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Yung Wifey May 2018
If he says he's not sure, take that personal with every being
He is not sure about you, he doesn't want to choose you
The only reason he is not letting you go is because he is selfish

You are the stars around the moon
You will sparkle from a long distance away
Your presence is always so peaceful and endearing
It makes a difference with and without you

Just because he is not ready for you
It does not mean you stop shining
It does not mean the whole world won't stop staring at you in awee
It does not mean you aren't the most beautiful thing

You are hurting
But extraordinary things heal
By themselves or with the help of others, they heal regardless
Do not worry, you will heal and
See the light

You are Extraordinary

Just everything you need to be.
Everything you need to be for yourself.
Some rough writing after a very long time..
Aug 2017 · 419
The Truth about Heartbreak
Yung Wifey Aug 2017
No matter how many times you go through it, it doesn't get easier.
It hurts the same each and every time
Nov 2016 · 737
Heartbreak Series #1
Yung Wifey Nov 2016
“I feel like someone after a deluge being asked to describe the way it was before the flood while I’m still plucking seaweed out of my hair.” —

Norman Rush
Yung Wifey Oct 2016
We can't be together
But I love him

And the worst part is
He loves me too
Jun 2016 · 412
J10 - 1:23am
Yung Wifey Jun 2016
i love you
no you ******* don't
yes i do what the ****
why the **** do you fight me all the time then
because i love you you ******* *******. why the **** did i marry you? you stay at home and do nothing, living off my wealth. this is my house. this is my car. don't ******* touch it. you brainwashed our kids to make me seem like the bad guy
shut the **** up, you did that to yourself. i ******* go to work and do all the **** in the house. all the ******* talk is about your ******* money. i dont want your ******* money. keep your money. i just want to be happy.
where the ******* going to go? to your other man?
******* i don't do that **** like you do, you cheater.
shut the **** up and act like a woman before i hit you.
what the ******* going to do? hit me. hit me. hit me.

I'm sorry baby please, it was the drinks in me talking
leave me alone
***** get the **** up, you don't do **** for me
Jun 2016 · 336
5 min writing
Yung Wifey Jun 2016
I think in the end, nothing matters
Nothing else matters except who loves you and is there for you
You can have arguments and disagreements through out your whole life
But that doesn't take away from the fact that at the end of the day, that person wouldn't just drop everything and come to you if you were in danger

When you hear something happened to your loved one, time stops
Nothing else in the world matters to you except the well being of that person
And it's crazy right
How humans are so selfish yet selfless
Humans were designed to survive in any means possible, to eat, to sleep, to grow

But that goes out the window when someone you love is hurt
You don't eat, you don't sleep
You're like a zombie
You would do everything to be with that person
Apr 2016 · 357
Doomed Love
Yung Wifey Apr 2016
I love you sea level
and I don't mean surface level
I mean I love you as deep as the ocean
but you only see what's on top
and you are blind to how I really feel
then again, if you felt what I feel, you would drown
Apr 2016 · 665
Yung Wifey Apr 2016
I am so filled with passion and love
sometimes, I forget that not everyone is like that
I just want to love him and love him some more
but you cannot love someone who doesn't want to be loved
at least the way I love
Apr 2016 · 472
First Heartbreak: Myself
Yung Wifey Apr 2016
I am always writing about heartbreak, loneliness, and sadness that some boy has dawned upon me.
But lately, I've been feeling like
I had broken my heart long before any boy had the chance to.

When I feel the loneliness peak from the crevices of my heart,
I can't seem to find an explanation as to why
Other than, I feel like utter **** and I can't blame anyone else.

I love myself.. at least I think I do.
I am confident in who I am.
Yet again, I chase the boys who I know will hurt me in the end and long for the ones that don't give me the time of day.
I cry for people that are not worth my tears and write about people who don't think twice about me.

