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Nov 2020 · 84
Zoie Marie Nov 2020
You won’t read this
I know you won’t
What is happiness?
What is love?
The fluster I felt when I saw you?
I doubt it.
My best friend
My secret lover
What is this?
Jul 2020 · 245
Last time
Zoie Marie Jul 2020
You laughed

While I cried

Our last time saying goodbye
Jul 2020 · 161
Zoie Marie Jul 2020

We deserve KINGS

We don’t deserve peasants

Using us for our kindness and power to boost themselves to the top
Jul 2020 · 250
Zoie Marie Jul 2020
I trusted you
Not to hurt me

I trusted you
Not to hurt me

I trusted you
Not to hurt me

It’s been 4 years

4 years since I last saw you
Held you
Touched you

I trusted you
Not to hurt me

You screamed
You yelled
You pushed
You pulled

I trusted you
Not to hurt me
Oct 2019 · 353
Rose Quartz
Zoie Marie Oct 2019
I seem
To be afraid
Of the feeling
I can’t even enjoy loud music in my car anymore
Sep 2019 · 586
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
Please make me feel wanted
If not by you
by myself
Sep 2019 · 270
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
On repeat

I'm over it
I don't care what state it take me to
maybe i'll run into you

I'll probably be to fat
for you you to take a second look

"i won't be a skinny guy with a fat girl"
Those words still taunt me

Don't eat
You're to fat

195 the scale hits me
I'll never be what you want

I'm worth it right?
All my effort
It isn't in spite?

I just wanna be beautiful
I'll never be beautiful
to you
Sep 2019 · 199
We found love
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
I don't hate you
That's not possible
You opened my eyes
It's only plausible
That i still idol you

I make people mad enough to hurt me
To throw me
To choke me
To scare me
To push me away

I learned lessons from you
Patience is key
I hope one day you'll see
I am trying
To be what you wanted me to be
I am so sorry i am venting where you can see
Sep 2019 · 90
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
Those tattoos
Those eyes
Caught me like a ******* idiot
I loved you
More than anything
How can i believe ill find that again
I'm engaged now.
Its a confusing mess of emotions
Am i stuck?
Am i happy?
I've hit a new low
My emotions getting the better of me
I've always been this way
Trippin' on the small things
Your guidance used to get me through everything
Was i your puppet?
Your masterpiece?
I am not a masterpiece
I am a abandoned museum
Sep 2019 · 184
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
Help me stop
I can't stop thinking
Everything boiling to the top

I deserved it,
Everything you did
I am a horrible person
With horrible secrets

60 pounds
That's what they weigh
They have left permanent marks on my body
I'll lose 80

They will remain
But will I?
I wonder if it is finally time
To say goodbye.
Sep 2019 · 231
Sober up
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
Did you love me?

Your hand was once around my throat
Now around my mind

Did you care?

The fear was once in my eyes
Now around my heart

What was I to you?

The confusion was once in your heart
Now in my eyes

Did you love me?

These questions once held hidden
Now find Their way out

I need answers
Any i can get
I know you regret it
I know you're growing

How do you haunt me?
Even without contact
You stay in my soul
Your words wrapped around it.
will i ever find closure even in your answers? or will i be permanently haunted by thoughts of me taking a wrong step?
Sep 2019 · 318
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
People think im a child
20 minus 10
You don't know what i have seen
What i have felt
We all have made decisions

Mine haunt me
My dreams
My thoughts
My daily life

It was amazing
The control you took
You pushed me past my limits
I loved it
I was AdDiCtEd

You left me

Yes i'm drinking.
What's new?
It always makes me think of you
"you don't need that"
"really Zoie? another one?"

I should've listened.
Now i'm addicted.
I guess i turned into an alcoholic without your guidance
Sep 2019 · 561
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
“**** him.
**** me.”
4 words yet so much meaning
Sep 2019 · 164
A forgotten feeling
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
You make me write again
What have you done

My thoughts twisted
My words lost
My heart broken

Head over heals
A lost term

Falling for you
A beautiful sentiment

One day

We say

But what if never?

What if forever?

