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Ayin Medina May 2018
Testing the waters
My sea is always unease
But you're my calm wave
Ayin Medina Jan 2018
With you is like ice cream on a summer
A blanket on a cold weather
with my favorite tune on the radio
It's an understatement when I say that simple things are better with you
Sleeping was calmer
Tomorrow was a motivation
But now I cry over spilled coffee and a ruined sunny side up egg
Everything is gray and blue
24 hours takes weeks to end
My bed is a coffin for a wide awake corpse
And now I see my hand as an unsolved puzzle
missing another piece that was once filled by you
The sun is not as bright as before
I tried looking at it directly
And it's not shining for me anymore
Ayin Medina Jan 2018
Sometimes, I'm happy
But most of the time I wish
sometimes is often
Ayin Medina Jan 2018
He's a shining star
My heart went blind like my eyes
I guess he's too bright
Ayin Medina Jan 2018
My body is filled with stars
Stars that were once bright but not as luminous as before
Light that is twitching, trying to survive the darkness
Stars whose shine was stolen by different hands that tried to explore my galaxy
Hands that travelled like they're drawing unidentified constellations
Beautifully strange
Following the patterns of melancholy and sin
Fascination and guilt
He memorized every way in it, every turn and every peculiarity
But his universe is way too big for him to stay with this body
It's not mesmerizing in here
And his favorite constellation is found in another galaxy
  Nov 2017 Ayin Medina
There was once a man
Who looked at the moon and asked
"Is there anything I could ask,
that you can answer?"
There was no reply,
as expected.

The next morning, there was a dog.
The man crouched down
in front of the dog and asked
"What are you up to today?"
The dog walked past,
as expected.

In the afternoon, there was a girl.
She was sitting on a bench in the park.
The man sat beside her and asked
"Are you waiting for someone?"
She kept gazing at the sunset,
as expected.

Night falls in a pub in the city.
There's a drunken man, had many bottles.
The man approached him and asked
"Is something the matter?"
The man finally collapsed after too much drinks,
as expected.

Lastly, in a room there are antiques.
One is a mirror in an intricate frame.
The man looked at the mirror and asked
"How do you feel today?"
There was no reflection,
as expected.
Ayin Medina Oct 2017
I once loved this song
The one we sang together
I can't stand it now
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