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May 2020 · 400
Things get better
Miss X May 2020
Call it law of attraction
or fate

It took me two years

I finally believe in love again
May 2020 · 169
third date
Miss X May 2020
not saying you're perfect
but the way you
shook your head at me last night
kissing my cheek
joking about my choice of wine
still makes me blush today

not saying you're perfect
but the way you
stood in the doorway last night
kissing me goodbye
smirking at me
still gives me butterflies today

not saying you're perfect
but you are
Jul 2016 · 747
We forgot
Miss X Jul 2016
And one day you forget
What it was like the first day
catching feelings
and walking around
trying to find the perfect café

And you forget
What it was like
going through spring with Vivaldi,
cameo jackets and each other's love

We forgot

We forgot
How we used to write poetry
How we used to fall asleep on the phone
How we used to find names for our kids
How we used to discuss the holes in Swiss cheese
How we talked about
we would never become one of those couples
who would forget

But we forgot
Feb 2016 · 930
Miss X Feb 2016
When you know, you know.
There is no doubt
whether the sky is blue
or gold
or red like my love for him,
when you know, you just know.

Mar 2015 · 10.4k
Love at first sight
Miss X Mar 2015
Drizzling sounds of the rain

You look at me
and I have never felt the same

Mar 2015 · 835
Small Details
Miss X Mar 2015
Believe me
I will eat all the pickles
you pick out
of your burgers
for the rest of your life
as long as you hold my hand
as we climb a tree
a summer afternoon
just you and me

Nov 2014 · 679
Successful Woman
Miss X Nov 2014
Eyes blank and hands cold
she sits alone in a furnished room
a closet full of Louis Vuitton
but not a man in her sight

Money fly through the air
but yet there is no one to care
Sore feet and a hot engine
but no one there
at the end of the day
to take care of her poor heart

Sep 2014 · 489
Below the surface
Miss X Sep 2014
I can't
make my
anxiety win
I am
than that

Twenty one is young
but not younger
than twenty

I can't lose
I just can't

Sep 2014 · 1.7k
Miss X Sep 2014
She was a flower
no one believed
could blossom

but here she stands
prettier than a peony
proving them all wrong

Sep 2014 · 412
Hey Baby
Miss X Sep 2014
Hey baby
do you realize what you have done?
You have created the base for
my happiness
sewn my heart back together
and created a happy glowing mind

Sep 2014 · 2.0k
Luckiest Girl
Miss X Sep 2014
I am the luckiest girl alive, not because I have a closet full of designer brands and a shelf lined with classical works, I am lucky because I have you in my life, lucky because I get to see your pretty blue eyes for the rest of my life, lucky because I am the one who makes you laugh and even luckier because you make me feel alive. I still remember how we sat at that bench, two hours of pure love, ignoring the world and not paying attention to the beautiful garden, at that moment (and even before that) I was sure that I was the luckiest girl alive, feeling your lips on mine, feeling your smile as we kiss and your enchanting eyes.

I love you
not because you are beautiful
nor because your voice is the best sound I have ever heard
I love you because you have the purest heart
I am truly the luckiest girl

Sep 2014 · 1.4k
Miss X Sep 2014
Sometimes I like to imagine
us drinking hot chocolate
with too much whipped cream
You wearing a grey knitted sweater
and me wearing the biggest smile

All the tiny kisses
on my lips
on my nose
you have whipped cream everywhere!"

Sep 2014 · 322
When he left for the army
Miss X Sep 2014
Day one
without my love

It feels like hundred days
and an entire summer
I'm suffocating
in my own misery

Will I survive
until day four?

Aug 2014 · 936
Good morning
Miss X Aug 2014
When the daylight
hits your window
you suddenly realize
yesterday was only temporary
and now is today

the wind has shifted its directions
and nothing
will ever come close to

Good morning mind
have you finally escaped
your bubble?

