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YoungSymba May 2016
When the corner of her lips reach for her ears
Her aura radiates unto my soul with bliss
And with each word that exits her lips,
She caresses my spine with chills.
With every word she spoke with fire in her eyes, she sure could sing.
YoungSymba May 2016
I'm a madman,I believe so now that I've paid close attention to my seizing the randomness instead of "carpe diem" because let's face it,an honest cliché that sounds much better  is "every dog has it's day". Now that I think about it,these "motivational" quotes sort of seem contrary when you pile them up and question them or perhaps they're just cliché words pieced together to provide comfort in any situation you're in you'd find the perfect "quote" for comfort. But that's unlike me because I don't like a lot of stuff (especially over saturated stuff) but I'm likeable though (I think) I'm actually a funny guy too. Sometimes I'd like to label myself as a regular,normal,average guy. Then at times I'd like to think I'm beyond the mundane. Because although to another person may conclude his observation of me as me being some other guy. I'd like to think I was born for greatness and I start to attach words such as "unique,different,creative" to further describe myself. In all honesty I don't know if that's cool or stupid and I really don't care by the way. Because there's a billion and something people on planet earth,with all different perspectives,perceptions,different tastes,different preferences and to cater to all these differences and receive satisfaction from all these individuals (or even majority) is impossible. So it's best one believes and themselves and trust his word. So yes,I've decided it's cool to believe you're born for greatness and believe that you're different. Although you'd walk the same path as many does not give anyone a right to label you as ordinary because uniqueness sources from the genetic make up(no one has the same genetic makeup as you). So yes of course I see beauty in one being able to acknowledge their differences and perceive them as being unique and beautiful too.

To further explain why I called myself a madman. I don't really take the usual route as most people,following procedures (by that I mean this,what you're reading right now. I didn't plan it. I just started typing out words and now I'm typing this because I love words,it's because of what words can do and how simple words like these pierced together can change someone's life. But I know  as I mentioned our views differ because we're different so that's inevitable. So whoever sides with me God bless you,if you don't side with me..may God bless you too(I guess)...(hahaha see I told you I'm actually funny)

Anyways I called myself a "madman" and that's crazy. Labels are crazy. Words are cool. I mean,it's crazy how a statement like that can evoke different thoughts on different people some will be like "oh god shut up" some will be like "he's probably boring" "he's crazy Haha" "cool *******" all that is beautiful(I'm sarcastic when I like sometimes). People are always going to label you as being whatever type of person they feel like labeling you. But all that really doesn't matter when you turn a blind eye and place importance on what you really stand for and who you really are.

If you've read up to this far. Thank you so much. Because I really wrote this all because of randomness and when I reached this point I hope I touched someone's life. You only got one life. Make the most of it. Feel beautiful. Believe you're the greatest person to ever live.
I didnt even get time to edit this...I just edited forget I said that. Anyways someone might argue since I said I'm different and say "but he eats apples and everybody does that. What's different about you?" See..human behaviour. I like humans though
May 2016 · 3.5k
YoungSymba May 2016
I love when you all over my lips
And it's the same air that you and I breathe.
As I take you to cleanse my soul
With each breath I take you in.

Why would I ever want to leave,
When you keep me afloat when I'm drowning in my tears
And vanish with my fears when I prophesy the future bleak.

I blow you one last kiss,bye,
As you burn,while you whisper with the winds "everything's all right"
Some random *** words I pieced together for the love of ****.
Nov 2015 · 431
Wish God
YoungSymba Nov 2015
Why wish upon a star when you can pray to who created it?
Nov 2015 · 877
Living Shadow: Dark Friend
YoungSymba Nov 2015
Perfectly you fall to the ground
Without making sound
You're always in harmony with light
Whether it sources from the sun or bulb
You'll always be around with no doubt
Although I question your whereabouts
When I'm in the dark.
Perhaps it's a shelter that you provide,
Instilling sanity in my wild heart
When you become a single entity with the night.
Nov 2015 · 423
YoungSymba Nov 2015
I tend to drip honey on my tongue when I speak to the mirror
I know your tainted soul so I rather paint a picture
Perceive it to be real,
Create an oasis just to clear your tears
Until temporary happiness is instilled.

