?
The pain of leaving
Was like a freight train
My heart aching
But I'll smoke the pain numb
Till I'm so ****** I'm dumb
I'll cry for awhile
I'll be docile
But eventually I'll go out
I'll have fun
I'll compare you to everyone
Their attitude
Their moves
I'll dream of you
I'll sleep to the memories of you and me
Stories like movies in the mind of a stoner
I hope you're okay
I hope you're fine
Because my love
You're smile brightens the worlds day
303 · Sep 2017
3 am
Zoie Marie Sep 2017
It's 3 am and here's where I lay
In our old bed
On the same day
I miss your weight on the other end
And how you would hold my hand
My laptop is updating
So I can watch Netflix
To try and get past this
I miss your voice
I miss your love
I feel completely lost
With out you around
I hope eventually
We will hear the sound
Of eachothers voices
In real life
I'm coming down
From this high
I feel like crying
Maybe I'm dying
I've told myself 3 times I'm okay
Just so I can face the next day.
This ******* hurts man
294 · Sep 2017
Your soul
Zoie Marie Sep 2017
As the cigarette burns my lips
It reminds me of your kiss
So passionate
So strong
Yet so loving
All in one
I'll miss your arms
I'll miss your heart
But I guess this is our fresh start
I'll show you I can change
I'll show you my new ways
You're my one and only
You're my all and all
And one day
I hope we can fall
Back into eachothers arms
The sound of your voice
So soothing
And warm
Something I need to hear
Something I sit here and mourn
I hope you enjoy
All life has to offer
Just know the doors always open
And it's always an offer.
Another one about my love. Another one to show you can be what you need.
291 · Sep 2017
Me, myself, and I
Zoie Marie Sep 2017
As my phone dies
I sit in the darkness of the night
No one beside me
Just me, myself, and I
I'm not religious
But there must be a god
The signs are all clear
The weather
The forgiveness
Let's not forget this
I got forgiven
For lying
To see you
It rained
On the tail gate that night
When we both love the sight
Of that glistening nature
I'll keep my door open
Let's act on this lust
Because we both know
Love is underlying
Let's take our time
In understanding
We both know we have this
This unreleasable gravitational pull
Towards eachothers hearts
I lay my hand on your chest
To feel your heart beat
Mine beats to the rhythms of your breath
I can't deny
You've caught more than just my eye
You hold my heart in your hands
Do as you please
But remember
Through all those fights
Neither of us took the leave
283 · Nov 2017
Sleepy tears
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
Usually an escape right?
Not for me
Not tonight
This is the second time
I’ve cried in my sleep
But this time I woke up
Totally beat
I’m exhausted
And somewhere inbetween
Because baby
I’m crying in my sleep
I need you
I need too
Tell you
Much much is true
I love you
And I’m sorry
I wasn’t enough
For you
To continue
281 · Sep 2017
Zoie Marie Sep 2017
Do you remember my existence?
Do you remember me at all?
It's been over a week since I've called you mine
I haven't been fine.
280 · Mar 2018
Zoie Marie Mar 2018
washed down my anti-depressants with a can of cheap beer
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