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Jun 22 · 191
aL Jun 22
Ibenenta ang sarili upang makabili ng kaunting dangal,
Para maliit na salaping hawakan lamang nang saglit ng madungis na kamay

Nanginginig habang malalim ang hinga, ngayon paba isusugal?
Kapirasong pagasa na lamang ang natitirang karamay
makesnosenseatall, makesnodifferenceatall
May 31 · 115
Another lifeless sip
aL May 31
I bummed a cigarette from a  loving ghost, again
Seems like every sins committed by these hands and lips are twice my age
How could a kiss make you old?

Told not to a soul that I would quit obsessing
cause only her smoke comforts me inside
May 31 · 220
Dance forever
aL May 31
Now, her heart lacks a courage
then she knew that she couldn't cry forever....

Is this madness? I forgot to ask her
And how does it feel?
May 31 · 137
Scream, she screams
aL May 31
In near dawn,
while everything is barely awake
I opened my eyes
or a scream woke me up
She sounded in like despair
Drowsiness of mine was gone
but still I chose to close my eyes
A dark joke for a man full of nightmares,
Sadistic devil's cheap comedy
Lowest form of life, is to be afraid of what you don't believe in.
aL May 19
Is life really full of imperfections because it is short?
For how long sanity will be in yours if you gained the immortality?

some cold heart could easily remember
the last time you love a one back
endlessly, will adore your twisted beauty
just dullest envy reigns inside,
where's the rain when it needs you...?
May 18 · 3.7k
Saan ba
aL May 18
Sa aking inang bayan,
Pag asang iyo nga ba'y nasaan?
Kung ang tanging nakahawak sa binhi mo'y mga kawatan.
Ilang ulit nang iyong mga anak ika'y nasaktan

Ano nga ba ang iyong hahantungan?
Inang bayan,
Kung kaming tunay na mangiibig sa iyo'y nagkulang sa paglaban
Para lamang sana sa iyong nasa malayong kalayaan
Upang sa kabila ng aming bigat na iyong pasan
Makapamalas kami sa iyo ng kaunting katamisan
Para lamang sa iyo, harinawa, inang bayan.
Made this while taking a dump

May 8 · 616
Kasabay ng Ambon
aL May 8
Sa pagdalamhati na rin ng kalangitan
Tila may pagbadya na manipis na pagulan
Sa bawat sanag ipapatak ng mahinahong ambon
Sasabay ata ang mga luhang natago sa ipon

Wala nang katumbas na salapi at ginto para sa iyong kasiyahan

Pilit nalang sa paglimot sa malalambing na sandaling ika' naghagkan

Sa mas malayo na ang pagpunta
ng iyong mga tingin na datirati ay sa akin lamang
Hindi na sapat ang talinhaga at pagsinta
Sa panaginip nalang lagi ang pagabang
Habang tuloy ang pagsulat ko nito sa kaunting minuto parang kusa sa paglabas ang mga salita, this is how i feel and this was barely edited
-Wala lang. Share share lang.
May 2 · 419
aL May 2
Sa madilim na pagsapit ng pagkaumaga
Siya na lamang ang nasa isip na dala-dala
Saan ka dadalhin ng iyong pagsinta?
Lamang ay nariyan ngunit papalayo ang pagdama

Kahit na sa pagtakas ng munting mga mata
Hawak parin sa isipan ang sa tuloy na humahalina

