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 Apr 8 Lyn
Jackie White
I love you so much.
You are not alone anymore.
Let me help you fight your demons
 Apr 8 Lyn
 Apr 8 Lyn
There were decades
Where it felt like years
Hours that felt like months
Minutes that felt like days

Each second feeling like
The sun could no longer rise
Where her eyes are lifted up
Rather filled by this twilight

Every morning welcomed
By puffy eyes within her face
No longer cheeky laugh
That happiness looks as

Bit under the weather
Emotions all over the place
Silent in His presence
Tears doing the talking

For the longest time she smiled
Revealing the glimpse of her dimples
As a sound of a victory
Through the storm she made it
 Apr 8 Lyn
Ashly Kocher
Get up and go
Get out of your head
Listen to your heart
You’ve got this my friend
 Nov 2017 Lyn
As I catch my last breath,
I wish to speak my last words.
Taking the opportunity before death
That this message would be heard.

I'm sorry friends families and foes,
My body is like of a decaying rose,
To the one I love, I will miss you the most,
From the day we've met till you gave me my daily dose.

Scurrying away, the life of a diseased one.
Soon enough, I will be a deceased man.
I feel the chill, the Death has come,
And all the pain will soon be gone.

Oh please don't cry, I want you to be happy.
Because someday, somehow you would be able to see me,
Once that day comes, we'll eat, dance and party
But now, smiling is all you can do for me.

As these words' coming to an end, I would say you this.
Don't forget about me, if you please,
But don't weep, be happy and have peace
For that's a dying man's only wish.
I dedicate this to my friend who died because of aneurysm. A loud and happy man whose death is so sudden he doesn't got the chance to say goodbye. For someone who has a dying love one, don't weep. To see you happy is their only wish.
 Jul 2017 Lyn
One thing about the rain
It's not just water nor droplets
But bullets of different emotions
A match stick that burns your soul
In a deep, vague coldness

Some found happiness from it
I once did
And some did find something
They did not want nor expect

But a thing about the rain
You will always find something
It will always give you a thing
Even if you're not aware
And when you're not aware
Let me tell you that it's the rain

A thing about the rain
It's a door that leads to places you once went
It opens widely for a rent
More than being water, it is a memory
Although you cannot tell
If it is the same place
You once longed to be
We cannot say that the door is safe
Nor is it free

Some were trapped
Some managed to escape
Some managed to smile
And I managed to fear
I fear that rain would prolong and
Would bear a fruit
But it didn't
It just plucked up a great root

How wonderful the rain could be
How it crashed to ground a resilient tree
How one could change with a single memory
And how rain triggers my anxiety

— The End —