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I'd lose my love forever
For just one kiss

I'd be blind forever
For just one gase

I'd be numb forever
For just one hug

I'd be silent forever
For you to speak my name
A poem every day
I'd run my hand softly down your jawline
I'd pull on the strands of hair on the back of your head
You'd kiss me softly on my lips
You'd push my chest down, to the bed
Kiss my neck and tell me you love me
Underneath your breath
Hold me down and keep me
Until it becomes my death
A poem every day
You give me a headache
But I'm too high on the rest of you to feel it
A poem every day
I would walk to the end of the world
To cry on your chest
But you'll never understand that
A poem every day
Watered down poetry
Streams down the page
They're not filled with tears
But with rage
As they try to find a way
To express how they feel
While they know
The words will never be real
It's poetry in mass production
None of them exactly right
They used to be the world's defense
Now it's them we fight
The words will never sound right
As they don't do their job
To describe what I feel
To describe how I sob
Over how you don't cry too
'I don't love you' I repeat
I've reached the limits of my power
Watered down poetry is all I'll be
A poem every day

poetry in mass production
I promised myself I'd ignore you
Yet I take every opportunity I get
To talk to you, and I'm upset
I want you in my bed
A poem every day

watered down poetry
I'd wear your stupid sweaters
Even though I don't like them all
I wore my heart out on my sleeve that day
And you made me fall
I fell so ******* ******* the floor
The stupid ******* school tiles
I don't know the material
But they made my face hurt
And I'd hold hands with you in public
And fight everyone who says something mean
And I'd hold your head to my chest
We'd watch the world fade away
I need you to ******* stay
A poem every day

he's so pretty i don't feel good anymore
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