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 Aug 2020 Zoie Marie
Lauren Leal
I can't just simply love
Simple words mean nothing appealing
When there is an absolute depth
To how I am really feeling

I love you like the first bloom in Spring
The singing of birds
The chatter of the bugs
I love you like picnic hugs

I love you like Summer's first heat
The blazing sun and a giant pool
The sweet repeat
The charcoal grill with searing meat

I love you like the first fallen leaf of Fall
You are the crunch of the leaves beneath my toes
You are the blanket
You are the first chill breeze that tickles my nose

I love you like the first Winter snowfall
Pure white, with footprint flaws
You are the snowflake upon my finger
Unique among them all, but here with me you've come to fall

To fall with you is what I'll do
I don't love in simplicity
I love in pictures and feelings
This is just a glimpse of what you mean to me
For you.
 Jul 2020 Zoie Marie
Lauren Leal
I thought I found the best
A god among the rest
But it was just a test
It's just a jest

A joke to show me I'm not real
To show me I'll never truly feel
How to love in life
Without the strife

Without the pain of past
Showing me it can't last
A fist full of lies
Punching the inner me as it dies

I'm on my last bump of hope
As if it's a form of dope
Thinking I'm gonna be alright
Without the will to fight

I just lie here and frown
I'll wear my smiling painted mask
And I'll drown
In enough liquor to fill an endless flask
 Jul 2020 Zoie Marie
Lauren Leal
"We quote the good, but are poetic of the bad."
 Jul 2020 Zoie Marie
vocalise your hearts desire
because by desire
we are led.
 Jul 2020 Zoie Marie
who can you trust?
can you trust yourself?
always everywhere at all times?
 Sep 2019 Zoie Marie
Jacob Reilly
Beauty, is not what is here...
it is what is lost.
 Sep 2019 Zoie Marie
the joy
 Sep 2019 Zoie Marie
you think your finished
all in
then the flood
the rise
the wave
the distant shore
the mystery
the acceptance
the joy.
It’s funny...
There are nights...
when the crickets sing and the breeze at night is warm..
I find myself craving you..
Your touch.
Your kiss, that stopped time.
Passion that engulfed my soul.

I miss a lie.
Because you were never real.
And neither was your love.

Sometimes I pretend you’re real.
Kissing me with such passion it lights me up like all the stars in the sky.
I won’t kiss him on the lips.
To intimate for me.
Too afraid he’ll see the real me.

Touch me so I can feel alive even for a temporary high.

Kiss my neck and tell me how beautiful you think I am.

All of this means nothing but I’d do almost anything to feel anything at all.
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