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Wally Sep 21
It just feels so good to be bad with you
Wally Aug 27
Warm cookies and cold milk
Lollipops and Dr. Seuss books
Fingerprinting and playing outside
Taking naps for our little souls
The question "Why?"
Wally Jul 30
Feathered lavender clouds
Bristling against our milk tea
Half past eight in the evening
Cinnamon swirls set in your eyes
Honey familiar in the hues of your skin
Decanting in traces, in silhouettes
Walks in sunsets, sunrises
Hands murmuring in breaths
Curled in our well-worn oak bench
Hearts syncing in another
Our language,
Your love,
My heart,
Our fruition.
So, so softly in your love.
Wally Jul 10
What a voice
An adoring grin
Like cotton tucked into linen
Warm hazel eyes
Welcoming sunsets in
A laugh
Like blooming jasmine
From October’s touch
To March’s kiss
A touch
Of drizzled honey
Warmth by a cup to sip
A smile
Like a spoonful of peanut butter
Grasped by the hands of a child
Messy and soft
To pull me in by the waist
Soothing and pure cheer
In your love.
                  Sincerely, B.
A pillow's kiss.
Wally Jun 30
Glass shattering against the wall
Words breaking most of them all
Adrenaline taking a free fall
I feel like I’m going crazy
From being stacked between them all
How did I manage to slip in this drastic?
Your soul is stale, the lines let me in
I can see them all
Where are you?
Was it you who let me in?
My heart caving in as a trapped animal
Two hearts will collide
Souls will spill apart
Stardust will release us all.
Wally Jun 30
Your heart, my heart, your heart, my broken heart.
Wally Jun 30
My heart outstretches left, a polar opposite of dark force. Stuck in between there sits you and me crushed between the magnetic waves.
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