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Catherine of Aragon                                                           ­            Divorced
Anne Boleyn                                                           ­                        Beheaded
Jane Seymour                                                          ­                                Died
Anna of Cleves                                                           ­                     Divorced
Catherine Howard                                                           ­              Beheaded
Catherine Parr                                                             ­                     Survived

Now we're Ex-Wives                                  

History's about to get                  

O v e r t h r o w n                                                                ­        

Let me tell you a story
Tha you think you've heard before                                  

Now we're, ex-wives

Divorced                                            ­                                            
Beheaded          ­                                                            
Died                                                          ­  

Welcome to the show,                                    
To The                                                    
H i s t o r e m i x                                            

Switching up the flow as we add the prefix                  

Everybody knows that we used to be six wives            

Get your hands up get this party   b u z z i n g            
You want a queen bee, well there's half a dozen            

Everybody knows that we used to be six wives
But now we're ex-wives

One                                                 ­                                       
Two                                                             ­                           
Three                                                           ­                           
Four                                 ­                                                       
Five     ­                                                                 ­                  
Six                                                           ­         

Can we all agree that I'm the 10 amongst these 3's?
How i'm the fool now
Thought I loved you
And i'm somehow
Not very sorry
For doing
This to
Your eyes are filled with heaven
Overthrown by hell
But with every 'I love you'
And every little victory
Hell dissolves a bit
For the past three months
I've been a close whitness of this journey
It was magic
Your eyes became a little clearer every day
They're still a little cloudy,
But beautiful
Your eyes sparkle like some starry night upon a river filled with moonlight like in all sappy love stories
You silence me every time
You are my Romeo
But with you I don't mind being Juliet
Let's leave this place and never come back
Weeks, months have passed
With you being mine
Yet I still can't describe how lucky I am
Romeo and Juliet ran away together, just to love
Which is a good reason for me though
But why don't we bend the rules a little?
And be Romeo and Romeo?
What do you say?
Happy three months mon amour. Can't wait for the next three. I love you bub.
Mind is full of words
Nothing fits
When I write
The're gone
How can you do this to me
It's magical
You've already been in there for way too long.
Bleeding poetry fills the pages like ancient Rome was filled with wine.
The flowing words never make sense, but at least they're mine.
Every line the same lie- Im fine.
How long until this kindom will surrender?

Like the Vesuvius hidden in Pompeï.
Like a volcano hidden far away.
When the volcano erupts, will you stay?
And let me hold you strong and tender?

In this kingdom of fire, let me protect you.
I will hold you, through and through.
Call me your percecutor, that will do.
Will you let me be your defender?

This world is dark and full of fire- I see.
But it can be beautiful if we want it to be.
And as long as you will fight the world with me-
One day, we might comprehender.
Just a lil something I wrote while I was bored in class.
The grammar is a mess, but I do not give a frick.
It doesn't sound that obvious right away,
The fact that hands can change lives
But they can, in a special way
With words, and poetry
They create words
They create art
They Love
They are
i don't really know
A new year has started now,
And for my new year's resolution,
I'll be nicer to myself.
Most likely i'll fail though,
But well,
Then i'll have another year,
There will be more time.

Time to laugh
Time to write
Time to fail
Time to put on really bad make-up
Time to be with friends and family
Time to watch a movie at 2AM wrapped up in a blanket
Time to eat your grandma's apple pie
Time to sit in a park
Time to play hide and seak
Time to break a chair
Time to hike
Time to love
Time to buy a stupid gift for your very best friend
Time to hug someone
Time to try and make a life-changing decision
Time to listen to music
Time to sit down and stand up
Time to do nothing
Time to stress
Time to hide your feelings and emotions
Time to cry
Time to break
Time to feel nothing
Time to cut yourself
Time to take pills
Time to drink alcohol to drown your problems and
Time to wish you were dead

this just came to my mind at 1AM so i decided to write it, not the best one i wrote. a feedback would be appreciated!
It's like we Can't breathe
But completely okay
No, we don't care
Because it matters
What if i don't have a devil on my shoulder
What if i am the devil on my shoulder myself
Wanting to be the one
To speak her name as mine
I found my angel
But she has not found me yet.
She'll never
I hope
"Heaven can wait a little longer."
I told myself as I swallowed another pill.
When I die,
Will you go to hell with me,
Or will you wait paitiently for Heaven?
Wich one?
A poet's finest words,
Are the ones he left unsaid.
The words you can only see
By the tears on the paper.
That was all he ever had.
Maybe this will make you feel better,
Maybe it won't.
I tried my best,
I love you.

