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We will go over that hill right there,
the one yearning for the sky like the earth took a breath and held it for a million years.
Then down in the valley, just to the left,
we will find a little path,
a dry artery through the lonely trees,
and soon we will burst forth into a little meadow, a perfect circle.
If we squint a little we can see the ghosts
of pagans cavorting around an angry fire and
perhaps we will wish to be wild, free, and dangerous too.
We can sit, if you'd like,
or we can measure the meadow's circumference with careful steps,
we can find the very center and stand terribly close,
or we can each choose a side and negotiate a truce.
Perhaps I will take your hand.
Perhaps we will share a kiss.
But we will always feel that aching distance between us
that even perfect meadows cannot fill.
Someone sees through our mask
And so we reveal everything to them
Only with them are you yourself
Only with them do you let them see underneath
But once they see, they leave
Until another takes their place
Rinse and repeat
 Jul 11 yuki motokane
Lull me to sleep
Make me drowsy
Sedate me
I want to feel my limbs relax
My breaths grow slow and even
Heart rate dropping slightly
Fill my eyelids with lead
Induce a deep slumber
To quiet the noise
The turmoil in my mind
Take from me my consciousness
I desperately need
To rid myself of it
you sat in my pew,
just to hear what I'd say,
you waited in rain,
but you stayed, all the same.
i told you goodnight,
knew you wouldn't believe,
then you walked out the door,
carved initials in trees.
we made our way home,
but i wasn't myself,
and you asked me what's wrong,
to the ground, then i fell.
i woke to your hand,
you are all that i need,
if you left, then I'd leave,
you're the best thing I've seen.
 Jul 11 yuki motokane
I'm empty
Like the house you lived your whole life in is empty
When the last moving box is gone
And all the memories will just be in the back of your head, until they as well are gone
I'm empty
Like a new house in a new city
When everything is unpacked and moving boxes are laying everywhere, empty
The house is full of furniture, but it's still empty
All your thoughts and memories are left behind
Like the Polaroid of your deceased dog that you had hidden under the staircase
That is now forgotten 145 miles away
I'm empty
Like a school in July
I'm empty
Like the streets of a ghost town
I'm empty
Like my mind on Prozac
This feeling of emptiness is by far the worst feeling I've ever had
Because at least when I was sad, I was sad
I still had something that made me feel alive, here, breathing
Not just existing
I miss the sadness, the raw reality of being alive
Because now, all I am
Is empty
Faith is opening the door for someone
and letting them inside—
time and time again, even when it hurts.

Faith is telling someone
when they are wrong,
but then supporting their decision anyway.

Have that in you if you have that faith,
you can do everything,
With faith, we have a reason to smile

It’s all the while and every while Faith
Is a source of hope and happiness
It stays with the power of prayer Keep the faith!

Faith stays the same,
whether someone wins, losses or draws.

Faith is the courage
to stay by someone’s side,
even when everyone else has run.

Faith is losing everything,
except for that which you hold most dear.

Faith is believing,
it’s faith in another human
and there is nothing more risky
and there is nothing more worthwhile.

Faith is the big thing
that aches the most.
Poetry has an important connection between heart, soul and mind.But the connection that interests me most is emotion itself. I try to  write carefully, constructed description and consideration, unfolding as measurably and quietly described.
 Jul 11 yuki motokane
Maybe he was right...

Put on a fake smile everyday
My soul feels broken
Heavy with the burden of this weight

Unsettled now in my heart
Cruel words and cruel intentions
An addiction keeps us apart

Not sad, just angry now
But no one knows me
They all believe the facade somehow

I just don’t understand
You’ve been so mean
All the while I held your hand

...there must be something wrong with me
wednesday, i stopped,
threw the rain to the shore,
didn't care for the pain,
cause i loved your face more.
if you see me in pieces,
they're all things i adore,
if this pain was a prison,
you're an unlocked door.
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