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zaineb nabi Jun 2017
Is it really as sweet as it seems?

Doesn't feel so, though its my own doing

I have chosen not to choose and now I can no longer stand in my own shoes

Does it have to be this hard?

Making rules with our own brains and being ruled by our own chains

How cleaver can a human be depriving himself of being

How bright can the eyes see while they know nothing about real seeing

Am I looking with closed eyes

Am I wronged while believing I'm wise

Does questions really have an answer or could it be a simple belief

Are human-beings trully free or are they meant to live in grief

Are words really expressive or is it just another sweet lie

Nothing happens  while we're alive but what really happens once we die

Is my heart as hurt as it feels or is it drama knocking on my door

And if it's trully as fine as it seems why is it always asking for more

Can we ever get enough or we're just meant to live with hunger

Are we doing what we do just because we'd never be younger

Does words really have a meaning or am I the only one that knows

That we can never go right nor wrong though we can always simply suppose

That we are sighted while being blind,

I sometimes misknow what's locked inside my mind

I swear I do but would you believe, I certainly have an answer to that

I must have answers to what I do as well as answers for doing what

My conscious has given up on me all along with my past believes

It felt quite bad at times but I was sure the feeling would leave

To the nowhere we create that discreates us in an harsh way, Though we're always meant to obey

Feelings or senses that steal our defenses

For we are so weak yet we are so strong

And I go back to wonder why my nights have to be this long

Why does desire leave so fast

Why can't we live in constant blast

Why does bad always cover the good

What do we do to avoid being misunderstood

Why don't we have an eternal moment of our own choice

Why do we often cry in a loud voice

Yet why are we always the only to hear

Why are we always chased with fear

Why can't we cover ourselves with sheets

Why can't we often control our heartbeats

To whom do we belong and who belongs to us

Why don't we often choose to discuss

Why are we quitters who never quit

Why are we pieces that never split

Why don't my questions ever reach an end

Why do my words always seek to offend ?

zaineb nabi Jul 2016
It's been months since

I ran out of ink

Have been blinded by what days could evince

And chained to a wretched river in which I used to sink

It's been months since all I wanted was a piece of what I couldn't have

Then it turned out that what I couldn't have actually belonged to me

What I couldn't have was maybe too blinded to see

What I couldn't have was pretty much what lightens my life

He was the only one that could take off the knife

With which I have been stabbed for years

Yet, what I couldn't have is now errasing all my fears

Mental, physical and all kind of abuse

All the different reasons that once gave me the blues

Being a part of a world so cruel and lame

Humans, that's who we are, we brought nothing but shame

A destructive race that gave me alot of rage

A destructive race that made me hate my age

I got really ****** one night

Creating a new moral fight

For I have been dodging of thinking

For I have been kept away from sinking

Inside a mind that blew, several times

And an innocence that got tied to mental crimes

Though that's pretty much what makes us who we are

Going through the mental war

As I stand safe today

I realize that, no matter what life is still hiding for me, I'll always end up as safe

For soft is my soulmate

And life is what I create.
PubliƩ le 12 juillet 2016
zaineb nabi Mar 2016
Hi, I'm a *****

Because you decided not to see anything more

Because I'm a girl and that's what girls were born for, right?

I'm a ***** because of things I wore

Requests i'd ignore

And meals you'd pay for

I'm a ***** because you decided I was

Right after I refused to get "that" close

I'm a *****

Because if not, there'd be no fun

No flood of tide, it all would be done

I'm a ***** because I show too much skin, maybe

I'm a ***** because I let you call me baby, or not

I'm a ***** because you think I'm hot

Or maybe ugly but still can lick

Because I have a hole in which you'd stuck your ****

I'm a ***** because your fantasm said so

Because your majesty decided that I'm a ***

I'm a ***** because society decided I am

Because I'm nothing but ****** and ham

I'm a ***** because I give you *****

I'm a ***** because I'm a moner

I'm a ***** because I'm not a male

Or because my ****** can fit a whale

And that's of course how you see your ****

Never too thin, always so thick

That ***** which with no doubt

Is all you ******* talk about

Hi lady you look nice I bet you can ****

Hi lady, nice figure, how about we ****?

Hi lady, lift your legs, I have something that want to be stuck

But ever thought that maybe, I just don't give a ****?

New message, photo sent, wanna rate my ****?

You make it strong like **** and hard like a rock

Now if I'd do the same, of course I'm a *****

And the only reason you sent me your **** is because I'm a *****

Or about to become one

Because if not there just wont be no fun.
February 28th 2016.
zaineb nabi Mar 2016
The weeping of my guitar begins

Do not try to silence it

Her tune craves for your lips to sing

As my fingers slip into each string

When she's held in my hands she comes alive

In a world afar from you it's hard to survive

It's hard to even speak the unspoken

It's also hard to remain so broken

My lips haven't said a word

However, my voice is still going to be heard

Do not forget how to listen with your eyes

Do not ignore the tune my guitar cries

Follow its melody and follow your heart

There's no way your inner voice would break you apart

And then when you're close enough, follow my breath

As I put life into her and change her to a living death

Get closer and closer till' you feel my thirst for you

They said two is better than one, why don't we prove them true?

The sun is gone, the sky is gray

Guitare has no more words to say

Sun's disappeared behind the moon

May our souls follow soon

I see me nestled on your chest feeling every heartbeat

I see your eyes so full with passion and lips so hungry to eat

I see us together watching the eclipse

While my guitar gets your lips.
November 3rd 2015
zaineb nabi Mar 2016
Writing about passion and desire isn't very new to me, but this feeling I'm having, kind of is.

