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Yoni Sav Jan 2017
Trees, gods of summer, defend you from light
Provide you with fruit and cast pain away.
Trees in the summer give from their might, shed you as you find your way

In autumn they wither away
Wounded by ice spears and and arrows of cold.
Leaves fall, naked and stark they stand.

In winter, in cold, they crack, and they fall
As clouds take the sky, they concead the battle.
Nothing lasts forever.

In spring they may rise, with heat and some love all that was lost might come again.
The mighty gods, lost in the fight, may rise to the battle
In summer they protect from the light. Until winds of winter come again...
Yoni Sav Jul 2014
Flowers on a grave
midgets in a rave
colours with no name
filling you with shame
throwing down your shield
while strolling through a field
picking up a sword
So young it's old
You won the fight
Power-up unlocked: flight
You have met our expectation
now back to school
You fool
I felt like trying to write a surreal poem
Yoni Sav Jul 2014
my toe
in the water
what will bite

my mouth
in the water
to bite back

my body
in the water
to be eaten alive
Yoni Sav Jul 2014
distance can be measured
by the sadness in my heart
for I am feeling worse
the more we are apart
Yoni Sav Jun 2014
Running against the wind
as I am fighting windmills
for my health
Yoni Sav Jun 2014
I have the muse
I have the words
I have the need
I have the force
yet when I try, I come up dry
and end up, for the worse
I guess I'll have to learn a new art now.
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