On this mirror,
With these words I paint dreams.
Just as long as I perceive it to be real.
Nov 2015 · 809
Her: Art;Heart
YoungSymba Nov 2015
I love art

I didn't believe in love at first sight

Til you looked me in the eye for the first time,
You smiled,
You drew your heart on my palm.
Nov 2015 · 309
My Oxygen
YoungSymba Nov 2015
I was finding it hard to breathe
I asked my selfwhy?
Is it a dream

Until I realised you aren't around
Oct 2015 · 380
Heaven Lies In Her Eyes
YoungSymba Oct 2015
You said you could take me to heaven
I laughed it off until I gazed deep into your eyes.

You were a dream alive.
YoungSymba Oct 2015
Your pacing pulse beats a drumroll in anticipation of the unknown
Yet your soul remains silent in cries as an unborn
Singing lullabies in cries up to the highest note
Still you stand placid,as the calm of the eye in a storm

Mutely you hope the transition to your dreams
Is eternal separation from the real
You rather find harmony in nyctophilia in the night because,
Daily the sun's illumination reminds you of the light you miss in your life

Your salty pillow know who you are.

BUT you built a home in your you wore a smile,descended the heavens when you fed your subconscious with eternal light. It all sources of your smile.

Now your pillow is dry.
I wrote this when I experienced a break up and I just fed my thoughts with darkness,crying deep inside with a lying smile pretending to be okay. I was pessimistic in terms of tomorrow,till I realised The Law Of Attraction:The Secret and realised I deserve happiness,lived in my mind where all my beautiful thoughts lived and it all showed up in my life.
YoungSymba Oct 2015
I get fleeting glimpse of the skies whenever I glance at her eyes
I see the stars entwine,twinkling,dancing to the rhythm of your heart.
breathing new air into my lungs
Which certainly rejuvenates me back to life.
Cover my scars with words that spell out "you'll be fine" synonymously as a tattoo would promising me eternal shine.

I could've been sceptical and believe my eyes have seen a mirage due to the paths in the past whereby a candle went out in the long run and introduced me to the dark.

Comforted me with a smile that ignited your aura.
Smoothened my tongue with that honey that sourced of your thoughts that are floral.
Aug 2015 · 453
YoungSymba Aug 2015
All I ask of you is to toss a black rose in my coffin when I die.
Jul 2015 · 734
YoungSymba Jul 2015
You often stood in front of the mirror seeing imperfections,til I squeezed honey on your tongue which accumulated to changes in the perspective of your eye.
Now all you could say was "I'm perfection"
"Honey on the tongue" is profound and the ****** of the story
YoungSymba Jun 2015
Freed my soul when you handed your heart w..hole
Your pulses beated a sad song
But I held on to the highest pitch of the note
Remain sceptical of the situation but this all sources of our flaws
Imperfect flaws perfected and I loved you most
Just as you were with those scars about your chest gnawing "I'm all alone"

Quested for sanity through addictive sedations that had you abusing the remedy for therapy but who am I to lay judgement or  question?
The sun was setting so were my eyes setting too..setting on you
Ignited the spark in my soul when the dark arose and you sang me your reminiscence of times in a dark hole.

Our eyes rained through the night
But when the sun was up I realised you were an angel glittering a rainbow in her eyes.

Wrote this after I wrote a song at midnight. Of course I was high. We are flawed but we find happiness in our "remedies" of maintenance of happiness. Ambiguous as this all is..girl's who are flawed and do drugs need love too. S/O to Wale for The Girl's On Drugs
YoungSymba Jun 2015
These shadows shelter you tonight.
Right here you'll feel the tunes of the keys speak.
These melodic keys convey words I've conserved so open up your heart's ears and hear what I've been meaning to tell you.

Traces of your scents remain even if you exit into the warmth of light.
These keys continuously play in the dark.
Words I've never said conveyed in a pulse about my chest are now transmitted into these keys.

Pretty much,I don't know about the C-4 note but I'll continue to play with these keys just so you see meaning in what I wrote. Perhaps this isn't a poem,call it a "see-for-note"
Some random **** I wrote when I had the thought of Christian Grey's room with Ana in it,then I thought of this female in the dark and me playing a piano without really knowing how to play it,I play this beautiful song that conveys what I feel for this girl I barely know
YoungSymba Jun 2015
Give yourself to me with no reservations and acknowledge that the lack of obstacles that hold us distance is the significance of why we worth a try
And who knows we might just meant to be.

