Philippines    Don't you wonder sometimes?
Eric Martin
Alex S
London    Every time I finish a poem, I do a backflip over the moon. Literally. "Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is ...
16/F/hogwarts    she is all soul and vulnerability.
New York City    ~They tried to bury me, but didn't realize I was a seed~ (Mexican Proverb) I enjoy writing poetry and stories in my spare time. Sometimes ...
Mike Hauser
Sunny Florida    Mike enjoys long walks in the park sometimes skipping behind the small furry woodland creatures. Capturing butterflies with soft cotton gloves, painting smiley faces on ...
Manila, PH    If poetry was a course, I'd major in tragedy.
Temporal Fugue
56/M/Austin Tx    A movement, in time. :D
Lunar Love
20    Girl of the Moon. I write to express, not to impress. All works rightfully belong to me unless stated.
Nishu Mathur
46/F/India    An amateur poetess. I love to write and hope others enjoy what I write

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