I love you, you know that right?
But, I get that that won't make you feel less bad.
I wish I could guide you out of this world that you're in.
I don't want you to live like that

You're taken away into another world,
Thrown far away in another dimention.
But there is no road back this time.
Back there, ahead is your only direction.

Your head fills with mist and dread.
A strange, dark colour white.
You have no control over your head anymore,
And your thoughts start to ignite.

There is no way of escaping,
This once so ordinary life.
But I'll try to help you, guide you.
And save you, with all my words, and a little strife.

Together we will get there, for sure.
But the question is, where is there?
Is that here, on this planet?
Or somwhere outside the atmosphere?

I'll fly with you, and fight the wars.
And maybe we'll find your thoughts behind.
Hidden next to all the stars,
Something good, like inside your mind.

So I decided to look behind all the planets,
And I found the most beautiful thing.
I found love right in a box.
So why need something to prove it, like a ring?

I'll give all the love to you,
If you let me. Someday.
Just promise me one thing.
Even if your mind is not here, stay?

I'll give you the moon and the stars,
And all the constellations.
Maybe they won't be perfect,
But at least there's some figurations.

I love you so, so much.
And I'd give you the stars, and everything around it.
Until I realised they were hidden,
Inside your eyes and in your mind.
Dissociating *****, but I still love you. Wether you're in this world, or somewhere inside your mind. I'll hold you until you return from your own world, and who knows what we will find.
It's me again
You Probably don't want me
Don't want my poetry
Or my friendship
Well at least we talked again
Said you didn't want to lose me
It felt Amazing
But the problem is
I hurt her too
When i teared us apart
So we Can't just be like nothing again
Because it'll hurt her even more.
i'm sorry
Just wait
This is real bad but i just needed to write about it
Some people
Make you
Even in the
Just a little thing i wrote, kinda bad
I'm not sorry in the way I thought I was.
I'm ******* hurt.

I keep trying to fill the empty little spots,
But without you it doesn't work.

I can manage to survive alone,
But my thoughts keep leading to you.

I keep thinking of you when I'm not supposed to,
And I don't know how I'll still pull through.

I love you. And I'm sorry, but you knew that already
This one's for you Ray. Again. I'm gonna stop apologising, you're probably sick of hearing it. This poem isn't enough to describe all my ******* feelings. Hell, it isn't even close. You remember how we only met for one day, and we started dating? What if we try again, even if just for friends. It can take as long as you'd like. I'm hopeless and really ******* hurt. And drunk too, but who cares?
You are not a bad person. That's the first.
We have all commited wrong in some way.
If good doesn't last, why should our sins?
Can we let them go the next day?

I can see myself in you,
I understand how you feel.
But you don't have to feel that.
The bad things, they don't have to be real,

You once told me that you live in your mind,
That you create the world in your head.
So I have to ask you,
Why, why, do you make it so bad?

Life is a struggle, not only your mind
But you're not chained, you're not bound.
You don't have to be a "bad" person.
Stay with me. We'll be found.
I'm just gonna,
Be a poet?
And write you some cheesy stuff?
Is this how you do it?
This title is way too long but I do not give a ****
I've seen quite a lot of beautiful things in my life.
But they were all a different beautiful from you.
I'm gonna spam you with love and poetry until, well, Idk.
Also I don't care about my grammar okay ****
Your eyes shine like the early evening stars,
And your lips are shaped perfectly like the pink clouds.
You skin is full of wounds and scars.
I don't think I'm the only one who knows their whereabouts.
No words will describe your "beauty"
As I see it through my eyes.
I thought love was never-lasting
But eternal words exist, a poem never dies.
The early sun hits you sour,
Like the walking hours dew.
Even though you were prettier than the flower,
Still, the ravens flew.
what the ****
If I'm gone tomorrow,
Will you still be there?
Will you be the last person to stay?

