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YayyaKhairudin Jul 2017
RedHanded (First Time I Saw You)

There you were
Sparky hair and red shirt
-as I could still remember
You smiled while noticing me
I was caught red handed


I saw you a couple times
Waiting for someone
I had seen that someone
Should I noticed that too?
That someone
-is so lucky
-to have you


It was a seldom audacity
For me to look at you
But that day
Our eyes focused
At each other-
Made me realised

#Resea­ch (1)

My FYP moment
But you got me first
I needed to get rid of you

But Els,
You had planted seeds in my garden heart
That had been cloudy and raining for years
Now the seeds had grown into flowers
And would not wither unless you pick them.

#Research (2) (I Found You)

I was dying to know
So i found everything
Every single pieces of what i needed
Whom was written above?
It was YOU.

God led me to you
With His mercy
I found you.
YayyaKhairudin Jun 2017
Here's to you:

Whom makes me shiver
When your eyes stay linger

The beauty of you is what perceived
While your inner side remains beneath

The excitement which i could not resist
To see you is such a relief

If my stare makes you ponder
And this too makes me wonder

As in my memories you appear
To have you is my desire.
YayyaKhairudin Sep 2016
Its me
Not you
Or anyone

To love every
Single details
Of your imperfections

To put back altogether
This shattered heart
That has broken

To always love
Our memories together
And live with it

Its me
Not you
Or anyone
For you, my physioyherapist
YayyaKhairudin Aug 2016
Dear lovely stranger
I hope you will not stay in anger
For everytime i tease you without fear
And let you down this year.

How time flies
And now is like part of me dies
For knowing the truth
That it is the end of your youth.

Words could not explain
Of the pain that i gain
Let my grief and tears rain
May the rainbow shows up again.

Please be happy
Only happiness will set you free
Perhaps it is time to say goodbye
And now go-- spread your wings and fly.
YayyaKhairudin Jul 2016
By time i realize
It is just me
Not you
Or anyone

Will you understand
Will you
That it is always me
Not you
Or anyone

To love you
Is me
Not you
Or anyone
YayyaKhairudin Jul 2016
And there it goes again,
Fall in love and feel the pain,
Cloudy skies here comes the rain,
Lightning strikes and a soul faint.

Tears of a broken heart,
That is the saddest of a loveliest part,
Gather the pieces put it in a cart,
Reassemble it for a restart.
YayyaKhairudin May 2016
Accompany by lights
In the middle of the night
Enjoying the crunchiness of every bite
Thinking of the thoughts that i cant decide

Thinking of you makes me feel lonely
Cause all i have with you is just a memory
Running in my mind like watching a movie
Just me and the popcorns in theater B.
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