Why do I keep hurting myself?
I keep breaking my own heart again and again.
At the end, all I have is me, myself, and I.
If I keep breaking my own heart, who will be there to tell me it's okay when I'm wrapped up in my blankets crying my eyes? (the kind of crying where you can't breathe and it's a constant battle of letting everything go and calming yourself down)

I need to love myself profoundly and fiercely before I let another boy in.
Because when he leaves, I can pick myself up because I know he is not worth it.
Because for once, I love MYSELF more than I love him.
Hi everyone, this poem is not meant to please anyone and I don't consider this a beautiful piece of art. But it's what I'm feeling right now. There is barely any flow to this, but to be honest, these are just a bunch of thoughts narrowed down. Thank you for reading.
Mar 2016 · 467
Yung Wifey Mar 2016
Right when you feel like you've got things figured out
Life twists and turns and
Leaves you in a rut

I thought I finally found someone that keeps me sane
I thought he was good for me, he doesn't take me on a roller coaster and doesn't let me go to sleep mad
I wanted this so bad and I finally thought I found it

But now I'm sitting here, crying my eyes out
Listening to sad love songs, wondering why I always **** everything up

I have an exam tomorrow but all I can think about is him
and it's ******* me up
I can't think straight

I can't even see straight

People can switch up on you real quick, blind-sighting you
Leaving you ****** up
Love yourself and always put yourself first

Because it's true that people are temporary
But so are your feelings
This will pass, but protect yourself baby
Know your worth
Know yourself
Feb 2016 · 819
Fire and Water
Yung Wifey Feb 2016
I am an Aries.
You are a Pisces.

I am represented by fire.
You are represented by water.

I should have known that you would dampen my spark.
Feb 2016 · 787
54 strangers around me
Yung Wifey Feb 2016
exactly 54 strangers around me
I counted
and you're still all I seem to think about

I have two word documents open
one about lack of youth voting in politics
and the other about Indigenous people and self government
I also have a Youtube tab open playing "Stay" by Rihanna

my mind is flustered
my heart hurts
I want to cry but I can't

I sit here and think about why you affect me the way you do
I'm almost 100% sure that you're doing just fine
yet here i am, emotionally distressed

your words **** me
but so does your silence
I feel like I can never win with you

I'm truly at a loss for words
because I have come to my senses
I have realized that we are completely two different people

how we talk is not the same
how we show affection is not the same
how we love is not the same

I want it to work so badly between us
but maybe that's the problem
that I want it so bad
and you don't want it eqaully

It *****
but it's the truth
and I'm just going to have to accept it and move on
I'm at school right now, but I can't seem to concentrate.
Feb 2016 · 325
Yung Wifey Feb 2016
being with someone who isn't affectionate is emotional suicide
Jan 2016 · 1.2k
It's your turn..
Yung Wifey Jan 2016
when you left me
I felt lost
I drove myself crazy
I called you 27 times consecutively knowing that each time you were going to send me to voicemail
I had to move on by myself
with no closure at all
It hurt every single day
there was not a night that would go by that I wouldn't think about you and just cry
for a very long time, it was that way
then I finally found a light
I wasn't sad anymore
at least not over you

but now you're back
saying sorry
"sorry I made you fall with no intention of catching you.."
but what am I suppose to say?
It's okay?
Because it is not okay
you made me sad for a very long time

I did think about you from time to time
but those days are over
now it's your turn

It's your turn to cry
Dec 2015 · 638
Yung Wifey Dec 2015
you tell him you love him

he changes the topic
Dec 2015 · 671
Red Flags
Yung Wifey Dec 2015
when everything is amazing in the beginning
when you get giddy fast
when it feels too good to be true
that's when you **run
Dec 2015 · 1.2k
After he cums...
Yung Wifey Dec 2015
after he ****, he asks me what time my curfew is
I told him it doesn't matter

after he ****, he says he's tired
so I don't talk

after he ****, he doesn't look at me the way he did in the beginning
I turn around and look outside the window

after he **** he doesn't want to touch me anymore
I keep my hands to myself

after he ****, he wants to go home
but I want to lay on his chest
Oct 2015 · 320
Oct 19, 2015
Yung Wifey Oct 2015
It wasn't love
But it was enough to make my hairs to stand up on my back
It was enough to change my sleep patterns
It was enough to make me eat more, eat less, and sometimes not even eat at all

It wasn't love
But it was enough to cry myself to sleep
It was enough for me to beg and beg for you to come back

People may say that I'm being desperate but I lov- wait
I don't love you
I am very vulnerable
It wasn't love
My mother loves me and I never feel this way

