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ZoeM Aug 7
Walking away from you is like walking away from myself.

I have to find the strength to shed your light
Embrace my -OWN-
ZoeM Jul 23
Do you think that you could stay this time?

Stay with me while I throw all my toys out of our cot,

Stay with me when all I'm seeing is red,

Stay with me when my emotions are drowning me in an ocean of sadness,

Stay with me even when walking away is easier than holding my hand,

ZoeM Jul 22
I am going to gather all the pieces of strength you tried so hard to shatter and scatter.
I´ĺl pack them into my basket, plant a kiss on your beautiful forehead and say my bittersweet goodbye.
  Jul 17 ZoeM
"Are you happy?", I asked him.
"Yes I am. And you?", he said
"Yes I am happy.", I replied
because finally, I stopped writing
poems about you
, I whispered.
  Jul 17 ZoeM
Does every rock in every river
Dictate its place accordingly?
No, it takes centuries and ages
To find it's many moving places
To smooth out all of it's rough edges
And to be accordingly
They neither worry nor care. They always end up where they're meant to be and beyond.
ZoeM Jul 17

These tears slide down my cheeks,
I wonder.

If I were to gather them all
and they formed an ocean,

Would you notice it then??
  Jul 15 ZoeM
i prayed for sunshine
but all i got were storms
were i patient enough
i’d have seen the rainbow
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