This person I tend to write about, is someone I have known for a very little time, but have already affected me much, for my thinkings are all about him...

All the beautiful ideas I often get and dreams, Oh the dreams that are driving me to the less sane human being I could ever become.

Everytime I lay my body on the top of my bed, seeking for a rest, for my body is quite active as well as my days are... The moment my head reaches the pillow, all intentions of sleep suddenly disappear, and a wave of thinking soon nestles in my head. I start dreaming before even sleep gets to me, I start seeing all the scenes I'd ever want to come true and to take place at some point, in my so hollow life.

At that very moment everything grows interesting in my head that it gets determined to realize at least one percent of all it desires, and maybe more. It is not surprising for me to mention that "He" is quite what all these dreams are about, for how thirsty my soul gets in order to reach hims, for how passionate my self gets just the while he appears in my daily thoughts.

I no longer can satisfy my weakened body with a decent duration of sleep. For my thoughts are so disturbed or for better say graced with thoughts of him every now and then. I am known to be pleased by least, and what could please my tired body is to just have hims laying right next to mine, to have my waist so thin surrounded by his very delicate arms. That would get me to sleep as peaceful and sound as I never did. But soon my thinkings get overfatigued that I fall asleep seeking to reach him once more, in my second dream that is more likely to be one.

Shall I also describe how grin rejoins my soulful self as I wake up on the sound of my mobile singing his name on its screen, how I soon start convincing him that I am in no need to go back to sleep, as he apologizes for waking me up. For my sleep is far from being as perfect as my condition at that very moment. His voice couldn't get more perfect just like his words are. I never get too affected with words for they wouldn't cease to be just words that sound so beautiful but meaningless, but Oh how his words affect me, my body soon gets filled with all butterflies that have ever exsisted in this entire universe, as my heart starts rushing its pounds and speaking them outloud.

This all might sound overrated for some of you, my dear readers, but if I am to write all I'm feeling, this would be quite the least I could ever say.

As I pointed earlier that I have known "Him" for a very little time, I feel like I've known him for ages... My mind is kind of blocked, and it's my desire that is speaking for me, or in this case, writing these few lines for me.

In such a short period I got to learn about the food that appetites him the most, the colors and numbers with which he is so indifferent that he can't even pick a favorite. He attracts me and this word doesn't seem much expressive for how attached I am to him. For a smile that cheers me up the second i hear it. For such a personality that gets along well with mine for he has all the qualities I could ask for.

Then comes the part that is quite the hardest in this whole "attractiveness story". As I've been mentioning, we are the closest humankind can ever get, yet, he is a world away from me. Well, not quite that far but it feels so for how many times I'd just seek for a hug of hims, a look of hims or a kiss of his fine lips so fresh and scarlet.

I have written much already, but I still insist that I swear for the dearest lives that this is quite the less I could ever write about such an awe-inspiring individual.
August 16th 2015 and this is not a poem.
zaineb nabi Mar 2016
Undressed to fulfill your fantasy

Brunette, redhead, blonde and more

Whoever you'd want me to be

I'll do all you would ask for

Together, sailing in the middle of the sea

In the exact place where we feel the most free

Allowing lust to take part

And then we start...

Bathing in a tub that generously fits for two

As the passion speedily grew

And hands started to move

As the fire groove

Both wet, we've hitted to bed

With lots of passion to spread

Body language took place until I wanted to speak

In front of body language, words would seem so weak

But desire have nestled on my tongue as I said:

"Place your manhood deep in my throat"

As we united on the boat

Placed on me, your body felt so light

I couldn't feel the weight as desire flew me high

Carrying me down again into that liquid place

In which I've had so much grace

I like my body when it's with yours

I like your body, I like what it does

I like its hows, I like to feel the spine

While your body would be stuck to mine

I like your tongue, your lips and voice

Mixed with mine as we make the noise

The perfect match of moans and wails

Turns me like **** as I pierce in you my nails

Lust have driven us to its wildest side

As it enthused the ride

And the trembling firm-smoothness


Kiss, lick and swallow

I like stroking the silky skin

That grows my favorite part in you

Not too huge but not too thin

Taking me to the world of true

When dreams become real

When lust is all we feel

When skins are on fire

We sank in passion and desire.
August 8th 2015
zaineb nabi Mar 2016
I remember discovering his body for the first time

When our moans slowly united and started to rhyme

When body language was seen as a crime

We suddenly ignored the world as we started to chime

I remember his skin put on mine

I remember his lips tasting like wine

His teases and flirts were more than fine

I remember wishing never to attend the finish line

I got lost in the middle of pleasure

Could it be a lasting treasure?

Or was it a one night stand?

In all cases I didn't want it to end

Heaven was pretty much floating on his chest

I felt heaven in the middle of his skin undressed

Heaven in his eyes that could actually see me

When I refused to see myself

I remember him laying kisses upon me

And how he was my vision when I could no longer see

I remember being chained to him but never felt more free

Until we reached the moment when I knelt down on my knee

It was then my turn to feedback the lust

As it was the time to taste, sense and gust

For my tongue was the master of this whole transgression

It started kissing and licking in such succession

That it burned his skin like lightning storm

And allowed each spot to feel the warm

That it made his heart pound like thunder

As I mastered the under

Although it was my first

It was full of familiarity

Experiencing to fill my thirst

In a way that was full of rarity

As I point that I'm a male attracted to a similar gender

And as I point that an homosexual doesn't have to be seen as an offender

For emotions are uncontrolled

As my story is there unfold

We can be different it's never a shame

We have the right not to be all the same

I might find desire in an identical gender

As you find it in a various one.
June 17th 2015
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