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Sean M Havens Feb 2019
Prizes atop the mountain high
Tell of gold and jewels and where strong men die
Yet, he was different than the rest
His honor tested as the very best
In that cavern he did trod
Wielding his sword and barely thawed
A ghostly beast lurched from the frost
Demanding a toll, a life it would cost
The warrior fought slashing with might
Was his power in courage or more of fright?
His strength and skill is all he would need
That's when he felt the ice crawl up to his knees
A moment longer and he gasped
His scream was merely a breathy rasp
His heart beat fast and his blood coursed slow
Why he came there he did not know.
So tales of prizes atop a mountain high
Of gold and jewels and where strong men die
And a young buck will think he's the best
And his corpse to soon adorn a cave like all the rest...
Sean M Havens Feb 2019
How I will survive

Is dependent solely upon you

For without your love

There is nothing I can do.

So to trod upon this earth

With my boots made of leather

I will need your heart

To withstand any weather.

I will stand tall as I might

With chest stuck out proud

And with the voice of a titan

I will proclaim out loud:

“Here is my love!

For her and no one else

My passions cease for the masses

But for her my guard will melt!”

These are but just words

A simple phrase or two

But, if you’d mind to listen close

They only have meaning for you.
Sean M Havens Feb 2019
Without a doubt you are the one

And when this is all said and done

I stand beside you, thick and thin

With our love we can only win

Don’t be afraid, I am here

Together there’s nothing for us to fear

I am yours, and you are mine

I’ve known this from the beginning to the end of time

Troubled waters that are ahead

Are nothing for you and I to dread

Without doubt, without fear

Don’t be afraid, I am here.
Sean M Havens Feb 2019
What if I told you
there was something you didn't know I knew?
What if I told you
that I was there and I'm on to you?
What if I told you
I thought I'd seen it all?
What if I told you
that this was the last call?
What if it were
that I had seen the signs?
What if I had
been at the right place and time?
What if I knew what you think I don't know?
Next time would it be easier to go?
Sean M Havens Feb 2019
I'm the one who broke her heart
I'm the one who played that part
I can't deny what I've done
I didn't do it just for fun
Cruelty is a special skill
I never found in it any thrill
But there have been those who did it well
They know how to hurt me and put me through hell
I didn't walk the line to make her sad
I didn't do those things to make her mad
I just got tired of hurting deep inside
The things that were done made me run and hide
Hate is a strong word but I can't deny
Honesty is what some want but it's just a lie
They only want to hear what they want
Everything I said is still here to haunt
The pain started a long time ago
I tried to endure it, but you just don't know
How it tore me down inside and out
Made me wonder what it was about
And trying to be friends is the hardest thing to do
When I'm blamed for everything making her blue
I can't seem to seperate what was done
Trying to be everything when I'm only one
Can't make it all go away, won't even try
But there's a friendship starting to die
I'm not the same as I used to be
There are parts of my soul I'll never again see
And hard as I try to make it come back
I can't bring it forth, I cut myself no slack
So here I'll sit and wonder why
Did this part of me have to die?
Sean M Havens Feb 2019
The days used to be longer
As a child I remember it this way
Summers were forever too short
Leaving a longing for the last school day.
Forever, it seemed, for a year to come
Another marker to pass
A birthday so far beyond
And waiting 'til the very last.
The sky was once bluer
I remember it used to be so
Different from now the hue
It all passed so slow...

Yet, a tide has turned
A breath has been lost
A freedom is gone
What was the cost?
An innocence gone
A right proven wrong
The clock moves forward
And for those days I still long...

It makes sense to those
Who choose to look inside
To understand the message complete
And to never deride
What comes is to come
No regret or revelation to rely
Time is an enemy and your only true friend
And this we cannot ever deny.
Sean M Havens Feb 2019
I feel pity for the mouse
Who fell into my bathtub
Moments after I filled it with water
To prepare for my soak and rub.
I watched him swim
For such a very long time,
How he struggled for his life
Which to me is not worth a dime.
He chewed my papers,
And stole guitar picks,
And when food was out
I'm sure he chanced a lick.
No love lost
Between this man and beast;
Are there mice in Heaven?
I really don't care the least.
I took a stick
And whisked him under;
Coming to my tub
Surely this one's ultimate blunder.
He breathed his last,
This fiend no more be,
And with one final flush
I buried him at sea.
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