Ayaw ngang pakawalan ang inaaliping **** sariling ikaw
your obsession hurts you
aL Apr 9
Notice my wishful words,
Can you be lesser of a divine if you take a heed?
Because prayers now cause me a fortune
Can I please be heard? For once,
Can you make me feel loved, for once?
All my life it seems like you never answered a call from me,
Like you never knew me
Like you refused to heal my pain
Mar 28 · 81
aL Mar 28
I still haven't assessed my life
Endless loop of soul searching
A smile from a stranger won't end this losing streak
Well, its hard to talk about a mess
Mar 28 · 159
Near Dawn
aL Mar 28
Perfectly still, is the demon who waits to enter on someone else's private nightmare,
The dead man's precious last words so eerie or subtle or perfect or too haunted for by bare ears to handle
She asked, "What's wrong with you?"
"Let me think about that. I'll tell you next time I see you." He said
Mar 22 · 88
Doomed last days
aL Mar 22
It's futile to stop the malevolence
because man invented the doom,
Fate says evilness is destined to prevail
Darkness is trying to eliminated the remaining pure hearts
The solemnity and tranquility of Eden, long gone
False tongues are the ones who are full of courage
And the beholder of truth, a ghost, a surrenderer, the eliminated
For there shall be no rewards waiting to the ones who speak fluent sincerity

Oh, splendor, the devilish presence inside you alone, king of your own
league, you spend on my own expenses, you waste my taxes and my minutes while knowing we could barely buy, a thought for my kind.
No one reads this
Thank you for trying
aL Mar 21
Kung makatutulog lang sana uli ng mahimbing
Hindi na hahanap pa ng dahilan upang muling gumising

Dilim na walang katapusan ay mas pipiliin,
Ano pa nga ba ang puwang sa makulay na mundong ito?
Mas nais iwan ang lahat ng nasa ibabaw
Pagod na kahahanap ng kasiyahang mapagtago

Nais nalang magpakain sa mabuting kawalan.
Ang bawat hinga nalang ay kinasusuklaman
Mar 19 · 100
In Winston's eyes
aL Mar 19
He spoke violently about peace
But hurt his wife and kids
In winstons eyes,
Strawberry farm is deep nothingness,
Men hate other men for strange reasons,
Love is a profitable topic,
John, oh john, you are a fraud and you know it.
Beat less
aL Mar 19
Alaalang sagana
Naiwang ngiting kay saya
Sa pagpikit ang lahat ay humahalina

Lumipas man ang lahat ng hugis ng buwan
Lumubog na ng hindi mabilang ang araw
Kayrami man luha na sa mukha ay nagdaan
Kahit kaytaggal ng panahon, matimis na alaala'y di na gugunaw
Mar 14 · 211
Sa aking pinakamamahal
aL Mar 14
Kasama ka sa aking mga muting panalangin
Sa aking isip, minu-minuto ay ika'y aking dadalhin
Aking pagibig ay iyo lamang, lalo pang paiigtingin
Lahat nalang ay gagawin, upang manatili sakin ang iyong pagtingin
Mar 14 · 147
Pusong mabuti
aL Mar 14
Sa mabuting pakikipagbaka
Hindi makararanas ng sagana
Sa maayos na pakikipaguri sa kapwa
Hindi magbibgay sa iyo ng saya

Ang mabuting pagkatao ay hindi naghihintay ng gantimpala
Kaloob ng maykapal ang paggawa at pag isip ng tama

Kayrami ang mapalad sa mundong ibabaw;
Iba'y sagana sa yaman at salapi
Iba'y namamahal ng marami
Mar 14 · 53
handgun's cold trigger
aL Mar 14
how couldn't a finger
pull a sense out of this trigger?

saviour, saviour, hear my first prayer
for years I am muted, was no speaker
hear me, hoping my words could deliver
my soul out of your anger
A finger=tongue
Mar 12 · 417
Lost Feet
aL Mar 12
transient being,
with light years of freedom
still got no place to stray

a nowhere heart
pumps sour blood all around
every beat says I'm empty
aL Mar 12
Money, the temporary saviour,
Your own convenience betrays millions
And you fake everything,
Pathological liar, you are, it is part of your breath now
Funny things happen,
Still no jewelries could give you politesse

It's too late to save your soul, governor,
You were born with sins inside your genes

Lobotomized countrymen, ****** and shallow,
Majority wins, we somehow deserve to be inside of this damnation.
I m e e

Velvet Underground #RunRunRun
Mar 4 · 225
Old mate
aL Mar 4
,,Who are you?", says I
"I was you.,, answered he
,,Before you sold your happiness", he added
Mar 4 · 158
aL Mar 4
Mabangong halimuyak
sa naghihikahos na paligid
Ano pa ba ang natitira sa buhay
na dapat pang malaman?

