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Lyn Mar 28
what kind of feeling is this?
strange yet familiar
i want to escape,
yet this feeling
somehow comforting,
is it? or am i used to it?

step by step,
i keep walking forward,
nothing, no one,
but myself.

unending hole,
when will it ends?
where is my sky?
where is my moon?
Lyn Mar 23
On an ordinary day,
when the sun hasn’t even wake up,
I made my way, to greet my favorite flower,
a strong, and a beautiful kind,
staring at her, was my most favorite thing.
Yet, on that ordinary day,
The unexpected, strong wind came,
He took her, petals by petals,
and left me with none.
Lyn Feb 8
Unsaid feelings filled
His heart,
It overflowed, yet
He continues to
Tidy it up,
And let his soul,
Warmth by tears.
Sometimes we find it difficult to be open about our feelings and emotions, we keep them deep down in our heart, hoping that someday they fade away and disappear, but they sit still waiting for us to free them, and at the end of the day, the warm tears finally free them.
Lyn Jan 26
feels strange,
as if it was stored somewhere,
as if, it was things
that I can hold,
but, I,
lost it,
the memories,
thought I can hold it
yet, I lost it
it walks away,
followed you,
Lyn Jan 12
When it hits like a storm,
eat the mind like a starving man,
left the landlord desolated.
Lyn Jan 12
Line by line,
Stroke by stroke,
Pour in emotions,
Oh, beautiful,
A living art.
Lyn Aug 2021
She is okay, they believed.
Covered by thorns
That can only be seen
By herself

She is okay, they believed.
Choking up by guilt
To herself that she thought,
She is not enough

She is okay, they believed.
Sleep and waking up late,
Eat too much or not at all,
Being too loud or isolate herself

She is okay, they believed.
She wants to be "they"
She wants to believe it
But she can't.
For anyone that been through something, still going through something, feeling really bad, feeling not okay, feeling messed up... Thank you for still living your life even though it doesn't feel like living. You are doing really great, you are more than enough, you are the main character of your life, believe in yourself, be proud of yourself, because i also proud of you.
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