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  Jan 2015 Yasmine
Love her like
She's the raging sea,
Unrestrained and dark and deep.
And you crave her touch
Through aching pores
As you slowly drown in sleep.

Love her like
She's the tender storm,
A lovely shade of grey.
Like with every whiff
Of breath she takes,
She's taking yours away.

Love her like
She's the silent clouds
With calmness floating by.
Like you'd want to make
Sweet love to her
Under the moon's apocalyptic eye.

Love her like
She's the blazing fire,
And you lust the candied pain.
Like she's the disease
That swallowed you whole
And you'd like to die again.

When her gentle touch
Makes your chest explode,
And your addiction is your girl.
Promise you'll love her
Through hell and back,
Or don't you dare love her at all.
Yasmine Oct 2014
A villain
In all of us
An evil
In the best of us
A greed
That lurks within
A demon
That commits the sin
An anger
Thrown and hurled
A hatred
Against the world
A monster
Unleashed to fight
A darkness
That drowns out the light
But something, a flicker, a flame
Something, a spark, a name
A light
That outshines the dark
A warrior
Valiant in heart
A love
That we give away
A joy
When we save the day
An angel
Makes the better choice
A saviour  
When we use our voice
A winner
Is the best of us
A hero
In all of us
There's a hero in all of us. Sure we all make mistakes and wrong choices, but there's good in everyone, even if you don't see it in yourself. :)
Yasmine Sep 2014
This is for the one who feels alone
For the one who feels defeated
This for the one without a home
For the one who feels cheated
This is for the one who's been tossed away
The one forgotten on the sidelines
For the one yet to see the day
To surpass the others and guidelines
This one is for all of you
All the burnouts the failures the depressed
This one is for all the losers
The stupid the hopeless the oppressed.
So what?
You ******* up
So what?
You tried so hard
So what?

And maybe you are alone
Maybe you sit on the sidelines
Maybe you haven't had your chance
Maybe you can't see the guidelines
Maybe you're the bystander
Maybe you're the victim
Maybe you've been lied to
Maybe you've been cheated
Maybe you really Are a loser,

But you are not defeated.
Keep going. Persist and always believe in yourself. If you do, then you can never lose. Succeed is all you do.
Yasmine Aug 2014
And here we are
Bound by time
            And         beating        hearts
For that single instant
                      we collide
            Like stars and comets
In override
We'll f
                       in love
                       Cra sh
                        bu r n
                     Fiery passion  
R o i l and churn
Fate                    and              destiny
                   Woven dreams
Hope                  and              faith
                 Br e ak in g seams
Now here we are
         Two           beating       hearts
Bound by time


Imagine space, time, and the possibility of infinite
  Aug 2014 Yasmine
The beauty of a woman
is in the poems she's wrote,
the dreams she's weaved
and all the stories she's told.

The beauty of a woman
is in the adventures she's taken,
the lives she's touched
and all the minds she's awakened.

The beauty of a woman
is in the caring she gives,
the sincerity in her laughter,
and the passion in her griefs.

It's not the expensive clothes she owns,
her body size, the diamonds she's worn.
Measure not the beauty of woman in gold,
for the beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul.
Dedicated to all women out there with an amazing mind and a beautiful soul. We are the gift of nature, soft enough to touch the core of others and strong enough to protect that and those important to us. I love you all. Believe in yourself and the world will believe in your power.

I'm honored to have it as the daily poem.
Yasmine Aug 2014
On a blank canvas I find escape
Paint brush in hand my dreams take shape
A getaway from this raging ocean
I create my world with strong emotion
For now my drawings do suffice
Creating my perfect paradise
I am passionate, and I believe
I am who I want to see
I am me, just let me be

I like to shoot hoops and swish every one
I practice my overhands just for fun
I go on bike rides, my heart pounding
I think jogs refreshing and grounding
I push myself to my limit
Striving to be the one to win it
I have confidence, and I have faith
I am who I want to see
I am me, just let me be

I like to sing their doubt away
A soaring chorus all through the day
I strum the strings to a happy tune
I know I'll be singing and laughing soon
The lyrics tell me "it's alright"
And with the music I take flight
I am strong, and I achieve
I am who I want to see
I am me, just let me be

My tattoos and piercings make people stare
But I do what I want, and I don't care
I dye my hair and wear dark clothes
Telling me what to do, but no one knows
Still they judge, and make me a clown
I stare defeat in the eye, refuse to back down
I am strong-willed, and I am proud
I am who I want to see
I am me, just let me be

Used to wear make-up and attempt perfection
Wore the latest styles as my protection
At first glance you would never guess
Through all my fake friends and flawlessness
Used to not have a single person, all alone in my shell
Now I have friends who care, and who I can tell
I am beautiful, and I am free
I am who I want to see
I am me, just let me be

In others our dreams we may depend
But we pick up the pieces and learn to mend
Who we are, and what we are
Something truly wonderful
How we move, and how we live
Just completely beautiful
I have a power, I'm one in the world
I am who I want to see
I am me, just let me be
I wrote this from different perspectives of generalized people.
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