May kahulugan ba ang pamamalagi sa mundong ibabaw?
may saysay pa ba ang kaluluwang nakatira sa aking katawan?
**Napakaganda ng paligid, sapat nang sagot ang nakikita para mabuhay ng may masayang ngiti kahit na ba may kahirapan sa tabi tabi,

Pessimism reigns

Ngunit ang tanong ay namamalagi, ano bang saysay ng buhay?
Mar 4 · 48
aL Mar 4
how could love be consumed
if your tale is still untold

her empty eyes are waiting
for you to fill her void
Mar 2 · 352
aL Mar 2
would just these lips,
out of the blue,
recite some cheap quotes
about my undying love for you?
but darling I know you prefer affection out of actions,
words might immortalise my attraction but she knows;

a caressed soul is a well-lived life.
Feb 26 · 61
middle child got none
aL Feb 26
the odd-man-out,
liked by none;
your middle child
who craved for love
you chose not to spare
;an outcast to your eyes
misfit for everything
imperfection reigns
Feb 22 · 209
Are you real you
aL Feb 22
Do you know who you are?
Do you often see your reflection?
Did you try talking to the inner you?
Do you feel your own objections?
Feb 22 · 214
aL Feb 22
Spare me some love, oh world, oh beacon superior being, I am your slave
I am here to listen to your gospels truth, too
Lend some knowledge so I'll bear fruit, too
Spare me your overflowing love, let me be part of your omniscience,
Humble me by your light, guide me in this decadence
Lend me knowledge so I'll see things your way, your most righteous way

But as you know how I often prayed,
You still chose to make me feel
Like I was just talking to myself

It's the fate that you've created
Is treating me so unkind
Massive slavery by emotionless unknown, you are

Was I the fool that sickening your holy name?
Was I never worthy to call or even beg?
Feb 22 · 87
Untitled being
aL Feb 22
Some starlit night ago
or yesterday, I realised that
unsatisfactory is eating me

I contemplated a lot or
I am second guessing everything
And jelousy to the unknown is the apple of my eyes

Ungranted wish after an unanswered prayer or maybe I am just unlucky
Feb 22 · 93
Cuddling memories
aL Feb 22
You never liked the
corner where you sleep
Disconcerted feelings roams
around your dreams

You know and feel it
cuddles every evening
Like some nightmare
you forgot for years
Feb 22 · 181
Huwag Palilinlang
aL Feb 22
Malaya ang iyong kaluluwa na makasama ang mga naturing **** bahaghari ng iyong buhay, magpakasagana ka sa katuwaan, ngunit huwag palilinlang.

Mga mata **** huwag sana paaalipin sa hindi makatarungang kanilang nakikita. Higit pa sa makikita mo sa salamin ng iyong pagkatao, ang unang hakbang ay iyong pagkilala sa iyong sarili. Ngunit huwag palilinlang.

Kamay mo nawa ang siyang unang magaakay saiyo sa paggawa ng tama, magtatapon rin nawa ng lahat ng bakas ng kasamaan, at huwag kang palilinlang

Ang iyong isip ay gawing mapanalig sa pawang makatarungan lamang, ilayo ang iyong sarili at bigyan ka nito ng kasarilan nang hindi ka malinlang.

Kapwa, isa ka sa kaunting dahilan ng ating pagsibol. Magsisimula sa iyo ang pagbabago. Huwag nang hanapin pa ang katotohanan, sapagkat nariyan na sa iyong harapan.

