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Wally Oct 30
The brown leaves crisp and sharp, ready to break at any given moment. When the granite lion falls - a rock. When in truth, it is the latter that kills you. The second you meet.

I’ve kept you in my mind, in my lungs. Helplessly trying to figure out is it you or me that’s right. Your words sharp as knives, winding me into a monster at the tip of your tongue. Then realizing the irony in believing that I had become your words. It was you - a stony ledge - the ebbing and flowing of the tide.
Oct 18 · 19
Wally Oct 18
My fists are clenched at my sides
As I stand in this gospel house of mine
Tears are falling; anger is fueling

My mother at me with a burnmark
When all I want is to help her
To help us
To change things
But that won’t happen

Being overridden constantly
I feel worthless, indesirable
In attempt to believe me
By my mother’s lies

Her mouth is the bullet
I am her target
I’ve been crying out loud
When they all given up
Just for her
“To not make her mad”
“She’s an adult”
That’s all they care about

All I’ve got are burnt books
To keep the words alive in me
I know the eight year old in me
Will appreciate it
In my attempt to make up
For what happened to her

She’s the one that wrecked this family
She’s the one who made my Dad hurt
She’s the one who made us suffering

To get help
In all audity of her.
Sep 21 · 155
Primrose Cheeks
Wally Sep 21
It just feels so good to be bad with you
Wally Aug 27
Warm cookies and cold milk
Lollipops and Dr. Seuss books
Fingerprinting and playing outside
Taking naps for our little souls
The question "Why?"
Jul 30 · 205
He Is Honey,
Wally Jul 30
Feathered lavender clouds
Bristling against our milk tea
Half past eight in the evening
Cinnamon swirls set in your eyes
Honey familiar in the hues of your skin
Decanting in traces, in silhouettes
Walks in sunsets, sunrises
Hands murmuring in breaths
Curled in our well-worn oak bench
Hearts syncing in another
Our language,
Your love,
My heart,
Our fruition.
So, so softly in your love.
Jul 10 · 591
Wally Jul 10
What a voice
An adoring grin
Like cotton tucked into linen
Warm hazel eyes
Welcoming sunsets in
A laugh
Like blooming jasmine
From October’s touch
To March’s kiss
A touch
Of drizzled honey
Warmth by a cup to sip
A smile
Like a spoonful of peanut butter
Grasped by the hands of a child
Messy and soft
To pull me in by the waist
Soothing and pure cheer
In your love.
                  Sincerely, B.
A pillow's kiss.
Jun 30 · 212
Wally Jun 30
Glass shattering against the wall
Words breaking most of them all
Adrenaline taking a free fall
I feel like I’m going crazy
From being stacked between them all
How did I manage to slip in this drastic?
Your soul is stale, the lines let me in
I can see them all
Where are you?
Was it you who let me in?
My heart caving in as a trapped animal
Two hearts will collide
Souls will spill apart
Stardust will release us all.
Jun 30 · 331
Black and White Pattern
Wally Jun 30
Your heart, my heart, your heart, my broken heart.
Jun 30 · 251
Collateral Damage
Wally Jun 30
My heart outstretches left, a polar opposite of dark force. Stuck in between there sits you and me crushed between the magnetic waves.
Jun 19 · 416
Vanilla Baby
Wally Jun 19
Porcelain skin
Wide-eyed baby
Midst of ocean waves
Steady hands
Steady feet
Tears dripping
Day by day
Writing of blues and reds
I have a garden sitting full of
Mint and Thyme
Forsaying a broken heart of mine
Hemmingway, Tolkein, Fitzgerald
Reposed on woven iron shelves
Keeping me distracted time after time
It doesn’t help wondrous memories
Of the fireworks exploding
Us sneaking away on bikes
My hands wrapped around your neck
Slipping away into the tenebrous night
You sit on my skin
Sun squares tracing down hardwood floors
The coffee *** murmuring with Chet Baker
How can I be?
As I pour in your creamer,
Vanilla Baby.
I finally feel so good, with my writing. I love falling back into this.
Jun 13 · 139
Wally Jun 13
Hello, anyone out there?
May 24 · 575
Wally May 24
But you're too quiet to be one.
In elementary school, I was overall a quiet child but meanwhile my friends wanted to do the school talent show. I chose to be the monster who screamed and jumped out of the blanket multiple times but they said I was too quiet. Therefore, I ended up not doing it. I fairly regret this now.
May 19 · 125
Wally May 19
Welling of a scream in me!
Needing to create, oh I plead!
Compression crying of my chest
Let me be free!
Can you not see?
This is slowly killing me!
Apr 22 · 666
Wally Apr 22
Sitting criss-cross applesauce
Behind over-grown oak trees in a pit of paracosm
Bedraggled from a rigid world, masks of ceramic reticence
Enduring the fever of love quickly maddening of sweet soundings
Running elsewhere unable to hear the ringing of her innocent world
Gaping a red apple of hand, acrimony dripping below cadaverous lips
Nirvana expeditiously slipping oppositional of an hourglass
A shine of twilight by a black coat flashed above her eyes
Captured in a strained love of delirium
Apr 20 · 65
Wally Apr 20
I really just want to bleed and scream my ******* head off out of compression of mine.
Apr 20 · 122
This is hard
Wally Apr 20
Barred teeth beneath the skin
Agony churning aflame inside
Sneaking up on you, slipping downslide
Boiled in butter, you taste so bitter
Curled in covers, hazy moonshine
Revolted to the opposite side
The treacliest irreconcilable of mine
Breadth tieing the knot between you & I
Apr 7 · 57
Sweet Sycamore Tree
Wally Apr 7
In the subtle sweetness of spring
Where sweet sycamore trees dance by wind
Us unwinding into the feathery grass
Its waves tickling our skin.
Hues of greens enlightening our eyes
Leaves dwindling down
Entangling with your tousled hair.
The branches caving over you
Letting warm light pour in
Painting shadows across your body
Your arms draped across your ribcage
I so badly wanted to kiss you here
Mar 31 · 70
Car Rides
Wally Mar 31
Remember when you thought the moon was following you home?
Mar 28 · 85
Wally Mar 28
What allegory are you trying to convey to me?
Mar 16 · 131
Writer's Block
Wally Mar 16
You can write you can write  you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write I can’t write  you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write you can write
Mar 9 · 217
Wally Mar 9
I’m craving blood beyond bones, vessels beyond skin, universes beyond soul, self beyond worlds...
Only if I can find ingredients
Mar 5 · 259
Big Bang
Mar 1 · 57
Wally Mar 1
Who knew to be in love so young
Would leave me against empty silent nights
With strangers voices inside my soul
They would tell me what to do
I, of course, would follow through
All I wanted was you
Dressed in ***** bed sheets
All ready for you
Bruises and scabs
Brushed upon ***** skin
I hope it’s pretty enough for you
Feb 15 · 442
Simple Place
Dec 2018 · 586
Out of my head
Wally Dec 2018
I see you staring at me from up there
A pair of silvery green eyes following me everywhere
My mom tells me you’re not real
That I just need tell you to get out of here