If I leave tomorrow,
Will you make sure that I'm safe?
Will you make sure that I'm okay?

If I dissapear tomorrow,
Will you still love me?
Will you love me when I'm gone?

If I die tomorrow,
Will you promise you'll move on?
Will you promise you'll let me go even if we both don't want to?

Because I love you
It's so weird to say this, I feel like a terrible person. I can't promise that I won't feel shame, regret or fear, writing this, but I just want to be able to feel this way to you for a minute. I wanna hold you, shout at you, and scream in your face how pathetic you are, but I can't. I get that you feel bad sometimes, but I know you aren't depressed. You self-diagnose yourself with everything you can imagine. Not liking to talk to people isn't "exteme social anxiety." Feeling sad sometimes isn't "Depression and suicidal thoughts." Cutting the tips of your fingers once a month isn't "Before someone finds me dead in my room." And I get you want to make something beautiful out of the things you feel, but sadness isn't beautiful. You are misusing these things I feel, to create something. I get that you 'Want to feel, and be a part of this.' But you aren't. You keep complaining about how bad you feel. You shut up when you 'Almost commited suïcide.' but as soon as you get a single feeling that is not hapiness, you push it onto me. You drag me down because you feel all this terrible stuff. And I know you don't mean it wrong, but I'm so tired of having to feel this way too. That boy, you know, T, he made sure we all paid for his feelings. I ran after him for 3 miles, to stop him from taking the train to Hadestown. I don't wanna chase after you. I get that you haven't figured out your sexuality yet, and that you're confused. I get that you haven't figured out your gender yet. But I know you aren't pangender, or genderfluid. I just know. You always seek attention from me, and when I don't give it, you become 'sad' again. You're so pathetic, and words can't describe the hate I feel sometimes
Sorry, but you can't go on this way.

I feel so disgusting for writing this.
You'd see your worst nightmares.
You'd see broken hearts.
You could see lost and faded poetry.
Oh yes, it's full of boggarts.

And when you reach the core,
Nothing you'll see is true.
You'd see us being lost together,
Making love on 7th avenue.

You'd see a torn apart soul,
Shattered into pieces.
It was my own fault,
With time, the pain eases

You'd see me pleasing you all day,
And of course, swapped around.
I'm actually wondering,
Somehow, you haven't found it out.
You probably didn't expect a poem from me,
Did you?
Well, I just wanted to say thanks.
Do you remember that one English class, where you read some of my poetry? You almost cried.
I wanted to quit writing at that point.
You made me realise that I had a 'Talent'
No, it was more of an 'undeveloped skill'
If it wasn't for you,
I probably wouldn't have been writing now.
And I'm glad I'm still writing,
Because it saved my life.
So, uh, yeah. Thank you
Makes no sense yee yee
I Can't repair you,
I'm broken too

All i ever wanted
To be the one to speak her name as mine

For hurting you over and over again
It hurts me too

I keep saying it's good for you
but i doubt my honest feelings

That you don't understand me when i say
I love you

For not comming with a warning lable
"dangerous, do not speak with"

For not telling you
And never going to

You could've guessed
I'ts to late now

I'm kinda stuck
But you can't help me out

Do I want to stay or not
Well I don't really know

For lying to you and never stopping
It's a big cycle

I really am
but remember

It's just a game
This one's for you babe
I told you all the time,
"I'm really sorry"
You never believe me.
Just like i never believed you,
When you said
"I love you"
"I care about you"
"I was worried"
"Please don't hurt yourself"
"You will get There!"

But maybe it was true,
Maybe you did care about me,
Maybe i was wrong,
Maybe i shouldn't have hurt you this way.

I'm sorry
But I can't
You tried
I'm sorry
For the wasted time
For the heartbreaks
For the sadness
For the anger and
For the lies

Believe it,
Or not
I'm sorry
But it's for you,
Because for this one time,
Probably my last,
I care.

I love you
'What if this bullet is my legacy?
If I throw away my shot, is this how you remember me?

The world is wide enough,
For our love to be.
Just you and me.