Huwag itapon ang biyaya at karapatang maka-kita ng tama, maka-tutol sa kamalian, maka-pigil sa nangaapi at maka-gawa ng mabuti.
Feb 22 · 131
I Shall Be Released
aL Feb 22
To the lord or to the devil
To whomever I served really well
Give purpose to these unworthy & pure hands,
Touch my unknowing soul and tell
Which shall I inherit?
Great life of profanity
or blant righteous enternity

Is lifetime in this very soil the damnation?
I live with trembling fear for every of my actions

With these lips I've sin
With them I confessed, too
My heart knows nothing within
With my worthless words, I ask you.
Mad confusion
Feb 20 · 98
First love
aL Feb 20
Pained youthful angel, contemplated on vowing a trust to a mysterious soul,
The end of solemnity of her young and
untouched heart,
In seconds of being loved innocence quickly took her wings and forbids her to fly
Sensed some magical affection immediately but waited for true love to intrude and mortality now welcomes her to the world
And the kiss, so subtle it eases her pain, finally, a portrait for her blank canvas
Feb 20 · 42
Growing up
aL Feb 20
Small city, big dreams
Century-old churches,
Closed recreational parks,
Crummy streets,
Beat-up roads, huge malls
Unpainted houses, fresher air,
Homemade pancakes for lunch,
Cheap hamburgers and skateboarding shoes.

People come and go,
Uncherished moments,
and then Johnny said, "you can't put your arms around a memory."
Feb 19 · 51
Like sparks
aL Feb 19
admiration thickens, when our minds are completely alienated
when our hearts understand each other in much deeper sense

dilating brown eyes were locked in,
the most beautiful part of my life, you.
simple perfection, you come as you are

but winds hit heavy,
fate wasn't on our side
caught us unready
unwritten rule mortals abide

Now it's nothing, lost love.

People tell me it's a sin
To know and feel too much within
I still believe she was my twin
But I lost the ring
She was born in spring
But I was born too late
Blame it on a simple twist of fate
Songwriters: Bob Dylan
Simple Twist of Fate lyrics ©
Feb 16 · 76
Dreams unfulfilled
aL Feb 16
Dreamy eyes,
He thinks he's not for this deadbeat town but too unfortunate to have fate of his own
Industrial amusements, dead-end jobs,
Closed parks, dying businesses, price hikes, hunger strikes, unskilled degree holders, unfulfilled dreams, unbearable interest rates.
Before being born, life decided he'll be a slave of the system, retirement plan won't be enough to buy his freedom.

A happy-go-lucky slob or a problematic working-class?
"Ahhhhh the mistery of life"
---Homer Simpson
Feb 16 · 451
Peculiar taste
aL Feb 16
Left enchanted by unseen wonderfulness,
Intangible attributes could hold so much power
And yes, naked eyes won't see such easily
Peculiar taste in beauty shall all we differ

Like a diamond in gold rush, worthy but unwanted.
Feb 16 · 53
aL Feb 16
My obsessive thought and naivety on life,
This night, no pain cures ignorance and time passes so slow, could even see myself staring blankly
People change, life moves on and I am still, unchanged and uncultured.
Neighbours sound so happy
I want to be happy

I need hallucinations to be happy
But i chose to be alone and unhappy
aL Feb 16
Witness of broken promises
Bearer of complete unhappiness
Deep down inside the unknown
Feelings are forgotten and thrown

You disappoint me and let me down
I am afraid to act strange 'cause
I don't want seeing you sad.
Looking for a new place to begin,
Feeling like it's hard to understand,
But as long as you still keep peppering the pill,
You'll find a way to spit it out again

<the title is a song, note is the song's chorus, song was written by Alex Turner for a film called "submarine", a UK coming of age film or deeper rom/com released in 2010(i think) a really good movie, not connected to this poem, tho.
Feb 9 · 53
aL Feb 9
While he kept on struggling her neck
It is him, the real one who chokes
Death flirts viciously, she is so flattered
aL Feb 7
Daydreaming to **** some time
But for an anxious man
It passes too slow
Strange things or just paranoia
Still, life has ultra-violent contents
And you chose to believe
That nothing is real.
Feb 7 · 156
the mania
aL Feb 7
few cents for a suffrage
fair trade shall be
for a foolish man
cheerful twist for his sobriety
another ignorant drunk
wasting away for his
lucky offsprings
aL Feb 5
Life, the nightmare that never ends
forever will be in this desolation
fiends turned to friends
but it's an unlikeliness of damnation
Feb 5 · 145
A Evil or Just Poor?
aL Feb 5
An evil man who became righteous will get glory while righteous man who soon turned to be an evildoer will burn in sulfur.
But how can something blame the poor? A hard rain is falling and there's no shelter for the storm, no soup for warmth, no water for everlasting thirst and just like there ain't no god.
Cause some folks god means hope.