Your voice in my paralytic dreams
My veins filling with adrenaline
Leaving the emptiness with screams

Get out of my head
Get out of my head
Get out of my head

Rumbling underneath my skin
A pair of pale hands slip out of my throat
Gripping onto a latched door that leads down below
I run against you an numerous amount of times to be set free
But how would I know for sure that I am free
If I mistake my imagination for reality?
Dec 2018 · 299
Wally Dec 2018
Depression is a prisoner,
the sentences are never-ending.
Nov 2018 · 340
Wally Nov 2018
Blonde curls spilling over your head
Magic sparkling through your eyes
A smile of purity
Nov 2018 · 84
Wally Nov 2018
The ocean brought her in
Over and over

Her soul fierce and bold
Screaming for how to be told

Her heart pounding
Deep deep down
Veins feeling

Her room dark and cold
The only place she goes
For her feelings or so

Moon and stars
50 degrees
Empty rooftop
There she stands
Questioning if there’s a plan
Bare empty hands

Music playing slowly
Books on the floor
There she lays
Will there ever come to a time to run away?

Hot water coming down
Eucalypts running up her veins
There she sits
                                                      ­                Take me to another world away.

                                        For to make plans.

To find myself another way.

                                                       Instead of hiding away.
Sep 2018 · 533
Wally Sep 2018
Tender eyes
Bare skin
Fire blazing
Ocean kisses
Soft touches
Electric air
***** whispers
Moans rising
Sep 2018 · 574
Wally Sep 2018
I stare into your eyes
As you wrap kisses around my neck
My hands wrapped around your back
Wet tongue running along your waist
Your hands running through my hair
As your moans light up this candlelit air
Your breaths, my body
My whispers, your goosebumps
Oh god
We’re really here
My moans pressed against your ear
I want us to stay right here
I love you.
Sep 2018 · 471
Wally Sep 2018
The moans are taking the course
Fire blazing in the air
My tongue running it’s usual course
Going up and down your neck dreadfully
S     L        O        W
Just us raw and bare
Oh dear
These red velvet sheets with your body in place
Too much is taking place
I can’t take it
No more waiting
Your sultry breath against my neck
My lips pressed against yours
Your hand between my thighs
Please can we just get there
My hunger is swallowing this sultry air
I need more
I want more
I’m all yours
Sep 2018 · 379
Stomach Ache
Wally Sep 2018
I swallow people whole
All swarming around this hole
They're starting to take control
Sep 2018 · 98
Wally Sep 2018
You are red
I am blue
You still have no clue
Aug 2018 · 799
Tape 01
Wally Aug 2018
The thoughts of you strike me as a match
Your haunting face striking up as fiery flames
Your eyes
Saccharine and powerful
Make me want to linger for a while
Your face is taking me out of place
We have been chasing each other throughout the night
Let me remove all your ***** clothes
I want you to slip into bed
My sheets are yelling they’ve been playing the safety matches for awhile
Both your hands
Rip them apart at my waist
We begin to arch into a wildfire
The very thought of you makes me want to tear you apart
Your warm breath trickling down my neck
Are lighting up my moans
As I watch your face
I run my fingertips along your waist
My lips lingering along tasting your sultry skin
I want you to eat me up
Raw and bare
Against your cigarette smoke
Oh god
This is getting hard to bear
Aug 2018 · 3.5k
Wally Aug 2018
I’m tired of you lingering all over
I want to feel you beyond etched into my skin
Our bodies crashing into each other
Fire poring out impulsive thoughts
Your rhythm has become haunting
Showing up everywhere but dare to come near
I’m thirsty for an apocalypse
The moon has poured in cleansing the smokey air
Leaning over into my ear you begin to stimulate me
As you whisper how should I serve my dear?
Come closer
Sit down and undress me
No music
No clothes