Rise up.
We can fight the world together.

Time's up.
At least I spent this forever with you.

Wise up.
You taught me what love was.

Eyes up.
As long as I can stare into your eyes, I will lock my eyes every time.

What if this love is the only thing left?


What is a legacy?

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of the other side.
You let me make a difference.
We'll tell our story,
And we won't need to hide.

                 Un                                                             ­                                
              Deux                                                                       ­
              ­       Six
  ­                                                              Ne­uf

I'll see you on the other side, Mon amour.
If you know, then you know.
We both know what we know.
I'm scared.
I've never fallen from quite this high.
Can somebody help?
Help everyone but me.
Because i'm afraid.
And my fear turns me into a terrible.
I'm afraid of the people,
And the fears,
And the lives,
And the world around me.
Just like how they are.
No fair,
You really know how to make me cry.
I am trapped.
Trapped inside your silver mind,
And those golden eyes.
And we're back again.
It's kind of a weird story,
How I got these scars.
The're very special,
You can only see them
If I tell you they are here.
But the scars you think you saw,
The scars you think you pointed out on my body,
Don't exist.
The scars i have,
Are seen when i tell you to see them.
So now they are invisible.
Because no one will ever know.
That i want to be the one to speak her name as mine.
These scars,
Are from not from my knife but from you because i told you to hurt me and it would be better for you, for me, and for everybody.
Maybe you want to take the risk.
And want to see the scars.
I'll show them.
But i warn you.
You will not only see scars,
This can go on for a while.
I'll tell you this.
The one thing i keep in mind.
The one thing you should keep in mind.
Don't know, Don't see, Don't show, Don't feel.
And some more lies.
Honestly, there's just one thing I need right now. Just us two, in one of those small, empty diners with those pink/red and blue neon signs. Being able to talk about stuff. Sad stuff, and happy stuff. Mostly good stuff. To steal your breath somehwere on a park bench and being able to hold your hand in public. I just want a simple life with you.
Mirror on the ceiling
You're giving me a million reasons
Came down the mountain
Sweet an sour
Click, Snap, Fall
Over and again
Can this go on
Want to be the one
To speak her name as mine
Trapped in the open
A closed mind
Can't leave
It's in my DNA
Cold in my kingdom size
Got a lot of leaving left to do
I lay here on the ground

It's cold outside

I write this poetry

The lights dimmed

I am here hating

Keep saying no one cares

Wouldn't you?
I just want to be the one, to speak her name as mine.
I've written this line so many times. So many different ways. I guess I just want his name now.
She was standing there
Her skin silver
Just like the moon shining above her
In that dark night.

She was standing there
Her eyes twinkling
Just like the stars
In that dark night.

She was standing there
Her lips soft
Like the grass on a hill
In that dark night

She was standing there
Dainty like a deer
Like the ones in the woods
In that dark night

She was standing there
Now walking towards me
What does she want
In that dark night

Then i woke up
Now i understand
It was just
A bad dream
English isn't my first language, so sorry if there are any grammar mistakes or typo's :)
Thinking about you
Again. ******* Hell.
If Only
I Could
yeah man idk, still working on it.
Still don't have those binders. I'll probably ask one for my birthday.

I need more broadway shows to listen to.

I haven't found the answer keys to French yet, but I found the answer keys to dutch. They're only one chapter per 1, so that's not very helpful.

I sent the poem 'March 15' to the person it's about, and I'm not sure what to think.

I got an F and a D+ for my tests.

I'm not sure if the note numbering is right, I messed up at 34. But it's fine now, I think.

Also, I'd love meet some new people on here.

