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Damien Ko May 3
vividly vivacious
life blood bleeds through my veins
i am so alive
my moments are treasures i keep close
my moments are quests i seek to find
the wind flows around me as i ponder the universe
the steam licks the window as i ponder the universe
i am so alive
feeling really blessed
Damien Ko Mar 29
cursed sun
how dare you ruin my fun
now that winter is done
and spring has begun
i think i may be the only one
cursed sun
look i know it's a critical component of our every day lives but i get sunburnt easy so i'm allowed to be grumpy
Damien Ko Feb 26
you sat on the bed barely a foot away from me
the lighting was dim and it was way past any reasonable bedtime
And I just stared at you not believing you were real
And you were so present and so there and absolutely vivacious
And my mind is thinking a thousand thoughts but nothing at all
And there's a half smile on your face
And I can't help but think there's one on mine
So I struggle for something charming to say at three in the morning
and before a sound leaves my lips
yours are on mine
your hand on my face and fingers in my hair
thumb along the jaw
your tongue caressing a soft dance along mine
And my mind is blank with ecstasy
And that moment is timeless as my mind falls into it
This sweet eternity is seconds and minutes
and then I'm looking at your face and your eyes and there is absolutely nothing else
and we're back
and I want
and I want
and I want
Kiss. Kiss.
Pull on my hair, pull me closer. Claim me with your kiss.
And I'm yours with a kiss and we're hands, arms, lips, and breaths
and I'm staring at you and it's the world I see
as it goes with a kiss and a kiss.
Damien Ko Feb 18
sprinting for coffee
because i'm late and i
don't want to lose the minutes i have
with you
im sprinting for coffee
sip slowly savoring stories you say
how are you and how was your day
because i don't usually have much free time
and when i do
i'm sprinting for coffee
with you
inspired by a line on a post somewhere on tumblr
Damien Ko Jan 18
i told the stars about you because i love to brag to the cosmos
and i whispered with pride the ways you move me
and i told the stars about your hopes and dreams
and those tiny things that i can't help but notice
i told the stars about you
because the universe made us who we are
and some stroke of fate put me in your path to put me on mine
and it fills me with life
inspired by a youtube playlist title and thought about my best friend

its not great
Damien Ko Dec 2021
Frost's fingers tenderly twine mine
his breath blithely flutters across my lips
dastardly dancing touches tousle hair with abandon
once, twice, thrice and he has me trembling
Frost's kisses settle upon my cheeks blushing
he dips icy hot dapples lingering longingly
lightly lilting leavings bidding me bashful
im wrapped, i gasp, at last, at last
god i love cold weather
Damien Ko Dec 2021
i won't stop missing you
i write all the things i'm too cowardly to say to you
because you mean so much more to me than i ever will to you
and i'm grandiose and over dramatic
and you're so grounded and pragmatic
and i'm interrogative and analytic
and you're so instinctive and prolific
im a bit love sick let me live
let me drabble
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