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Zenobia Feb 2010
One day soon
The choice will come
That this life of mine
Will soon be gone
Doc's tell me
Get things in novice
But we know not
The day, nor hour
Or, of which order
No longer can I keep
The fight going on
With Sarcoidosis
Abusing my lungs
Now my heart
Slowly beats
The body is tired
To take more
Match's to defeat
But my mind
Is not weak
It's clear as day
Hope you get
What I'm trying to say
Not saying I'm giving up
But this spell of Voodoo
Of the disease, that kills
Is taking over
Shorter breathes in between
When I walk or speak
Calling all my Angels
Watching over me
Just let me have
A little more time
With the family
To fight like soldiers
In a desert field
Build me up to bloom
Like a flower
On a Spring mourning hill
What come
What may
Everlasting prayer's
In a whisper
Without fear
I'll take that bow
Just not today
A little bit later
I have this disease called Sarcoidosis, there's not much known of it.
I've had this disease a very long time, since in my 20's, I'm now 47.
Have wanted to write something of this along time now.
I hope one day more attention will be applied to it,
because a lot of people die from this.
There seems to be no answer to why?

Hello to all, sorry I haven't been here in awhile, just want to say still hanging in there even though the challenges have made some things difficult with family member's. Keep your prayer's in your request line for me. Just turned 51, looks like "God" must till need me here to keep my creative vision of poetry fruitful.  

Zenobia Feb 2010
Don't let your words cloud your mind
For each word spoken
Lays doubt in line
Troubles with liberties,
With words you use to speak
May be arrogant that play
To match for defeat

With the whole world watching
Trafficing of spoken words
Leads to compound interest
Into the cause for wars, racism,
Political mouth piece
On solid soil
Spreading words around in this world
Could get you on a list
Jeapordizing relations of all man kind

So step back for a moment
Before you speak
Become quiescent
Don't let your words
Cloud your mind
Feb 2010 · 841
On This Day
Zenobia Feb 2010
On this day
Not looking for chocolates
Not looking for flowers
Or a card saying how you might feel
Just looking for a night
By making me feel like a lady
To put a smile on my face
With just a little tenderness
Of your kiss
The gentleness of your touch
The way you use to take me in your arms
Hold me as if it was the first time
Don't have to say that you Love me
We both know it would be a lie
Just on this one day of the year
Let's both pretend that we really care
Take off in our own
Fantasy dream to pleasure paradise
On this day
Called Valentine
You go your way
I'll go mine
We'll meet again
Same time next year
On this day

Oh by the way
Thanks, Happy Valentine Day
Feb 2010 · 2.2k
"No Man Is An Island"
Zenobia Feb 2010
They say, no man is an island
Yet an island can be reshaped
By a tornado, hurricane, or a earthquake
Mother nature rules with an iron fist
To place her stakes on the land of the living

They say, no man is an island
But there must be a better way
For other nations and countries
Come together and embrace
To restructure our governments,
Working together, rebuilding, maybe, even see
The humanity in eachother giving
To help those, who can not help themselves

They say, no man is an island
All the justice and laws in the world
Wouldn't correct it's poverty
In exchange, for it's wealth
Animated politicians
Speaking in tongues
Atoned to be totally clueless
Unaware of the next existing
Killer of lives

They say, no man is an island
To forsee at last
Battle of waves of storms to come
Genocide, Nuclear, Wars
Will come again, and again
History repeats, in cirlces
It never ends

They say, no man is an island
The inadequate versions of getting things right
Should be a must, for the change with truth and trust
People having the will or the lack of
Food, water, protection, health care
That ain't right
To not be inform and share

They say, no man is an island,
But there's just has to be a better way
People taken care of people
Living life better than it once was yesterday
Families who have lost, buried, and shed many of tears
Placed their memories of loved ones
To cross over into the light
Have lost more than just a home, family, neighbors
One thing one must not lose is
The spirit inside to have

They say, no man is and island
For every man, woman and child
Is of the land of their island
Hope is not ones plan alone
The plan simply is of many...