It was a type of lust that was unrequited
It wasn't love
But it was something that ironically made me feel alive and dead simultaneously
Sep 2015 · 850
It Still Stings
Yung Wifey Sep 2015
I cannot wait for the day
when I come across a picture of you..
when I hear your name..
when I think about you..
feel absolutely nothing
Aug 2015 · 1.8k
Yung Wifey Aug 2015
you were my whole ******* ocean
but you only loved me in waves
Aug 2015 · 628
Yung Wifey Aug 2015
you are my light
but I am my darkness
and without my darkness, I wouldn't have been able to see you
you are important but so am I
we are equal, we are one
Aug 2015 · 666
Yung Wifey Aug 2015
I am stuck in the illusionary world of lust
I don't know what love is
I'm scared I never will
Aug 2015 · 675
If I Knew
Yung Wifey Aug 2015
If I knew that was our last moment, I would have told you how safe I feel around you, how I'm my best self when I'm with you

If I knew that was our last moment, I wouldn't have gotten mad at you for having to leave me early

If I knew that was our last moment, I would have cuddled you until I could feel your heartbeat against my chest

If I knew that was our last moment, I would have kissed you goodbye and a 101 more times after that

If I knew that was our last moment, I would have told you that I miss you every single second that I'm not with you

If I knew that was our last moment, I would have tried to convince you that I'm worth it

But I guess if didn't see my value in the moment you left me, you will never see my value
and I hate myself every time I think even for a second that I'm not worth it
That I don't deserve it all
Because I do
I deserve it all and more

I like you and I miss you so much
But sometimes, that's not enough
even if you feel the same way

I know what I demand and I'm sorry you couldn't be that

I will always miss you
as you were my greatest admiration and my most distressful loss
Aug 2015 · 549
Yung Wifey Aug 2015
He will not stay
He cannot stay
Even just for you
Aug 2015 · 3.3k
Lust VS Reality
Yung Wifey Aug 2015
When you are feeling sad and lonely, seeking security,
Lust comes by and gives you a little taste of beautiful gifts
and it says to you,
"Come to me and I will make you feel warm and secure. I will insert butterflies into your stomach. You will smile for no reason and be happy all the time. You won't be able to sleep all night, but when you finally fall asleep, you will fall asleep happy."
You are overjoyed at what lust has to offer, and jump up and down in excitement as a little child would on Christmas Eve.
Suddenly you feel a little tug at your waist from behind.. It's Reality
You turn around and you ask Reality
"May I please go with Lust?"
Reality says with a smile on its face,
"Go on, have fun. But please be careful. Just know that I will always be here waiting for you at the end."
You think to yourself, what does Reality even mean?
You don't need it anymore.. you have Lust now
You're way too excited to embark on this new journey with Lust so you forget all about what Reality had to say

For a while, being with Lust is great
It gave you all the things that it said it would
You finally feel like you're happy and nothing could change that
Right at that moment when you felt like you were secure
Suddenly, things turned evil
Lust is not what you thought it was.
Lust was just a big tactic to take you away from you
Lust was an offering, a sacrifice, to lose your state of mind and routine of everyday life

The inevitable happens and
Just like that,
Lust leaves you

You cry helplessly
You get on your knees and beg lust to stay
That you will do anything, give it anything at all
Just for Lust to stay

But when Lust came to you, it didn't tell you one very important thing
Lust is a *****
Lust was not built for relationships
Lust cannot and will not stay
For anybody

Sure enough, Reality is there
It was waiting for you to come back
Beside Reality stands Life
You confront Reality and say that you're sorry for leaving
Life overhears your cry and says,
"Don't worry moon child, you will get over this because you are a strong individual. You were built for this. You were meant to be on this Earth to make mistakes and learn from them, and grow as a person. You were meant to feel happiness just as you were meant to feel sadness. This is a beautiful cycle. You will be okay again. Please remember to not forget to enjoy this journey. I love you."

