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Yvette Mar 2015
Q: What is your greatest fear
A: To wake up one day alone in my soul....
Yvette Mar 2015
You've wrecked me
ruined my love
once happy tears, now water the soil of heartbreak
you shattered me before I even began
forced my love out
and sprouted  limbs for trust to evade its departure
Yvette Mar 2015
For him I ride,
slow and lazy
finding purchase beneath his touch.
nails score private lines as he stretches beyond beating hearts and breathing lungs.
he drowns me in safety and kisses prayers in the corner of my soul.
I am exposed...
bare, in the eye of release and awareness.
Yvette Feb 2015
Crush me
blind me
tuck me
****  me
Roll  me
but just... just never leave me.
Yvette Feb 2015
work the seconds life gives...
**** the moments we wish to forget...
Yvette Dec 2014
Was my heart a souvenir?
Yvette Dec 2014
How do you reconcile your future with  acquired beliefs of the past?
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