No candles
Just us raw and bare
I'll carve myself into you with my tongue
Long and sultry
I love to see you for when it gets too hard to bear
Making you say oh dear
Your leftover cigarette smoke is making me hungry for your lips
My lips invading into yours
I want more
For you, Mars.
Jul 2018 · 1.1k
Free Dinner
Wally Jul 2018
I let myself onto the table
People feeding off of me
Biting down deep and hard
Not even caring why I have come this far

They want more leftovers
But I am the leftovers from my messes
I have been put into different containers
Spreading myself farther and farther apart
Where were you when I was falling apart?

But you were the one who broke my heart
Another broken heart take some more starving art
You smiled and said “I’m not cruel”
You had me fooled.
Jun 2018 · 390
Wally Jun 2018
people are so many mimes
May 2018 · 271
Wally May 2018
Are you my friend,
Or are you going to turn into my lonely art?
My broken heart is getting tired of feeding off of this art.
May 2018 · 795
Wally May 2018
Stop lingering all over, just come on over
I’ll whisper poems into your neck
Feeling my warm breath trickling along your muscular spine..
We’ll gather all of our essences to become one,
Us on fire along each other’s warm sultry lips.
So deliciously dark, I’ll taste pure love
Twisting and turning all over me.
Blushing along with that devilish charm.,
Our mingled sounds will form a dance into my heart,
I’ll call you mine forever.
I feel that you know me at a intimate depth,
I wonder into your green bold eyes
I see your smirky satisfaction smile.
Gazing at the sight of you, I want to tug you over
As if, you were my comforter - I could never be more warmer.
You are my spreading wildfire
This intimate love is never going to be burnt out
Only into the flames, of our burning heart.
Your deep voice, so sultry like
Has me leaning over
Making me wanting to kiss you over and over.
You can pretend you don’t miss me
I know you want to kiss me
What a shame I’m not there
Now you became aware.
Jan 2018 · 491
Wally Jan 2018
We appeared from out of nowhere
Peel me raw with your voice
I still remember your scent
The red-eyed bunny.
I head towards
The trees
Where we first met.
Our conclaves now, less frequent
Although, I’d never trade them
For anything else.
Words are raining
Down on me
As I, find the best syntax.
You’re the novel
Gathering on my keyboard
As you’re eating the words away,
I’m careless what it says
Just as long it’s out of my head.
            ­           R
It’s 2 years later
Your name stills
Tumbles out of my mouth.
We’ve been having
Deep conversations
Since we were kids.
Memories don’t sink
They float around
Pouring life into me.
I look back at the old pictures & videos
I cogitate of where we were back then
Going back
to a 4 AM call
Where you played Alien for me.
I sway my head
Back and forth
“Bring yourself together”
But I can’t
I only go back to thinking about you.
Thoughts of you surround me
You can be a little bitter
But in
A flicker of light
A vampire lusters through.
You’re the one
I’ve never read aloud
Instead, I’ve kept you in my folders
But your the love
I’ve never stopped growing
While, keeping you from dying.
Some days it would be gray
Bringing me back to that one day,
Where you showed Thunderstruck
To me.
I remember that you
Flopped on the couch next to me
Inches were between our faces
And I swore that you were going to kiss me.
That was the night I went home
With excitement
R u n n i n g
From my head
               To my
You called me a couple months later
4 am was when it ended
You had asked me who I liked
I didn’t say you because I was too shy
You knew anyways.
So, here’s the poem
I wanted to give to you in
But I didn’t have all the words back then.
It’s still subsequent in my mind
That I ran out into the night
With you looking at me
Beneath your black jacket
And the fact, that you haven’t stopped since.
But, now that you’re back
I wonder what I’ll write about next.
~ B.N.

— The End —