Lets find out
Sep 2019 · 190
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
You have a beautiful heart no matter how black you think it is
Sep 2019 · 193
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
One day
Everything will be okay.
With you.
Beside me.
Sep 2019 · 118
Best Friends
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
Stuck in the years
We are adults
We push
We fight
We always come back
My happiness
Lies in your mind

You know everything
Beginning to end
Like a story
My life
In your memory

Please don't leave
Not again
We made it this far

You hold
Who I was
Who I am
Who I will be




Sep 2019 · 224
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
Been awhile
Since I’ve gotten to write
My life
Has been so full of spite
Not sure
Where to run
It seems
I’m unhappy with everyone
Thought I forgot my login... nice to be able to write again
Mar 2018 · 280
Zoie Marie Mar 2018
washed down my anti-depressants with a can of cheap beer
Mar 2018 · 353
Sweet dreams..
Zoie Marie Mar 2018
The beat of your heart
Is the sweetest of lullabies
I don’t think he realizes dating a poet is the most beautiful challenge of all.
Jan 2018 · 453
Zoie Marie Jan 2018
I know you’re somewhere
Out there
But I found another
Near here
He makes me smile
He makes me laugh
He makes my realize
Life is meant to last
I miss you my dear
That may never go away
But man
I must say
This mans taken my heart
Straight into his hands
So delicate
Not what you would expect
From a man
He holds my soul
Deep in his eyes
As I watch
My sadness dies
We go on adventures
Get stuck in the mud
Walk for 4 miles
And need to call someone
No matter what we do
I never complain
Because together
We are one and the same.
Life gets better, you find new beginnings, new love, and new happiness
Jan 2018 · 518
Step forward
Zoie Marie Jan 2018
Tell me tell me why
Do you gotta fly
Out of my life
Every other night
I miss you like
Life misses death
But I have to let go
Because I fear
My dear
If I see you
I’ll feel the love
Oh so strong
I’ll be fine
Life will go on
I’ll move on
Jan 2018 · 207
Zoie Marie Jan 2018
I hope to hear from you
While you’re gone
Hear how you’re doing
And what you’ve become
I know it may not happen
And false hopes ****
But without them
I’d be nothing but still
Jan 2018 · 479
Zoie Marie Jan 2018
I’m alone this new year
No one to hold
No one to touch
No one to love
It’s just me
A single little bug
Relationships carry hurt
They carry pain
Oh god
I feel I’m going insane
I don’t want anyone
But him
I don’t want anyone
But you
It’s time to find myself
My biggest fear had come to life
I’m alone
On these cold winter nights
Jan 2018 · 137
The truth
Zoie Marie Jan 2018
I only write for you my dear
And everyday I’ll check for a new story to appear.
Haven’t written in a long time. This feels so nice.
Jan 2018 · 161
Have no fear
Zoie Marie Jan 2018
I sit outside
A smoke at midnight

I guess life is alright

I kinda miss our fights
On these kinds of nights

But I’ll listen to you
I’ll let go

4 states away
They won’t know

Who we are
What we had

I hope this fresh start
Makes you glad

I’ll stay here
I’ll find my way

It won’t be easy
It won’t be simple

But I’m left with no choice
I’m without your noise

Good luck my dear
Follow your dreams
And have no fear.
It’s midnight and I’m suddenly coming to the conclusion I’ve been left with no choice but to let go.
Dec 2017 · 687
Story time...
Zoie Marie Dec 2017
“He looks at me like a story book that isn’t finished”
Nov 2017 · 308
Was may mean is.
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
The drive was peaceful
The night was beautiful
Your presence was blissful
The love was undeniable
Nov 2017 · 335
Thank you
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
Whispered words
Seem to have the most impact
They seem to have always come
At an impass
But lately
They’ve been telling stories
Opening doors
Creating memories
My tears hit the floor
I finally scream
I accept my fate
I’ve hurt you
Way to many
So many
I tried to drown it with Henny
Or was that Denny’s?
And drugs
Nothing sates my desire
To feel your touch
Nov 2017 · 247
Whispered words
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
You held me while I cried
Through tears I whispered
“I missed you”
My dear
Time has come and passed
But these memories will always last
If we don’t make it
Though I pray we do
I will always feel blessed
To have even known you
Nov 2017 · 377
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
It’s not actual fun unless it’s quite possibly life threatening.
I’m finally living my life. Not just surviving in it. Plus I’m a Gemini so it’s even better.
Nov 2017 · 478
Speak near me
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
Let’s speak outer space while getting lost in personal space.
Let’s get lost together
Nov 2017 · 151
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
“It’s never a bad time if it means I get to spend more time with you.”
Nov 2017 · 1.2k
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
I’m so happy
I’m gonna cry
I’m so happy
I finally don’t want to die
Nov 2017 · 255
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
I haven’t been this happy in so long
I never thought this could happen
With you gone
Nov 2017 · 307
For you
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
“For you” he whispered when he gave me a final kiss
Now that’s a feeling I’m always going to miss.
Nov 2017 · 400
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
Happy thanksgiving my dear
Tomorrow would have been one year.
Nov 2017 · 541
Advice isn’t alway poetic
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
“I pushed him away too. I hurt him. But if he can’t handle me at my worst he certainly doesn’t deserve me at my best. You gotta treat yourself as if you’re the finest most fragile piece of jewelry and take care of yourself“
Poetry isn’t always poetic my love
Nov 2017 · 209
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
You said you died
When I was happy without you
But baby
I’ve always been in your view
But I’m done
Moving on
If you can’t see
What I’m worth
Then you don’t get to see
Who I become
Nov 2017 · 2.3k
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
“Wrong way on the freeway because I’m already going backwards “
Nov 2017 · 340
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
I still remember
Waking up at 4:30 am
Going to work
Rogue river
You absolutely beautifully asleep
Your sleepy goodbye kiss
“Text me when you get there”
I still remember
The ecstatic feeling
Of moving in with you
Sleeping next to you
Waking up next to you
Spending everyday
With you
I still remember
How you would
Tell me you love me
It’s 3:30 am
And I still
All those ******* memories
They eat me
You create me
I’m independent
But so broken