Have a good day.
Then you said;
"Chaos is better than an unknown peace."
So I have only one question right now.
Will you dive into the middle of the storm with me?
In the eye of a hurricane, there is quiet,
For just a moment, a yellow sky.
Let there be all our chaos around us.
I'll be okay with you by my side.
Let it rush and stream,
Destroy everything and the wind flow.
We might only hear the quiet,
But we won't view the world through a window.
We'll be right in the middle of all there is,
And we won't need to hide it.
When you get older
Wil you remember
All the things
You lost on us
It hurts me
More than you'll ever know
Wish i could go back
To the days i was lost on you
Night full of stars
Adrenaline rushes
The bittersweet taste of your lips
A cold gust of wind outside
Cigarette smoke around our faces
Eyes light and glister
Wrapped up blankets
Two glasses of malt whiskey
A fire in the burning in the hearth
And in us
A comforting arm
A comforting smile
It was good
But perfect can never stay
They pushed me,
And you away
You came back
So please come in
And help me remember
When you were lost on me
If I let myself
Love you
I knew what love was,
But I didn't realise I never felt it, until you held me.
And love is different for every person,
But I'd wanna feel it with you.

Love is making flower crowns in the school break and putting them on each other's head.
(the flower crowns were just pretty, weren't they?)

Love is not really knowing, but it's okay, because you're with me.
(even though it was just a 'comforting friendship')

Love is staying at school until 5PM, and getting home too late, just so we could spend some time together.
(time we didn't know would make the difference)

Love is skipping class together, and hang out in the hallways.
(that's what normal people do, right?)

Love is laughing so hard that the teachers walking past wonder why we're crying in the hallway
(but weren't we just good friends back then?)

Love is doubting if you should maybe text the other, while they were waiting for it on the other side.
(but deleted texts don't count as actual texts, do they?)

Love is writing poems and poems while having no idea what you're writing, because you want to make the other happy.
(it's just not love if you don't read them)

Love is trying not to say "I love you," because you're not supposed to say that.
(if we don't admit to loving one another, we don't, do we?)

Love is drawing awful bathroom graffiti and being sad because the janitor cleaned off our huge "LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA"
(that was just casual fun right?)

Love is hugging each other almost every morning, because depression is a killer
(friends are there to comfort you, aren't they?)

Love is writing essays on how beautiful you are, or why you deserve love, because I felt like poetry wasn't enough.
(you didn't read the poems anyway)

Love is, I don't know. It doesn't matter. I can feel it when I'm with you, and that's the most important thing right now. As long as you want to feel that with me too, we're going to be okay.

I love you
How did we not know it was love back then?
I believe that was the first time I wrote something about you (Or maybe posted.) I'm sot sure what I wrote before that, We'd have to dive into the history books. March 15, Almost half a year ago. I've thought about a lot of people since then, I've loved a lot of those people too. But, it's been 172 days. 172 days and I there hasn't been a single day that I haven't thought about you. And I don't think those days will come soon.
I remember note 2. It was about you aswell. 172 days later and nothing has changed.
We could have been love


I didn't
Don't turn your back to the darkness.
What you'll see in the light is far worse.
C-c-c- c'mon
C-c-c- c'mon

I just want to survive

(It's from Japan...)                                                        ­                                      


I feel my stomach filling up with
d r e a d

I wish I had the skill
To just be fine
And cool
And C h i l l

                                                            ­              I don't wanna be a HERO

I follow my own  r u l e s                                                                ­
Have my own  t o o l s                                                                ­

I just wanna survive

Dangerous.                                                      ­                                              
Navigate.         ­                Halls.

C h r i s t i n e


It's a sign up sheet for getting called

At least it's     ...progress

Mo­re than
                                                            ­         Survive
I was just tryna get to my lo-
the inspiration
and the motivation
to write is gone
Okay so I was listening to Beetlejuice, and he sings
'Jesus pass the Dremamime'
And I knew it was a drug, but I didn't know the effects. Turns out it causes halluciations. Well, that's the main thing, there are a lot of side effects. And to be honest, hallucinating explains a lot about Beetlejuice, and the whole musical.
You'll get a whole lotta these
Your eyes hold skies,
And there is no limit.
          You look back at me,                                                              ­              
And I know, I'm                                                           

I want to drown in your voice,                      
When you tell me I'm yours

I'll fight every war in the world for you,                                                    
If you let me look into those

intelligent eyes                      

I'll write you a letter every day,
Because every day,
I get a little more
Then you walked in and my heart went BOOM.
Orpheus has Eurydice.
And I ask you,
Will you be that for me?

Together, we can feel.
We don't have to be a myth,
It can be real.
I'd walk to Hadestown and back for you, mon amour.
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