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Damien Ko Oct 18
I squeeze the sodden rags of my psyche for the last droplets to wet my parched mental
I cast my gaze left and right
frantically searching for the thief of my words
the giggling cackling vicious
snatches thoughts from my cradle
whisking them to never
and my thief her sister
whispers to me that there was nothing stolen at all
that this absence has always been there
and the many many messengers
had always the wrong addresses
my missives go to nil
they were not packaged and shipped
they were not stolen
they were not

Bo walks with me
his dark eyes hold a spark
the flicker of a candle in a pool of oil
his black gilt cane grasped with a firm jeweled hand
the thief and her sister in the corners of my vision
always so while I turn my head
amidst the deep green wood
where my dear Bo walks beside me
Damien Ko Oct 7
when every thing is beautiful and nothing is
when your mind is pregnant and your tongue is thick
when the water laps laughing
when the thoughts come through like fine threaded guilt aqua regia
when angst sparks his ire and fuels yours
when its only four hours until his flight
when dehydration is your only plight
when pride and wrath and gluttony
when eat, pray, love rear their ugly heads
when the hand of salvation wriggles against you like an eel
when the greed churns upon your skin
boils and bile upchucked within
it turns and turns your sin
within and reviles the ones you want to win
who can't explain the words within
it fires and fires your unholy sin
within within within
Damien Ko Sep 18
i am waiting for someone to come get their clothes from the dryer
i am waiting for the laundry machine to open up
it cycles
and then stops

a daybreak's worth of beeping chirps
i am waiting for someone to come get their clothes from the dryer

as my wet washed clothes begin to get drier
as my patience begins to dry up
i am waiting for the laundry machine to open up
it cycles
and then stops
is there anyone out there
Damien Ko Aug 15
I took my old rickety-rackety down to the 38th annual Jickety Jackety
I glimpsed a flit of Thilts, purring Brazkets in a row
    a couple of Thrice Heim'ed Tippens
        and even one thundering Lugubrious Quandry
but mine was the only rackety that day at the Jickety Jackety

circuited with spection and plick-placked with aghast
did trundle my rickety-rackety with nary a quinkle
    "Welcome to the 38th annual Jickety Jackety", trumpeted the Sonorator
        "we eagerly await the clinking of clonks, the unexpected wabeling, and the ever hazardous finale"
    "a grand spectacle, a cacophonous din,"
    "shall the Jickety Jackety begin!"

a clamor strode through the spectators and washed over the contenders
as tension undid and knotted brows
    stitching and sewing a slurry and tangle

did dribble-thrash the Brazkets at the first note of "-in!"
on surged the Thraggonks not to be out done
        as my rickety-rackety gave a confident thitter-thatter
    and did dance onwards midst a flock of Thilts
        and my rickety-rackety chortled with patter
    firmly did lumber the Lugubrious Quandry
        each motion a thunder, it proceeded grandly
the chitter and natter as the crowds ribboned and tattered
the slither stomp wander of contenders contested
the sun ran slipshod down to the horizon
as Sonorator sang close the end of the the 38th

that day I went down to the Jickety Jackety
me and my rickety-rackety
makin mouth sounds
Damien Ko Jul 20
your hands through my hair
your fingers upon my skin
your sweat down my back
5/7/5 baby
Damien Ko Jul 13
staring at the people in the nexus of transition
some are walking, jogging,
or dragging their bits and pieces behind them
lumping and ******* across linoleum seams with a clatter
and blitzing along on a travelator
any two of them heading to or coming from a different location
where you're bound and how fast you need to go
or are you right where you need to be
or you're content just going nice and slow
it's microcosmic I see
Damien Ko Mar 20
do you mean it or do you just want me?
are you here to make lines on my naked skin
or to nestle your soul in between my heartbeats
do you mean it or do you just want me?

do you hitch my breath with butterfly kisses?
and do you shackle my spirit amorously
and do you bruise my skin with ferocious pucker
and do you see me so deep ardently

do you mean it or do you just want me?
to dance kisses downward on your neck
do you mean it or do you just want me?
to sit with you as time wanders through us
do you mean it or do you just want me?
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