Mentally this is troublesome to me.
But the steps that I've decided to be taking-maybe-hasty and result to a chest that's empty.
But then again with that said I've given my heart away--to you.
May it remain safe.
Jun 2015 · 1.5k
Good Mornight
YoungSymba Jun 2015
Six or so hours from now the sun will rise.
In the blessing of being granted the will to see a new day
I hope you learn to appreciate the warmth of light.
I hope you show the world how beautiful you are
All it would take is for you to smile.

You're aren't who they THINK you are.
You're the beautiful creations you've envisioned in your mind.
Show them exactly who you are when the sun has arise.
YoungSymba Jun 2015
There she goes again
She pops another pill to find bliss.
Her hallucinations of the mirages she perceives to be real make her from the chains of reality.
If she could make a wish
She'd wish that this high would be eternally.

She had a beautiful smile
though she was in the dark
it evoked thoughts of fire flies.

She pops another pill..her emancipation from reality
It's the only thing that keeps her sane and afloat in this sea,her tears.

She smiled again
And ironically I saw her beauty within.
Slowly she fades away
As I woke up from my dream
A beautiful dream.

She was a deity. A beautiful deity,that awaits me to save her when my conscious to this world is no longer awakening.
Jun 2015 · 746
Beautiful Temporary Death
YoungSymba Jun 2015
I remember I was dead..

The moment is finally here
My prayers have been answered,I've eternally dreamt
That here with peace I rest
and all is well.

My soul quietens from the rest it has been given since it's been ever oppressed.
Daily bricks are thrown my way.
Each day obstacles accumulate on my path.
A sigh is all that's spelled from me since these acts signify a cliché.

But tonight here on my bed I rest.
Peace will be regained as I pray for my subconscious to ascend to a serene place. Here, I am temporary dead.

I simply believe sleep is temporary death. It's a blessing more than seeing a new day.
Jun 2015 · 1.5k
Misfits Even Till Infinity
YoungSymba Jun 2015
The sun shone.
We haven't shown.

The dark arose.
We bloomed in it as a rose.

During summer we missed the cold.
During winter we wished it was hot.
Spring sprung and we wished the autumn leaves would fall.

We are who we are. We don't ever grow desires that desires us to become something we are not.

We are the misfits.
May 2015 · 2.4k
Sunrise At Midnight
YoungSymba May 2015
I witnessed noon at midnight when her eyes bloomed.
She lit up the room and descended the heavens when she uttered waves into the air into my ear. Her scents attracted the butterflies in my stomach.

The quake in my knees.
I trembled foolishly when she took a step near.
Red liquids showered within my chest when our eyes met. The world took a 360 turn. The atmosphere was synonymous to the calm of the eye.
A pretty stranger made me fall in love in the middle of a bar.
May 2015 · 619
Everything Isn't Everything
YoungSymba May 2015
I have dreams I have goals.
I have everything I don't.
Sometimes I win,sometimes I don't.
The path I'm on is bleak to sum it all,I'm lost.

I am everything I'm not.
I live in my thoughts.
YoungSymba May 2015
Shadows of my reflection. I found bliss in crawling on walls freely, camouflaging with the dark and the moon's exposure whereby my identity surfaced.
My emancipation from the mundane. Stay right beside you though you aren't around,I repetitively question who am I? We're one yet separate entities. I enjoy knowing you're around though at times you disappear when I'm in the dark. (Erase the last line)I'm appreciative of the shelter you provide. There was harmony in my resonance with nyctophilia.

You're always here with me. I'm always here with you. Nothing contrary to that.
May 2015 · 662
The Fruitful Harvest
YoungSymba May 2015
Here I'm at this point(the present) standing placidly and astoundingly glancing at the zenith with wishes of reaching that peak and pinnacle of success. One step at a time, till you learn how to fly and I've heard a few say "patience is a virtue" and I believe so too,I believe patience is a harvest that's fruitful and can only bring forth happiness. Greatness takes time to acquire and for you to discover it within you requires qualities such as determination,patience and ambition. Those play a vital role for you to embrace that greatness.

As I reciprocate to my thoughts and reminisce about the years gone by,a phenomena occurs..I get a vivid glimpse of the future. Marvelled at my willingness to catapult beyond confinements. I give thanks to my inner peace that sources of this confidence so I could unflinchingly go toe-to-toe with any obstruction that gets on my path.

I live my life aware that with each breath I take I'm blessed therefore I'm appreciative of each day I get to live. I strategically calculate the steps I have to take to land me on the podium. In patience,occurs unnatural omens which signify the skies never receiving your hope. So even if I fail along the way I could never be inclined to give it all up.

