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Zackbobo Feb 2018
We all must be ready for the ends of our times,

For death does not waiver so neither shall I.

And when my hour comes; Ill look to the next life,

For death’s "final say” is merely a lie.
Zackbobo Aug 2017
She didn’t want you so she left
you hanging out in the air,
remembering not how you got there to begin with,
but you fall nevertheless, and
the softness you had expected
has been replaced with nothing
but rocks sharp as daggers to break your fall,
and leave you broken.
Zackbobo Mar 2016
Why is it that we’re with the wrong people
why do we accept the love we think we deserve
And when we think we’ve gained the courage to leave
in the moment of truth we lose all our nerve?

I keep thinking if I just do this or do that
then I’ll gain the acceptance I’ve been craving so bad
but nothing is ever enough when these people only take
this sad fact is one I believe I’ll never shake.
reference to perks
Zackbobo Mar 2016
I am tired of life, how nothing coming is ever new
the skies for too long have been grey, never again to turn back blue
nothing to left to create, nothing worth striving for
so when opportunity knocks
I now simply lock the door.
Zackbobo Feb 2016
Tremendous curiosity floated in the air
                                   *gleaming eyes of experience

         with so much malicious intent
slam poetry from the girlfriend
Zackbobo Jan 2016
When happy her
Eyes turn green like verdurous
Hills I hold so dear
Zackbobo Jan 2016
I have not written as of late
I’m sorry but I’ve hardly found the time
For she possesses the ability to elevate
My soul high above cloud nine
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