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 Mar 2020 zero
Every day
I have to remind myself of the bitter parts
To keep from drowning
In everything that I miss
 Aug 2019 zero
guy scutellaro
we were poor
but not deluded

and when
van morrisson's
"brown eyed girl"
comes on the radio on
that worn
brown rug
my brother and I
started tapping our feet
shaking our heads
to the music and
our sisters are smiling
at us and
our mother is laughing
at us

and all we needed was
laughter and love
a prayer and a song

turn up the radio
 May 2019 zero
Stained Glass
you were only suppose to climb."
 May 2018 zero
B J Clement
 May 2018 zero
B J Clement
Deep down, deep deep down
in the darkness of the sea
lie the captains blackened bones,
for ‘tis all that’s left of he.
The fish have nibbled his flesh away
and the ***** have scraped him clean,
and now he rests in the Davy deep,
in waters so serene,
hardly a current disturbs the sand
no noise affects his sleep,
only the singing of the whales,
down there in the dark dark deep.
The singing of the whales my dears
and the sighing of the sea
will serenade his lonely bones
for all eternity.
While ashore his widow waits
and still her love holds true,
for her pride and joy was a sailor boy
so smart in his navy blue.
And still she waits, and still she weeps,
for things that might have been,
and all alone her vigil keeps
forgotten and unseen.
And still she waits and still she hopes
though the pain is hard to bear,
she will wait for all eternity
until he comes back for her.
 May 2018 zero
B J Clement
Some thoughts I have I cannott put to paper,
they are too sad to read or hear,
Iv'e carried them inside for ever,
yet  sadness lingers, as at the start,
undiminished- hard to bear
wounding the heart.
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