P A T I E N C E = G R E A T N E S S
Patience equalises to the discovery of greatness. I wrote this when I had hope. Thinking back to those years gone by I know I'll make it to the top. I'll never use my circumstances as a scapegoat for my misfortunes. I don't know if this is a poem but I just wrote something someone out there can relate to.
May 2015 · 901
Die In A Dream
YoungSymba May 2015
If only i could die in my sleep and I wake up to my dream.

I don't wanna know reality.
I just want to be carefree.
Live on the edge with no needs to strategically plan a plan B.
I just want to live in this utopia eternally,be able to harvest in the grape vine which isn't a resemblance of rumours.
Run with my bare feet in strawberry fields.
Don't even tell me what stress is. Let the wind whisper to my soul as I stand placid.
I close my eyes and drift in celestial realms, just to be observant and admire..not to quest.

The luminescence of the sun screamed "wake up!" to my eyes. I tried to keep them shut
reality kicked it as I dreaded waking up. I sighed "life".
At times we wake up wishing we could stay asleep. I think it would be beautiful too. I believe death opens another door to a beautiful life. Anyway i once on a song said "if i die in my sleep will i die in my dreams or a night mare"
YoungSymba May 2015
The music blasts,she orders a glass as I take a glance.

She smiles yet it's all transparent. I could tell she's stressed.
She had a missing halo yet I could tell she was a celestial descendant.

I took a step..A step..

To know      
Her very well.

I didn't even know her name,could barely see her face. She stepped closer,we danced the night away,entwining with the stars. Caressing her chilled my spine.
Every moment felt so right till she was released from my arms and left.
This happens often when you're partying.
May 2015 · 527
Beautiful Bird In The Sea
YoungSymba May 2015
Tears are salty. I found myself flying in an ocean. The currents splashed over my emotions. All my hopes where in the skies whilst I was barely floating. I was soaking in..soaking with my tears. I tried convincing myself with a little bit of "I'll make it out surely."

Contradictory it was,seeing an eagle in sight. Perhaps this could only be a mirage for all I know. Saddened when reality strikes,all hope is lost. I folded my wings and reminisced those scenes where I was carelessly drifting in those clouds.

I should learn to adjust. I learnt to appreciate who I was. A good omen.

Everything is temporary,I smiled. I opened my eyes and look around and there I was sitting on a cloud. My tears are dry.
Appreciate your surroundings and who you are. Don't dwell on your misfortunes. You're beautiful. Your subconscious is you. You live what you believe. Mirages are real.
YoungSymba May 2015
I find myself blithely content when she's around though at times I look around and find she's nowhere to be found
Till I close my eyes and smile having seen her in my my mind.

A goddess she is indeed,especially when the corner of her lips are in motion towards her ears. I admire from a distance,she's so ideal. I crept close with my weakened knees pulled closer by the anima mundi and force of attraction in it.
She uttered words to my soul which equalised to my heart to liquidise. Though I was in vagueness with what she said,she sure could sing.

But you know what "they" say that neutral cliché "everything is temporary."I woke up. What a dream.
It was a beautiful dream.
May 2015 · 2.0k
WE Are The Misfits.
YoungSymba May 2015
WE never camouflage with the masses nor follow trends and direction out of gullibility. The path WE're  on may signify bleakness in the days to come and may look filthy to some.

Wait, the plural emphasised  just struck my concern and weakness..are WE unified? or perhaps unity to US is all contrary and single word equivocation.  Wait.. who are WE?..that question repetitively asked by my subconscious sarcastically.."I" answer "WE are who WE are. The misfits"
May 2015 · 585
YoungSymba May 2015
Reminisce of her pretty face that descend unrealistic utopias to my world. As I crackle a little giggle synonymously to that of a bonfire in the dark. Sudden thoughts evaporate the smile like the sparks do.

Her halo disappears,so does she.  Elusive it is to decipher the meaning behind this. Perhaps I'm in denial of the truth. She misled me into darkness with promises of eternal shine. Instead I'm now trapped in the dark only to realise now it was a lie. The illumination she provided was only temporarily lit.

Pretty images of us hand-in-hand on the sandy lands with serenity in the air brought by the ocean hisses. We were about to rewind those kisses. Till I realised I'm dreaming. I woke up,next to me in my bed..she wasn't there.

See you in my next fantasy.
It is what you believe it is. Your subconscious could be the most realistic state.

— The End —