Faith, Memories, Freedom, Dreams, and Hope
(upwc)Zenobia/aka/LadyZ710 /2/13/10
Feb 2010 · 941
Simply Beautiful
Zenobia Feb 2010
When you walk out your door
In the winter, spring, summer or fall
The sun flickers on many shades of colors
In the flower shops, fruit and vegetable stands
You walk down most city streets
People of many faces you greet
Day after day

Then you pick up the cover of a magazine
Maybe even your favorite, tv show, movie
The vanity in most today
Features not one
Woman,  Man or child of color
We still have a long way to go
Though many think, because
Our President, Barack Obama is black
We can forget the past and close the door
Stop mentioning
Racism today
It doesn't exist no more
Unfortunatly, I wish that was true

Like the rainbow in the sky
It doesn't discriminate
Crossing over brightly for many to see
Your eye's light up when you can capture
Such a beautiful thing
The shades of color comes in many variations
We can't hide them behind a cloud
Or in a corner, to collect dust
The vanity in 2010
To believe no one would notice
That there is only one flavor  
Is a delusion that they're not many choices
You can't go color blind
Unless you where born that way

So what are we afraid of
You can't stop it, or make it go away
Cause all the colors blend
Into a mixture with eachother
Like a painted picture
That just looks
Simply Beautiful
In a variety of colors
Feb 2010 · 940
The Mission At Task
Zenobia Feb 2010
To All Mankind To Be Free

The mission at task
For our coalition forces
To march into Baghdad
Saving the lives from the enemies
That killed, and stole the lives of hope
To turn over the future, into their hands
Give back dignity, that lies in their land

The mission at task
For the world to see
We can all live in this world
With respect for eachothers liberties
Granted that all lives be protected
From dictators, who take advantage
Of it's people
Killing the souls of which stands naked

The mission at task
Is for all, human life, to be FREE!

Feb 2010 · 882
Our Own Satisfaction
Zenobia Feb 2010
Love me tender

Love me sweet

Hold me in your arms

Make love to me

Feel our body's close

Our minds as one together

Feeling this moment

Of foresure pleasure

Surrounding us is the heat

Of our passion

From one to another

Is our own ****** satisfaction

(upwc)Zenobia/aka/LadyZ710 - 2-25-87
Feb 2010 · 637
Zenobia Feb 2010
You tell me you love me
I wish it where true
You tell me you've missed me
I use to miss you

When you walked out the door
I thought I would cry
But you just kept right on walking
Without saying,  good-bye
So now that you've come back
It isn't the same
With you it was only just a game
I once truely loved you
But that was before
Now you say you love me
It doesn't matter anymore

Cause you fooled me once
Shame on me
May think you can fool me twice
But this time the games won't be nice
From me
I can forgive, but not forget
Once is enough of your ****

(upwc)Zenobia/aka/LadyZ710 - 10-13-1982
Feb 2010 · 729
Managing The Peace
Zenobia Feb 2010
In this global world we live
We must be vigilant to each nation's intentions
Of how we want to be perceived
With our gun's holding claim to defeat
Or with our hearts pouring out
To save lives we must reach
Even to the unconvinced dictaor who speaks
Of our kindness being to bleak

Who our we justifying  any war for
The people of the world
Or the people for oil
To be less concern of it's soil
That spills out into
It's peoples troubled waters
To Freedoms and Liberty's
Managing the Peace within it's citites

Least we not forget

Feb 2010 · 1.1k
Life Is
Zenobia Feb 2010
Life is a blessing
Life is about changes
Life is worth having on any given day
Life is struggles along the way

If there our times when your feeling blue
Be thankful, for God is always blessing you
With the possibilities that you can make a change
It never has to be the same
To believe in your own future that you hold
In your hands, the real story can be told

Life is a blessing
Life is about changes
Life is worth having on any given day
Life is struggles along the way

Open up your mind to be free
Of lifes challenges that you'll come to see
Everyday, is to put your best foot forward
To give your best, that it doesn't seem to be all hopeless
When you know you've given your all
Then it won't hurt so bad, if you seem to fall

