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Ziggy Zibrowski May 2010
"Death's gaze ever present on it's tentacles
A weight of power unformidable
Crashing down upon its victims"

Beware the Kraken! A monster of seas
The one sung about in many shanties
Marauding, ripping, and crushing its victims
This a myth by which the crew schisms
But the unsteady seas beneath the hull
Bubbling and boiling, the ocean calls
Unleashing from the bowels of the deep
A beast of lost worlds, oceans it reaps
The Kraken, awaken, outstretches it limbs
The skies are blackened, the heavens dim
With tyrannical force he unfurls his power
The mast snaps, wood shards and splinters shower
Fearful men aboard are pulled to a watery grave
Oceanic law, for this crew of knaves
The last aboard the teetering deck
A captain standing tall within the wreck
Howling at the beast below
Again tentacles high above the sea grow
Dragging the wreckage into the water
Appeasing the beast, the great destroyer
copyrighted October 2008.
Ziggy Zibrowski May 2010
High above the teetering mast
A shout long awaited is heard at last
"Land **! Land **! Straight ahead"
Across the sea, the mariners sped

The mass of land, close in range
Ominously, the winds have changed
The ship drops anchor a hundred yards out
Rowing in without a doubt

Making landfall, the ****** cheered
A great appraisal to Brown Beard
Gallivanting, their songs sung loud
Roused, the sea soughed

Ripping from the strenuous tides
The monster emerges, the sea divides
Crashing down upon the ship
Fearful men tighten their grip

Threshing about as the beast descends
Into the depths where the mirk never ends
Duped, the mariners take their last breath
Inhaling, the seas grant them their death

Bloated corpses resurfacing
The dubious island repositioning
Full, the gulls await
For the next to take the bate
copyrighted October 2008.
Ziggy Zibrowski May 2010
The leaves drift down around the man-
made contours curbside. As they
ride the current, bellies up, skimming the
         like a school of dead fish,
lulling in the orbit of the gutter;
Disturbed by a porcelain drifter,
she stutters under a dim street light,
her feet unfold to the
b a r c o d e symmetry. A
silhouette of ethereal beauty
when she turns to face he,
et devient
copyrighted April 2010.
Ziggy Zibrowski May 2010
Watch as the world turns a cold shoulder
Watch as the man stands, hands on head
        dead, silence emits a deafening roar
Watch as the kids pick up guns
        suns expiring, darkening
        the day before it's hour
Watch as the woman morns
        the one she'd adorn means nothing any more
        another 'x' on sheet
Watch as the world numbs itself
Watch as the coward next to you smokes himself
        To Death, too afraid to do it quickly.
        He has no passion watching the cherry lengthen
Watch as the humans demean their existence
        Persistent to vacate the throne
        "Long live Technology!"
Watch as the world takes everything back
Watch as the television melted minds
        fall fast, in-adept
        survival of the fittest on a grandeur scale
        frailty unveiled
Watch through the window
        afraid of life
...just keep watching.
copyrighted March 2010.
Ziggy Zibrowski May 2010
There's a malevolent, benevolent storm on the coast,
boasting unsurpassable power.
I used to feel a mother's embrace here, in the
displacement. The imprint of my mortal mold
through the waves,
but now these white caps
remind me of frequencies written in bed sheets.
My feet freeze and
melt into the sand.
Commanding my stature be strong
as these longing strides return me
diligently to the seas,
free of the once binding shackles;
your infidelity.
copyrighted May 2010.
Ziggy Zibrowski May 2010
I am everywhere
I am nowhere
I am the last one you'll think about
I am the first one you'll dream about
I am the sun at it's brightest
I am the moon in it's shyness
I am organized
I am lost
I am the breath of the wind
I am the deprivation of space
I am knowledgeable
I am still asking questions
I am of this world
but I am not a part of it

what mystery do I have to offer?
I am but a man thus here sought after
I can show you all, but you'll never know me
I am my own worst enemy.
copyrighted January 2010.
Ziggy Zibrowski May 2010
the passage through time is quite uneasy
imbedded in concrete; consciousness dreamy
faces skewing, anemic monsters
intricate patterns, enhances, obscures
repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition,
incomprehension, incomprehension
i can't continue, can't vacate
i'm only human, my souls to take
i discovered what it means to be
when you can truly see
the epiphany of heavenly monstrosity
visions of a black hole theory
i've seen all of time in one moment
the future, the past, times of atonement
lucid and frightful
enlightening and grateful
heartbeat steadies
i think i'm ready
to explore the world from a different standpoint
and fully know this is not an endpoint
it's forever changing
and we're made for adapting
our primal nature's to live
i will never be held captive
copyrighted February 2010.
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