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What can we do with all these faces of boredom

Can't we just shoo them away

What can we do with all these faces of depression?

Can't we just place a smile right on his face?

What is possible in the world today?

What are we accomplishing nowadays

Most people laugh and smile and act as if everything is okay

When really deep inside they are breaking and crying and they really feel like dying

But really .....

What can we do today ?

All people now do is cry ... And cry
And drown in there very own tears

and we don't even try

At least not out best

Well here I am today ... Trying to change your perspective in what you do

And how you do it

Well let me just conclude this


Our world needs this creativity, the creativity we lost by our distracticness and selfishness

Let's get it back let's try ...
Nobody knows the real me

Nobody knows how many times I've rushed into my room and cried

How manny times I've lost hope

How many times I've been let down

Nobody knows the amount of tears
I've held back

Or how manny times I was really just about to snap but I don't just for the sake of others

Nobody knows the real me
and nobody will unless I do something about it

Nobody realizes that they give me an opportunity to feel free everyday

But I decline it saying "No No I am alright" or maybe "What?! don't worry I am fine"

Nobody knows how much I really need to run through a field of grass with somebody by my side

Somebody that knows

Well that's just too bad

because no body knows that I do want somebody to know.

— The End —