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mycah Dec 2020
Never make someone the center of your universe.
For eyes cannot see red flags, when blinded by light.
mycah Dec 2020
I layed myself out bare,
bracing for the sting of another open wound.
You only came with tools to mend,
a needle and thread.
With gentle hands,
you stiched together every hole in my heart with love.
mycah Dec 2020
I look out my window,
and it becomes a mirror.
Warm, humid air rises from my heart ,
and clashes with the cold front of my mind.
Pessimistic thoughts whirl with optimistic feelings.
too heavy.
Condensation harmonizes discordance.
Droplets fall,
releasing unbridled doubt and hope.
Rain cascades
Wind whips.
Thunder crashes.
This storm will clear,
in parallel with my vision.

— The End —