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Yaz Hernandez May 2019
Her skin is as sweet as honey
Her wild blondish brown hair
Long and curly
she’s like a sunflower in the wind
Tracking the sun
Healing every inner inch of me
Soaking up my toxic radiation
She’s the sunflower and I am the bee
Addicted to her central spirals
Craving her sweet nectar
Yaz Hernandez Dec 2018
I yearn for somewhere cold and gloomy
coffee's ready
crumbs on the table
smeared butter on my sweater
windows cracked open
cold breeze coming in
memories stuck in my head like old songs
I can't go back
is this heartache?
Yaz Hernandez Sep 2018
5:54 Am
I'm awake
Good morning world
I can smell the fall
It's been 2 years
since I've written anything
My fingers shake and tremble
It's been raining
I can smell the wet world outside
It's time
To make some coffee
Hello world
Yaz Hernandez Oct 2016
Using our well ironed shirts
to wipe off
the wine stains from our nicotine covered teeth
Yaz Hernandez Oct 2016
I dated a religious girl once
She had framed the photo of the ****** Mary on her wall
by her bed
I spent the entire night staring at this ****** eyes
wondering if the burning I felt was because I was slowly paying for my sins
because I had just gotten the "holy" ****** out of me
either way
Yaz Hernandez Sep 2016
Sometimes my arthritis kicks in
and it feels like a thousand sharp ice cycles going into my joints
I don’t mind
Although I ache
I don’t mind
the pain has turn into pleasure
has become familiar
now I know
that when I ache
I’m alive
Yaz Hernandez Sep 2016
Current relationship status -
cutting the alluring flower
before it blooms -
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