© yungwifey
Hi everyone! This is a short story I just wrote about Lust and Reality. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. **
Jul 2015 · 447
Your Loss x
Yung Wifey Jul 2015
Yesterday you left me
But ironically I felt nothing

I never wanted to betray you, I wanted to support you in everything that you did
But at that moment, I felt as if you made a mistake I couldn't account for

For the first time in a long time
I felt like it was your loss, rather than mine
Jul 2015 · 578
April 24, 2015
Yung Wifey Jul 2015
what do you do when he gets what he wants
and just leaves you hanging
he doesn't text you back or anything
he just takes a part of you and leaves with it
you feel empty
you want it back
a part of you wishes it never even happened
Jul 2015 · 513
Yung Wifey Jul 2015
There is not a day that goes by where I don't think about you
I miss you all the time
But if I were to miss something more than you, it's myself
I miss myself

I lost myself somewhere in you
I didn't notice because it all happened so fast
I was enjoying the ride
Because what I felt for you was electric

However, with anything in life, everything must come to an end

Maybe I thought we had more time, that the end wasn't so near
Maybe I thought we were different, that we could show them that there doesn't have to be an end to something that's real...
Silly me, if it were to be real, then there would always be an awaiting deadline

Maybe I thought it was us against the world
But one thing I know for sure
When there are two lovers against the world,
The world will always wins

You are my greatest loss and my deepest wound
Jul 2015 · 1.1k
Daunting Daydream
Yung Wifey Jul 2015
If I close my eyes and cry hard enough
I can feel your lips almost touching mine
Your soft, flesh-filled, luscious lips...
It reminds me of the time I used to take my finger and gently trace over the outer-lining of your lips
I've never wanted to kiss someone so badly

Then a force just violently pulls me at my spine and I am flustered
I open my eyes
I'm back to reality
I've realized I cried myself dry

I stay still and just stare into the ground
Only the thoughts of you remain now
Jul 2015 · 584
Jul 2015 · 577
Yung Wifey Jul 2015
I told him I wanted to see him
He told me he was broke and couldn't take me out
I told him I didn't want his money, I just want to spend time with him
He told me he was too busy

I stayed quiet.
Jul 2015 · 299
I always feel more
Yung Wifey Jul 2015
We rushed into it a little too quick
We felt things we weren't supposed so
or at least I did

But it all happened so quick
I don't even know what to make of it
What were we?

One of us felt a little more than the other
and it was cursed from then on
Jul 2015 · 675
10 missed calls
Yung Wifey Jul 2015
They say vulnerability is power
They say that vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, and joy
So tell me please
Why do I feel so empty after I shower my affection to him?

I shove over my pride and call him to tell him I miss him
but he just looks at his phone and presses ignore

I tell him to call me when he gets home from a drunken night
And I wait and wait for that call until 4am
But he just goes straight to sleep, not even giving second thought about whether or not he should even text me

It's his birthday and I want to know how it's going so far
So I call him
And he just lets the phone ring

Do not let people tell you that vulnerability is power unless that person feels the same way you do about them
Because being vulnerable with the wrong person will destroy you mentally and emotionally

10 missed calls from me to him is what it took for me to realize that this whole thing was doomed from the start
Don't take these words lightly..I really mean it. Unpolished writing.
Jul 2015 · 608
I think..
Yung Wifey Jul 2015
I think
I get so scared of people leaving me
so I **** everything up before something even becomes of it
I get defensive
I get vulnerable
and I scare them off

I think
I wasn't built out for a relationship
because I am confident and I do love myself
somehow I can't keep any potential great relationship going

I think
no one can love me the way I want them to
the way I would love them
because they don't understand me
they don't absorb how my mind and spirits play, sometimes together
they don't realize how far my thoughts can go

I think
at the end of the day
we all just want someone to be obbessed with us as we are with them
Raw piece.
Jul 2015 · 1.1k
Yung Wifey Jul 2015
Sometimes he's not the one you are looking for,
but he is right there in front of you
It's not that he's incomparable but you have no one to compare him to
It's not that he makes you feel you're the only one on Earth but he's nice and once in a while, he gives you a compliment you think about all day and night
It's not that he's funny enough to do stand up comedy, yet he still makes you laugh with his corny jokes and stupidity
He's not the best looking guy out there but he makes you wonder whether looks even matter
It's not that he is your soulmate, but he's there when you need him

