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Elizabeth Dec 2015
our typed up words hide emotions unseen
where sound can give a taste of truth
and even postcards can reveal

the tangles of the century and it's related loves
of technology's soft whispers
of clicking keys and computer buzz

in those ones and zeros that hold us close to heart
the miles are still real, seemingly we'll part

another buzz another ring another taste of you
but can these magical machines bring
me more than just the best of you

I want to hear the stutter when you're nervous and can't speak,
the whisper's of the secrets of what we'll do next week,
I want to see your hair disheveled when you get up out of bed
the slight portliness of figure like the bearded fella wearing a suit of red
I want to taste the treats of the dishes that I've seen

and of course
I want to taste your lips
carrying the flavors of cigar and wine
See the the glimmer in your eye
When some little excitement passes by
And hear loquacious diatribes as to gladly chime on in
starting from your normal dinner topics to our lives of sin

But all those ones and zero... and our miles still remain
hopes of this togetherness from which my brain
can not refrain
Elizabeth Mar 2015
Naturally her hair is always up
when she catches you sneaking a glance
she pulls out her hair tie with a tug
her hair falls all over her back and chest
framing her tanned face

her hair is deep chestnut brown with accents of caramel
but when she moves into the sunlight it glimmers a gentle auburn
her eyes glisten curious from the attention she gets
the bright green orbs with speckles and a ring of hazel brown
seem to get bigger as she stares back

her curls bounce as she completely turns to you
her face glowing with a perfect contentment
her cheeks flustered with a light pink blush
and her lips a faded red except the cherry red spot
where she keeps on biting her lip

as you savor her every bit
the long jet black lashes
her playful smile
you realize she already turned around

stealing your chance to take in her allure
her curls calmly rest on her back
oblivious to her enchantment of you
Elizabeth Nov 2014
I notice you from afar
and as I glance to you and away
repeating until our eyes meet

There is nothing between us
but I feel a buzz a burn
your eyes follow me
as we move close

I see you undress me with your eyes
that's how our friendship is
built on a lust veiled in lies

as the niceties ensue
you press me closer yet to you
and all that's on my mind
is no greeting that I give
or  answers to "how do I do?"

but fantasies of past
forgotten in the midst of
everything that curtly ended

we briefly know to talk
to give each other space
but those feeling will not erase
the tingle in my spine
the warmth from my inside

from there we continue on
I wondering what went wrong
Elizabeth May 2014
Today I am superwoman,
I go to three jobs, one meeting, two classes
I wear five hats throughout the day.
I got those lovely eyebags as my trophy.

By being superwoman I accomplish anything,
everything that they told me I couldn't do.
I wanted to be in student government...
the popularity vote told me no but I showed them
I could do that too. They said you can't have everything
and here I am sitting with it all.

In this day of superpowers
I fly from class to job to job to job to meeting to home
but I am the most human today.

I laugh in the face of my fears of failure because I have already gotten on the road to success.
I cry because even I am entitled to a good cry every once in a while.
I am cranky because it evens out the crazy bubblyness that I always am.
I radiate happiness although I am drowning in work
I support and lean on those around me causing a tangled connection of love

In every capacity I am me, happy, sad, lethargic, energized, hyper, lost, leading.

In every Wednesday, I remember that my humanity all in itself makes me just as super human as the next girl or guy.
Elizabeth Apr 2014
in the light we only converse
politely laughing at each others conversation
letting our feet wander into each others
you a boy and i a girl

in these light and cheery moments no one notices ,that you
and i are fundamentally different
nothing brought up about upbringing or perspective
religion or family

as i turn my face away from yours i see the weaknesses
that our playful conversations entail,
our differences
the ones that cause discord in harmony
and both of our inabilities to bend

there i am left in contemplation
does this time spend on daylight conversation
have any meaning
than to extend the night time exploration

Because in the night You are open with Me
when You sit next to me You sit close
not shying away from
the Eyes of the Night Sky
Not afraid to Break Taboo
To Kiss
To Hold
To Have

but the exploration goes back to contemplation
as i see you less at night and more in the day

I revel in sunshine, light
but when I revel in You I revel in Night
Elizabeth Mar 2014
sleep with me through the night
I on your bed and you on the floor
keep me safe by knowing I'm right there
within reach, safe under your sleepy gaze

entwine your hands with mine
when everyone in the world is lost
to you to me to humanity to power

let me become a part of your fears
knowing that seeing me hurt is the
greater pain that our love can thrive
in darkness in fear in hate and from this
comes the beauty of our pure love to live
and let love to have and to hold forever and

a day

love me to let me go
love me so I know
Elizabeth Jan 2014
sometimes... when you let go all the pieces fall into place
we need the clarity of thought to bring us back to our own perfection
and for the ride as you let go you enjoy yourself more

let go of your fears your insecurities
let go of stigma and what others may thing
let go of life itself

in order to be brave to be beyond beautiful
to be above social conventions and norms
in order to grasp on to life with a tighter understanding

Letting go was the best idea I gave myself
and with letting go its time to let go of this as well
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