Life is a blessing
Life is about changes
Life is worth having on any given day
Life is about struggles along the way

For each opportunity that occurs
Life is a blessing
With each step you take
Life is worth having on any given day
Be proud of  your self worth
Life is about struggles along the way

God is guiding you to the right pathway

(upwc)Zenobia/aka/LadyZ710- 12/7/02
Zenobia Feb 2010
Take a short cut, through life
By Arrogance
By Cheating
By Stealing
By Denying
By Domestic Abuse
By Greed
By ****
By Drug Wars
By Racsim
By Lying
By Killing
By Poverty
By Deception

The list goes on...

Be Mindful By Restoring
By Honoring the Integrity
Of the People
Cause Life Is Worth Living

(upwc)Zenobia/aka/LadyZ710 - 2/1/10
Feb 2010 · 764
The Enemy Of Fire
Zenobia Feb 2010
I've heard it said
We're only vistor's here on earth
That our real home is up in Heaven
If You Believe
When things said true or untrue
Then is it the rightous who are barely saved
What chance will the Godless have

Be careful
Watch out for attacks from those
Who our the greatest of enemies with no soul
Their on the prowl
Like hungry roaming lions
Looking for victims to tare apart
Standing firm with their own beliefs and goals

Stand up and trust
In God
He's the true strength to getting us through
Any and all storms
When one of us around the world is attacked
It affects us all in suffering  
Go and stand up for courage
Not with Fear
Surrender it in God's Hands

Raise your thought of consciousness
The core of Peace is near
The enemy of Fire
Be ****

(upwc)Zenobia/aka/LadyZ710 - 1/31/10
Jan 2010 · 5.2k
Generation Gap
Zenobia Jan 2010
We've crossed the road into teenage haste
Generation gap
With confusion, harum scarum, mistrust, disparity
Not knowing who to listen or follow
Family, or so called, not your friends
You keep thinking we the parents our your enemy
When we only try to teach you
Embrace you with the facts of life
Are life, Are love has been
No More, No Less  
You know we given the best lessons of life
But it's your choice to make it right
You can't keep trying to keep pushing
Not expect to get pushed back
We our your parents
Not your friends
My word as your parent is bond
Don't take and misstep
Out of your place
Cause even though
Still you're moving around to find the right direction
The wrong direction will be probation officers
In your face
Think long and hard of the identity you want to choose
One time, two times, three times
You Lose
I'm just talking and giving tough love
All can be remove
With your last desire
To breathe free air
Your wake up call could be
Being locked up
In the streets with a dare
Bang, Bang, you're dead

So can we sit down without a lot of frustration
Talk things over
Everything changes in life
Nothing stays the same for long
Soon you'll be an adult
To make the choice
If they are wrong or right
Just don't make them now
Preferably not ever
Strange day's of a teenage life
Doesn't stay the same
One thing I do know
God doesn't put us here
On Earth
Without a purpose or a plan

Jan 2010 · 1.1k
Any Given Day
Zenobia Jan 2010
Tragedy may strick us at any given day
Take life as a chest full of treasure
Bless it in your own way
Give, Live, Love and Breathe
The best that's within you
Cause you may not see truth
Through the mirror that may distort the future
With eye's closed, you may fall
With your eye's wide open
Theres truth that we can't deny
Selfishness, Foolishness, Greed, Hatred
We all our not perfect
Each of us have choice to make and to take
In what we say and do
Just remember one thing
God is watching you  
Be not judge by your habit of choice
Let the habit of choice be your salvation

(upwc) 2010 Zenobia Lee/LadyZ710   1-15-2010
Zenobia Jan 2010
When earth shatters at the door way
Cracks slowly widen
My heart does not waver
God is by my side
My tears flow to moisten the ground
To make the mud come together
Rebuild the walls that have fallen
My heart does not waver
Cause through all the heartache and pain
My God will lead the way
I place my hand in his
To lead me out of the darkest hours
My heart does not waver
Though love ones around me
Go to a better home
My heart does not waver
It shall be through the memories
That the Love of them
In the light we will shine on
My heart will not waver
No Fears, No Hatred, No Fist To Throw

