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yv Jun 16
I am empty,
Trying to squeeze out words
To make a poem that is loved
At the same time hated

A poem that is loved
Because of its familiar sound
A poem that is hated
Because of the reality it portrays

I am empty,
Empty of love
Trying to fill up my heart
Only ending up void again

Again. Here we go again
This feeling of emptiness
Never quite sure
Of one's own emotions

Stranger. Who are you?
It's as if they were strangers
Not knowing what she loves
What she hates,  what she wants

She is her own stranger,
A different person each day
And each day again
That stranger felt empty
yv Jun 15
Nangungulila ako sa iyo
Sa iyong mga ngiti't halik
Nangungulila ako,
Sa iyong mainit na pagyapos

Giliw, patuloy akong nangungulila
Sa iyong wagas na pagmamahal
Na pillit **** ipinagkakait

O aking sinta, iniirog kitang sobra
Hindi mo lamang namamalayan
Ako'y nangungulila sa iyo
I just love how sincere this sounds in my mother tongue. As Jose Rizal said: Nakakapagbugso ng damdamin or in present days, nakakakilig <3
yv Jun 14
You keep throwing
words in the

a i r

and I keep blocking them out

these worthless words of yours
It won't bring me down

wait and see
the power of your words
It'll weigh you              instead

burn you to the ground
only until ashes remain
wait and see
yv Jun 14
      the rain falls
      oh the rain
      can't help falling
      into the sea
      going back home
      to where it belongs

      I'm just like
      the rain
      can't help falling
      back in your arms
      to where I belong
yv Jun 13
I kind of miss you
kind of hate you
kind of love you
all at the same time

You have no idea
bout the things
you do to me
you make me go
c r a z y

which is very unlike me btw
yv Jun 11
She screamed
At the field of flowers

She rest her knees
On dirt

For a moment
Beauty was distrupted

Only until
She held herself
Back again

Distortion in hiding
Beauty on the outside
yv Jun 10
I fell too deep
Never got back up
It's too late for me

Go save yourself
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