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Yuri May 7
the world is black,
minus the numbers.
the worlds unfair,
minus the numbers.
numbers never lie.

the food is ugly,
because of the numbers.
My body is wrong,
because of the numbers,
i hate myself,
because of the numbers.
but numbers never lie
Yuri May 7
"what the hell is wrong with me?"
All this time spent wishing i could be.
Chopping hair,
breaking skin,
unwanted body that i'm stuck in.

With Hair uneven
bright red scars,
i'm still not who I am in my heart.
Yuri Apr 28
He doesn’t exist,
no not really,
Well maybe he does exist.
Maybe in theory.

A man of dreams is mine,
A man of which is undefined.
A man I wish I knew.
More accurately,
The man I wish was you.
Yuri Apr 28
You’re not my baby,
not mine.

I can pretend,
mouth full of lies,
but you’ll never be mine.
Yuri Apr 25
The wolf walks in,
We know to hide.
It doesn’t matter though does it?
The wolfs already inside.

He growls and bites,
Eyes full of hatred and spite,
He goes for the pounce.

Silent screams, watching him devour,
Silent screams while he shows his power.

The blood on his paws,
Blood on his teeth,
All we know is the wolf HAS to eat.
Yuri Apr 25
I wiped my mother’s tears, pooling down her cheeks.
“Please” she begged,
“Don’t let any man do to you what he does to me”

I could try not to cry back as I held her tight,
Promised her it’d be okay even if just for the night.

“I won’t” I managed to weep,
It didn’t matter cause she was in deep sleep.
As I listen to her heart pounding weakly,
I vow to never let anyone keep me.
Yuri Apr 23
The dread wraps around me,
Squeezing tight.
What is beyond my sight?

What am I missing,
What isn’t clear?
What is he hiding,
What are you hiding my dear?

Do I wanna know?
Would I rather live in denial?
Would I really like to see?
When I do I’ll be erasing what our future might be.
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