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Endowed with divinity
These feminine beauties
adorned with a ring on the nose
and vermilion between the eyebrows
descend in the dead woods
Half alive but not profuse.

Their enamoring voice sings
the song of sowing seeds,
Their divine dance
invigorates the dead leaves
with rumbling anklets in their feet.

They are the Angels of the East!
If they feel the beast veiled in the vile eyes,
their ferocity can pierce deep
and leave no mark of cunning guile;
if the heart reverberates
with the rhythm of love
they give the company
of an eternal mile.
If we access the feminine qualities within, it will balance the predominantly masculine world as we know it today.
Feminine qualities: Love, compassion, devotion, etc.
Masculine qualities: Logic, conquest, survival instincts, etc.
The smoky scent of the fire shivers
the faint-hearted
when they smell the embers
of the burning bone coal.

The unwavering commitment
to stick to the vows
made in Extreme emotion or
in the fervor of devotion
will begin breaking down the flesh and bone
of earth and water
into the fire of TRUE disintegration;
Commitment well integrated in
thought, action, and emotion
drives the fire set in intense action.

If one walks the path without any distraction
it will lead to the liberating
Astounding flashes of the fireflies
During the midnight at the riversides
When the moon is full and bright
What an enchanting view that delights-
The feeble mind and the faint heart;
While the river not so deep in height
Burbles in the calmness of the woods
during the dark and bright night.

Such is the magnificence of nature's sight
Only those who are not scared of other lives
Can pass through those darkest thickets
of lives that thrive and strive.

Oh, Mankind! In all their civilized and safe
Flights of life
Find miseries that multiply in the
Fearful mind
A glimpse of a beautiful experience that I had in the woods of McMinnville
Beware the Quiet Ones.

The Quiet Ones are the Thinkers
The Quiet Ones are the Dreamers
They’re the heart seekers, thrill lovers, and love givers
They’re the heart breakers, story makers, and life changers
The best heroes, the worst villains, the most notorious saints and sinners
Their hearts and minds are largest of all (But they’ll never control them)

Beware the Quiet Ones, because it’s Always the Quiet Ones.

The Quiet Ones will always listen, even when you won’t do the same
They’ll break your comfort zone, just to make you comfortable
They’ll never ask for favors or a shoulder to cry on
But they will always be there, hanging on every word and tear
They’ll sell their souls to save yours, sacrifice their minds to break yours
They’re the strongest, and the most broken.

The Quiet Ones don’t like to harm you, because they know too well how it feels... but don’t you hurt them.
They’ll always forgive and never forget, and they know how to aim for the heart
All they know is the past, and vengeance is their greatest weapon.
That’s why it’s always the Quiet Ones.
Whether the key to your heart or your greatest fear? The Quiet Ones will find it – Beware the Quiet Ones.

The Quiet Ones are the first to stand up, and the last to point the finger
They’ll stand up for anything, because they have nothing to lose.
They are the champions of love and hate, and if you hate to love them, or love to hate them?
That was their plan all along.
Your deepest plots or darkest secrets? The Quiet Ones knew all along. They’re four steps ahead of you – Beware the Quiet Ones.

They’ll never put you down, but believe they know how, because the Quiet Ones see EVERYTHING
They know what you did, they heard what you said - they were there
Their depth knows no end, yet they’re so empty inside

Their curses bring power, their strengths bring weaknesses
They’ll control you, even when they can’t control themselves
That’s why it’s always the Quiet Ones

Beware the Quiet Ones.
Kyle D.
The path that leads to the unknown
With no assurance of light,
Where the darkness dominates,
Will never allow the logical sight to see
the dualities of light and dark

But one who knows the wiles of darning the Dual
Can embrace the darkness in the depth
Unveiling the Divine Dance that
Dissolves the distinction between light and dark

Only in Madness or Devotion
One can jump into a Dark Abyss
When the concern of success and failure dissolves, the madness of doing something that really matters arises.
क्या योग विद्या में निपुण स्वामी हूँ मैं?
या मात्र रौद्र भैरवी का पुजारी हूँ मैं?
क्रोध इतना कि जैसे मानो इसकी अग्नि में
भस्म करने की शक्ति हो।
शक्ति जो आदि-पराशक्ति की कृपा में लिप्त है
जैसे स्वयं कल्पवृक्ष है
पर क्यूँ इतनी अनियंत्रित है?

इस समाज के आडम्बर की समझ है ही नहीं मुझमें
पर फिर भी निर्भीक हूँ मैं
निर्भीक इतना कि मृत्यु पर भी नृत्य की इच्छा प्रबल है
जीवन तो क्षणिक दृश्य है।
क्या शमशान घाट वासी हूँ मैं? या भूतनाथ का पुजारी हूँ ?
शिव का दास हूँ या कृष्ण प्रेमी हूँ मैं?
चाहे जो भी हूँ - मानव या दानव
संकल्प है कि इस जीवन को बाँट दूँगा
स्वयं में शून्य एवं सृष्टि में अनंत होकर
सफलता व असफलता की सीमा को लांघ कर
समाज का ना होकर भी समाज में विलीन होने का लक्ष्य है मेरा
क्या औघड़ अवधानी हूँ मैं ?
What had always been an exchange business
Now turned into a Full Moon’s beam
Gleaming on the faces of all, reposting to glimmer mine.

Things that once were precious to me
had imbued me with self-esteem and
heaped in the hope of happiness only to get
through my head the futility of sipping from
a cup containing capricious juice of joy.

How relaxing and joyous is the way of
giving away the adored agglomeration!
Just as a flower blossom when it gives off
its nectar for a bumblebee to slurp and survive

How did this ecstasy of altruism seep in?
Maybe I became receptive to the wind of
Grace that always knocks at the doors
of deaf, dumb, and blind - blowing away
the boundaries of the self and the heart that
I knew in illusion -
As if everyone and everything is mine
And I dissolve my very being into them.

🥰 भैरवी जय भैरवी 🥰
When the wish is to become 'Shoonya' so that nothing of self remains, Joy is just one more consequence.
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