I know what I did wrong
How I pushed you away
I would do anything to undo it.
I need you.
All of you.
Friend or more.
You’re my world and I miss my world
I miss my happiness
Your clinginess
Your ****** laugh

Just please
Tell me
One day
I can be someone you love.
All over again.
Nov 2017 · 228
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
Time to let go
Time to move on
I’ll go listen
To someone else’s
Siren song.
Nov 2017 · 283
Sleepy tears
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
Usually an escape right?
Not for me
Not tonight
This is the second time
I’ve cried in my sleep
But this time I woke up
Totally beat
I’m exhausted
And somewhere inbetween
Because baby
I’m crying in my sleep
I need you
I need too
Tell you
Much much is true
I love you
And I’m sorry
I wasn’t enough
For you
To continue
Nov 2017 · 205
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
The loneliness hits like a train
I can’t even hear your name.
Nov 2017 · 233
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
You’re all I think about
Day in
Day out
You’re my world
My galaxy
My everything
Why do I love you?
Why can’t I move on?
I try
But it just feels so wrong
I get the gut feeling
To drive and see you
But isn’t that
The last thing you want me to do?
I love you so
I’ll be stuck
All alone
Because you
Where my golden stone
You held me to the earth
When things went crazy
And now I have to learn how to do that
Without you
My baby.
Nov 2017 · 228
Zoie Marie Nov 2017
I miss you
Holy ****
I miss your touch
What the ****
You where my light
My sun
And all my stars
My everything
Reaching past mars
Come see me my love
Tell me you you love me too
Because I’m not stupid
You feel these emotions too.
Oct 2017 · 149
My favorite holiday
Zoie Marie Oct 2017
I wish I could tell you
Happy Halloween
It’s My favorite holiday

I wish I could tell you
You mean more to me
You’re my favorite human being
Zoie Marie Oct 2017
I went without writing
I went without our fighting
I thought I was free
I thought I was happy
But honestly
With you
There’s no place I would rather be
The fighting was rough
But I’m tough
There’s nothing I would fight for more
Than for us
Should I come see you
Should I do this must
I need to see you
To hear your voice
Even if
It’s an angry noise.
Oct 2017 · 218
Someone show him.
Zoie Marie Oct 2017
I think I’m over you
I think it’s gone
But then I remember how you would yawn
Skype calls
Endless hours
Those could have been ours
I let this fall
I let this die
All I want
Is to lay down and cry
I miss you’re arms around me
And how you’d use me as a crutch
The silly things we would do
They always meant so much
You where my light
My sunshine
My burning day
How come
I couldn’t make you stay?
You left
You ran
Like sand in the wind
You disappeared
You fell far from near
I could drive to you
Go see you right now
I feel you’d only just frown
Why can’t I let you go
Why can’t you just see
I’m simply not right
When you’re not beside me
You made me a better person
You picked me off the ground
Now heartbreak is worse
Than that shattering sound
You where my everything
My all
And everything in between
I laughed
I cried
I wished I would just die
You made me who I am
You showed me who I need to be
Now why can’t you just see
You’re my moon
My sun
My endless night of fun
All the simple things in life
You simply set me free
When I’m with you
I become me
I’m happy
I’m smiling
I’m wanting to live
But without you
It just all seems like a myth
Can I find someone
To love me like I love you
Because maybe then I see
Why it wasn’t enough
Simply from me
I miss your laugh
I miss your touch
I miss the way
You made it all mean so much
I listen to indie
I hangout with friends
But in the end
It’s you I want
I think about you endlessly
I think about what we could be
With you
Beside me.
I need you
Oct 2017 · 228
Will I ever be?
Zoie Marie Oct 2017
I’d like to quit
I’d like to give up
I’ve come to terms
I was never enough
Will i ever be enough?
Will I ever be someone’s reason to smile?
Because right now
I’m only my loves reason
To be docile.
I wish you the best in life my dear. I only can hope you wish me the same.
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