Fate lies just like the devil always do
Sweet words could lure a confused ears, lonely eyes could be tricked by aesthetical beauty, unsoulful heart can outbeat a purer one.

Hell could be somebody's paradise. Billions of different preferences, why cant you say yours? Everyone is afraid of something, humans tremble, pain is to feel. And beauty is so subjective you don't know what's attractive anymore.

Evil exists cause god chose a contrary. All things are balance, makes things heavenly. Some are made to be unholy and some chose to worship their own body.

2.24am sixth of my February
I cant get sleep
Feb 5 · 197
aL Feb 5
yawning over existentialism
too immoderate for my shallowness
i only applause for big explosions
slapstick is the one i like the best

more on the eyes, less on the head
that's me.
Pop culture today
Feb 5 · 993
Mean Thirst
aL Feb 5
Thirsty throat awaits the master
Hands itch to fetch lord some water
Drought of blood in veins won't matter
Cause dehydration puts me into flatter

*passive aggressive self harm
aL Feb 5
wake to another morning to find
all inside of her is colored gloomy
but still perfect misfit in saddest veil
but always been dreary

waiting to be read,
thousand of words made silently
watered colors by some tears
sad essence, thievery of her beauty

cheap invisible mascara
her face to bear
smile she couldn't afford
she shall not wear

lifetime was stolen,
fear lingers in feels
in such short time, forgets to be hurt
a sudden made a heart of steel

1.19am, 6th of February
aL Feb 5
young man, heed no lies
For your heart is still
vulnerable for deeper hatred.
be still,
It won't  change a thing if you overthink.
Don't break your character,
Better to be blind-like
than be happy for being untrue.
Be freer in your dreams
Though, collect your nightmares
Everyone is afraid of something
To grow up and be a man
Be still.
Feb 4 · 193
young man blues
aL Feb 4
a young man lives to be an optimist
pure instinct of being a kid
nothing much to care about
curious about everything
going to be tired of being free
until he met life's darkest humor
in life's lifelessness he seem to tremble
fragile like tea cups he used to throw
aftermath of puberty is being a young adult
young slave for eternity
from his mud to his moon
au·to·bi·o·graph·i·calDictionary result for autobiographical
(of a written work) dealing with the writer's own life.
"an autobiographical account"
aL Feb 4
the richest man has cheapest regrets
the loneliest eyes see reflection of love
picky lover finds the one who's worthy
a shrink heard too much for his day
a master, just like his slaves, also knows how to suffer
even a *** could buy a thrill
and why could not i try to stretch a perfect smile
for a loving lady like you? some why's winds can't answer
and for me the most beautiful flower is the one who grew in wild.
she moved out of town
she said i should always smile
now i got more reasons to be down

they say you are creative when you are relaxed.........i am kinda poetic when i wash the dishes. XD
aL Feb 4
Sa minamahal **** mga puting pahina
Inuukit ang guhit, mga pinagtabing letra
   Maibsan lang ang nangungulit na pangungulila
Upang pansamantalang mawala sa mga alaala;

Saradong puso na nais sanang muli ay madalaw
Ngunit ang susi tila'y tuluyan nang nagpaagaw
Marahil sa tulad kong naghintay sa pagikot ng mundo
Para lang masulyapan ang magandang ngiti mo
Hilaw na pagtingin, hindi na mapagbibigyan
Sa iisang hiling na ikaw ay mapakiusapan
Tanging hangin nalang ang mahahagkan
Habang ikaw ay nasa aking magulong isipan

Sa minsanang aking pagkakamali
Mas nakilala ka
warning: bit of edgy

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