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I had so much love to give
you couldn't receive all of it
I went looking somewhere else
Searched all the worlds
Drifted from one universe to another
Until I finally found someone else
A soul I thought worthy of my love
of me
Scary how when you love too much, too hard, your soul searches for a new one to intertwine with.
Short wet hair in wild sheets
With seeping eyebrows bent with dew
Tired breath, warm chest
And memory foam
Soft cotton sleeves layered like carved stone
And quiet cold from windows still
Our heads beneath these pair of sills
With heaving breaths in unison bound
Our heartbeat drums the only sound
Amidst these vibrant warms around
Mere unity I'm pleased
Showers before bed
You take everything good in me
Heart that I polish for you
Take step after step away from me
Towards a door
Hoping you won't go through

I know I may not ever get you back
Pain has gone and opened my eyes
I still look for you everywhere
Find nothing
To no surprise
Written 11-3-12
when i left my mark
i didn't think
it would be a scar

i dreamed of it being a handprint
on your heart
but i see now, that i've only cut it open

and sorry is not the bandage that i once believed it could be
time no longer the cure i had labeled it

i see now why the doctor prescribed those
shifting glances
and one word responses

because i am just a relapse waiting to happen
i know sorry doesn't cut it. but... sometimes it seems like that's all i am.

sorry </3
once upon a time
long ago
there was a you and me

i knew you once
and it was nice
silence was comfy
and we didnt have to try

i knew you once
long ago
you shared your secrets
and i shared mine

i knew you once
long ago
but where did you go...?
argh, i miss you.
“i love you”
those words
                                      from his lips
i believed his deceitful manner
his charisma, it was alluring
I think most people take this as an s.o. but it could be anyone who stopped loving you a friend, a parent to just deceive you to get what they want from you. I also thought of the devil as I wrote this, he deceives you and feeds you with lies to follow him.
"Maybe she's talking about me"
"No, why would she be?"
"Because she misses you."
"No, she doesn't. Not after what you did."
"But she does, and she hasn't been the same since you left."
"You're wrong, she's more than fine without me."

It's a constant war in my head
And this is only one example of a battle

Ever since I left I've not been the same
But I can't go back
She doesn't want me back
And she never will
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