God Is My All
My Heart Will Never Waver

(upwc)  2010-  Zenobia Lee/LadyZ710     1/14/2010
Dec 2009 · 791
Forest Of A Tale
Zenobia Dec 2009
The abstract of your young mind
Has painted you into false conclusions
Tilting on highs and lows
Of denial and delusion
Having taken a bet to far
You know not what you say or do
Misguidedly triggering a..."forest of a tale"
Brought you under a misconstrue spell
It has you on a floating scale
In high def echo, in a state of confusion
I want the one I know best
Before he takes one more wrong mistep
Into the wilderness journey
That will fall dark into a hole
Locks them in
Make sure it's the choice you want to travel down
Cause it's a long lost lonely road
Where the traveling will limit your lens
Into a forest you'll go
And never come out again

Come Back Out Of The Forest
Into the posibility of...Hope

(upwc) by: Zenobia Lee/LadyZ710
Zenobia Dec 2009
Look into the face of the innocent
See the purity in them
The faces of no deception, no misplaced reactions
Just the innocent of a child born with love in their heart
To give to you and I

Look into the face of the innocent
Cherish this child, lead and guide them
Through a world so complicated of mistrust
That what justifies the meaning of Love
Is the greater good of one

Look into the face of the innocent
You'll see Love all around and within them  

(upwc) by: Zenobia Lee/LadyZ710   12/13/09
Dec 2009 · 2.0k
For Better Or Worse
Zenobia Dec 2009
When you discover the world around you
You also discover all within it

      Selfishness, Greed, Hatred, Infidelity, Abuse, Sickness, Waste,  Homelessness, and War

We bare witness to all these things
But selfishly ignore them,
In route to prospect of all these evil forces that misguides us

For better or worse
It scopes our daily lives with inconvient truth's
The mental or physical rightousness
That lies in the truth of disparage  
History of our actions will go noted
In the days and years that come about as such

You can not tell life what to do
You must surrender it all into the hands of God  
That he protects you from the shame, one must feel deep inside
Waivers us from all our faults and sin alike

Trust in the inner voice that speaks to you and believe
For God's truth is yours if you want it
Set your intentions to heal thyself and other's
Peace be still in you, with love for your sister and your brother

Or let your misguided judgement, and false preservations follow you into your own judgement to...Hell!

(upwc)  by: Zenobia Lee/LadyZ710        12/13/09
Dec 2009 · 837
Zenobia Dec 2009
Now I lay me down  to sleep
For a wishful peaceful dream
Of you and me
To capture a vision what it would mean
Having you lay next to me
Warmth of your body
Close to mine
Holding me so....heavenly divine
I feel your breath upon my neck
Something stirring inside.... oh what the heck
oooh, now I know this is just
Ah.... dream

(upwc) 2009 by: Zenobia Lee/LadyZ710
Dec 2009 · 802
Blame It On The Rain
Zenobia Dec 2009
If you blame it on the rain
Better hope your not in pain
You'll get the thunder and lightening too
High winds and floods
Comming after you
While politcians court their lobby mistresses
They drown themselves in a lot of mischief
No banding together to get it passed
"A Health Care Bill"
We the people want at last
Many folks need it desperately
Now and in the future generations will seek it
From an illness to close to deaths ear to call
Blame it on the rain to surely fall

(upwc) 2009-by: Zenobia Lee/LadyZ710
Dec 2009 · 793
Zenobia Dec 2009
In my eye's you've been half a circle
Not yet fully grown to be whole
Troubled heart...with mix messages of your youth unfold
Trying to fine a structure in your young life
Being rebelious, as most teenage kid's do
Attention drawn onto you
Seeking your own independence
Leads you to choices of big trouble
Not wanting to obey and play by your parents rules
Is a disobident child being a fool
Every course of life we've fed to you
The importance of being true
Eveything and everyone you feel, is against you
Deep down I understand your pain inside
I once was a teenager too
You have to show up and not continue to deny
Cause no soft landings will be the cure you seek
With being a follower and not a leader
Is like being a puppet on a string
It takes away your chance to stay free
To get respect, you must show respect
Or else sign the deed, me
You will regret your own unplanned...."Agenda"
When you get locked up
To only throw away the key
You'll be just another young teenage black man
In the system, with a number

