Zoie Marie Mar 24
washed down my anti-depressants with a can of cheap beer
Zoie Marie Mar 13
The beat of your heart
Is the sweetest of lullabies
I don’t think he realizes dating a poet is the most beautiful challenge of all.
  Mar 13 Zoie Marie
Eric the Red
Just know...
He’s had lives & loves before you
Remember that when the bricklayer or the mechanic
Asks for your hand
You’ll receive one flower
Instead of a dozen roses
Picked on his way home
Handwritten notes in your shoes
Instead of Hallmark greetings
Elaborate dinners cooked by him
Where he said he’d clean
But didn’t
Spur of the moment
Road trips
Instead of planned vacations
The opening of windows
For the springtime thunderstorms
Listening to the beat of his heart
While the rain drops
The drain
He’ll write you with jazz playing
Wine in his bottle
Records in his head
Absorbing you into his world
And if he dies before you
And you bury him
And you mourn over him
Lasting for years
Remember his flower
His notes written just for you
And if you see his ghost
Haunting you
Then the Poet
Has fallen forever for
  Jan 31 Zoie Marie
I am lost in the empty streets. Wandering further as the snow melts around me. Slowly, it loses it's form. Never to be what it once was. Tragically, it reminds me of my heart.
We're not here to ease your bones
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