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  Sep 2019 Zoie Marie
Jacob Reilly
Beauty, is not what is here...
it is what is lost.
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
Please make me feel wanted
If not by you
by myself
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
On repeat

I'm over it
I don't care what state it take me to
maybe i'll run into you

I'll probably be to fat
for you you to take a second look

"i won't be a skinny guy with a fat girl"
Those words still taunt me

Don't eat
You're to fat

195 the scale hits me
I'll never be what you want

I'm worth it right?
All my effort
It isn't in spite?

I just wanna be beautiful
I'll never be beautiful
to you
  Sep 2019 Zoie Marie
you think your finished
all in
then the flood
the rise
the wave
the distant shore
the mystery
the acceptance
the joy.
  Sep 2019 Zoie Marie
Dazed Dreaming
It’s funny...
There are nights...
when the crickets sing and the breeze at night is warm..
I find myself craving you..
Your touch.
Your kiss, that stopped time.
Passion that engulfed my soul.

I miss a lie.
Because you were never real.
And neither was your love.

Sometimes I pretend you’re real.
Kissing me with such passion it lights me up like all the stars in the sky.
  Sep 2019 Zoie Marie
Dazed Dreaming
I won’t kiss him on the lips.
To intimate for me.
Too afraid he’ll see the real me.

Touch me so I can feel alive even for a temporary high.

Kiss my neck and tell me how beautiful you think I am.

All of this means nothing but I’d do almost anything to feel anything at all.
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
I don't hate you
That's not possible
You opened my eyes
It's only plausible
That i still idol you

I make people mad enough to hurt me
To throw me
To choke me
To scare me
To push me away

I learned lessons from you
Patience is key
I hope one day you'll see
I am trying
To be what you wanted me to be
I am so sorry i am venting where you can see
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