(upwc) 2009,  by: Zenobia Lee /LadyZ710
Dec 2009 · 664
Zenobia Dec 2009
Life is really such a strange place
You have different issuses and problems
You don't know how to face

Peoeple tell you "take one problem at a time"
By then, you've lost your marbles and your **** mind

One minute your learning to talk
The next your learning to walk
Just when you think you've mastered all the task
Life turns around and kicks you right in the ***

It's really a strange life we all try to lead
But somehow, it's really a life we all seem to need

(uc) by: Zenobia Lee/ LadyZ710
Dec 2009 · 955
The Master Plan
Zenobia Dec 2009
Your brother's keeper
Let the truth be known

Co-operate CEO's, Politicians, Government Agencies,
Drug Dealers, Preachers, Terrorist, even your Neighbor

Who do we trust
When it's all in the name of greed
For the love of money, power, and prestige
When does this all stop being a game
That we live so selfishly by fame
In putting together
The Master Plan
In robbing the sick, the poor, the elderly
All who our blindsided of a scam
With business as usual
It's all about me and mine
Have we lost our way to committing more crimes
Or is making a deal with the devil
The only way in this lifetime

(uwc) by: Zenobia Lee/LadyZ710
Dec 2009 · 710
Gift Of Love
Zenobia Dec 2009
To All God's People

In your time of need
Lies the comfort in knowing
God will lead the way
To better days
Whether through the darkest of times
Shines the light to find
The courage you need
To another bright day
God will show you the way
To a pure and clean heart
Of forgiveness, courage, and stregnth
That out of the goodness
In us all
Is the gift of Love

(uwc)  by: Zenobia Lee/LadyZ710
Dec 2009 · 856
Zenobia Dec 2009
I feel the heart of your love
It captures me like a soft breeze
Wisks me away into perfect harmony
True and Pure

For the love that you give to me
With your arms opened wide
I feel alive
With your kind of love, I am satisfied

For all that you have given me
When I was blind to so many things
You lifted me up out of darkness
You, set me free

I'm forever, oh Lord, thankful
For your many blessings


(uwc)  by: Zenobia Lee/LadyZ710
Dec 2009 · 676
No More War With Ourselves
Zenobia Dec 2009
War against Terrorism
War against Cultures
War against Humanity
War against Moral Values
War against God's Holy Word

With the many different faces of war comes
Consequences of all our daily actions
We settle for mans word of the true ways of living life
For in this, the power of evil shows no mercy
A closed mind, leads blinded confused hearts into darkness
No man will ever be free of his war
Cause the war we've created is against ourselves
Untill we believe "In God's Holy Word"
We our not living with the truth on our side
Having a lot more "Faith In Him"
Is having no more war with ourselves
The tears will keep falling from our eyes
Until we believe in the light of his love in our lives

(uwc) by: Zenobia Lee/LadyZ710
Dec 2009 · 814
Look At Me!
Zenobia Dec 2009
Look at this face before you
Tell me what you see
Do you just see the color of my skin
Or do you see me

Look at this face before you
Am I really that different from you
Can you see what's in my heart
That feels the same way as you

Look at this face before you
It sheds the same tears
From being torn apart
When you label me with your fears

Look at this face before you
The next time you judge me
Cause it just may be the hand that reaches out first
In your time of need

Look at this face before you
Then ask me my name
Not my color on a application
It is not the person of who I am

Look at this face before you
My heart is open wide
To share and give love
The best way I know how

Look At Me!  Look At Me!
Tell me now, what do you really see
Am I so different from you
Or will your eye's remain blind
And not see this beautiful face,
Before You

(uc) by: Zenobia Lee/LadyZ

— The End —