Slowly but surely, all these factors add up
and you start to fall for him

You find yourself falling in love with average
Falling in love with average doesn't mean you won't have an extraordinary love.
Jun 2015 · 461
Square One
Yung Wifey Jun 2015
after 10 months, I saw you today
I swear when I heard your name, my heart fell into my stomach
and then when I saw you, my stomach was in knots, like how you feel when you're falling in love
you are so beautiful and charming
when I saw you the second time today, you were smiling at me
and I swear to god my knees were weak
I felt like I was falling in love with you all over again

and then reality came crashing down in a split second
I got really sad all of a sudden because I knew
I knew I knew you aren't mine and you'll never be
you are wearing the shirt that your girlfriend got you
you are happy now

we ended off badly but in that moment, everything was perfect
maybe I got too excited over nothing
and that smile didn't mean anything
but the choice of choosing to smile and ignoring me, you chose to smile at me
and even if it meant nothing, thank you
I've missed you and I always will
apart of me will always be waiting for you

all those months of trying to get over you..
I thought I was completely over you
but then
you just came out of nowhere
and suddenly I feel like I'm at square one
This poem is very raw and unedited. I just poured my heart out and held nothing back after a situation that left me sad. Thank you for reading.
Jun 2015 · 385
Departed Letters
Yung Wifey Jun 2015
I should have never let you ******* hold me
When you held me the way you did, I didn't know I wanted it to be held so badly

I should have never let you kiss me
because now that you're not here anymore
I always crave you
whether its 4 in the morning when I can't sleep
or 3pm when I'm with my friends

I should have never listened to you
when you told me about how you are so thankful for me
and that I'm a blessing in your life
because  ever since you left me
I can't stop thinking about what I did wrong
why wasn't I not enough for you?

when I'm at the peak of my happiest moment, I still think about you
******* I still think about you
and wish you were still apart of my life
every single day
Jun 2015 · 576
Yung Wifey Jun 2015
It took me to while to realize that
This too
Is poetry
How I feel is poetry
How I move is poetry
How I breathe is poetry

Everything is poetry
Jun 2015 · 364
Something Real
Yung Wifey Jun 2015
i hate you for what you done to me
i don't want to be fully in it with anybody anymore
it's not that i don't trust them
but i'm so tired
i'm so tired of everything
the dishonesty, the false promises, the disappearance

my head spins when i think about you
my heart hurts when i think about how i'll never be with you again
i lose my breath when i miss you
and i can't                                                 breathe
right                      now

but you don't deserve my patience
you don't deserve my care
you don't deserve my loyalty
you don't deserve me
In one of those..
May 2015 · 496
May 14, 2015
Yung Wifey May 2015
every time I tell myself to breathe
it works for 10 seconds
but then my heart, shrivelled and dry, ironically bleeds
what if I'll forever feel this way? I start to reckon

I feel the anxiety creeping up on me again

what is the maximum threshold?

how much would it take to bend before I break?
Not the best piece, but I just feel a lot of anxiety right now and I needed to vent.
Apr 2015 · 571
Yung Wifey Apr 2015
this is not a poem
but my heart hurts so much
and I'm not sure what to do
Apr 2015 · 854
Yung Wifey Apr 2015
We could have been smart with the plot from the start
Mistakes from the spark..
We knew it wasn't love
Apr 2015 · 1.6k
Yung Wifey Apr 2015
look at the stars
look how they shine for you
Apr 2015 · 862
Drunk Textz
Yung Wifey Apr 2015
I really just want you to tell me you miss me
I want you to tell me that you want me back
Even though you are the one who ****** up

And then I'm going to front like I don't want you anymore
When I do,
I want you to fight for me and tell me how sorry you are
And that we could work out if I just gave you one more chance
I'll give you that chance
Hell, I'll even give you 3 more after that
Because I want us to be something

I want you
I miss you
But I couldn't even get that in a drunk text
But I couldn't even get that in a drunk text
Yung Wifey Apr 2015
No matter how bad we want it to work
Some things just won't work
We are two different people
You can't fit a square in a triangle
Some things don't fit well together
You can't try to force something that is simply not there

Maybe the way we started made it cursed from the start
It should have not only been physical
Because when we both tried to get emotions involved
Both of our energies collided and went awry

But we both wanted each other
We couldn't stay away from each other
We tried to leave
But we always came running back to each other

We knew what he had wasn't healthy
So we finally parted for good

But I still want you
Because with you, I'm in my ******* mind.. without you, I'm out it.
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