Aug 2014 · 2.3k
When a Human meets Love
Miss X Aug 2014
A human being
is nothing
but meat and bones
until the day
it touches love
for the first time
and transforms into
a personality
something beyond
what is read in the
human DNA
Aug 2014 · 672
Dying Souls
Miss X Aug 2014
And even though it all looks picture perfect
we all carry fire arms strong enough to ****
The truth of humanity is not in our biology
it begins the day our butterflies give our soul away
It is beyond Sigmund Freud and Albert Bandura
it is the indescribable, the undeniable, the supernatural
The complex relationship between two loving souls
it is the power of one soul killing the other
leaving nothing but a human being made of meat and bones
The truth of humanity lies in love

Hunters of love
Powerful enough to **** a soul
and carry on

Aug 2014 · 481
Coup de Foudre
Miss X Aug 2014
When I met him I heaved a sigh of relief
like the feeling you get when the plane lands after a four hour flight
you are safe
you are home
it was a feeling of being saved
from a life
where misery and loneliness were a daily meal

He grabbed me before I fell down the stairs
and unconsciously his sweet scent hypnotized me
and his voice comforted my soul

Not even actors in a Hollywood movie
but it was love at first sight
and at that moment I knew
I no longer had to worry
I was loved
Aug 2014 · 368
Nothing to lose but you
Miss X Aug 2014
I wish I could save you
from getting hurt
but what do I do
when I am the reason
for your bleeding heart

Have you ever thought
of living without me
I have
and it felt like lava
running over me
the world getting
and my soul
turning into dust

There's no heaven
waiting for me after death
if I am to spend the time
without you

How many times
can a person die
before it disappears
Aug 2014 · 328
Miss X Aug 2014
When lying wide awake at night


your heart is broken
or madly in love

who knows what's worse
Aug 2014 · 282
Break-up (10w)
Miss X Aug 2014
He left me
He actually left me

Let me disappear
Aug 2014 · 6.8k
Miss X Aug 2014
He doesn't like dressing
and I'm all about Caesar Salad
He doesn't understand
my smokey eye
but I know that I will always
have him by my side


know that I am yours
wherever you are
Aug 2014 · 2.2k
Cotton candy
Miss X Aug 2014
Eating cotton candy in a park
the sugar sticking to our noses

Your laughter
so loud and confident
it makes my heart melt
quicker than my spun sugar
you kiss my nose
and we both know
that it's meant to be
Jul 2014 · 721
Coffee date at Rodeo Drive
Miss X Jul 2014
Louis Vuitton
and Chanel no 5
A single girl's

Until the day
she meets her man
worth more
  than diamonds
         and silver chains
Jul 2014 · 408
Please stop
Miss X Jul 2014
We got together
a cold winter day
on the sixteenth

Our lips concealed
not revealing
how we really feel

The world
would not understand
what this love is about

Oh please
Spare me with your
conservative thoughts
about what's right and wrong

You are not us
Go watch
your pretty rose garden
be careful with the thorns

Karma is alluring
in the corner
of every stone
Jun 2014 · 7.6k
Miss X Jun 2014
is not your enemy
                                  Society is
Jun 2014 · 2.0k
Dead before suicide
Miss X Jun 2014
From the 41st floor
she looked down
she fell
and she fell
boy, how she fell
Felt the wind in her hair
In her stomach
In her entire body
But she never hit ground
she was already a dead soul
Unable to feel pain
Unable to be happy
Unable to feel alive
Jun 2014 · 531
Miss X Jun 2014
Like the shooting star
we admire on the sky
Your past is dead
but it has left traces
of itself

Thank God
I like to stay in
and never have to see
the dead stars
Jun 2014 · 376
Dear God
Miss X Jun 2014
I pray to a God I don't believe in
Buddhist, Christian or Muslim
it does not make any difference
Desperately, I pray that he will bring
me and the love of my life together
Erase all the physical boundaries
and sew our hands together forever

Jun 2014 · 294
Over it
Miss X Jun 2014
I collapsed in my bed
I see no one
but us

I am now over it
Officially over it
Jun 2014 · 1.6k
A world of hashtags
Miss X Jun 2014
Baby, I do not know
how to express my feelings to you
but if this had been social media
I am sure it would have
been done somewhat like this:

hashtag boyfriend
hashtag soulmate
hashtag you and me forever
hashtag please be the father of my children
hashtag I called the minister already, please say I do
May 2014 · 354
The lights
Miss X May 2014
They are calling my name
these echoing voices
I am only human
following the lights I see
guiding me into foreign territory

but I wear my earmuffs
and feel safe
as the lights guide me
May 2014 · 461
Invincible kind of love
Miss X May 2014
She was crazy
    and he was sane
but they loved each other
more than husband and wife
beyond the furthest edge of
the universe

But put two stubborn
people together
and suddenly
    you will have trouble
the kind that make you
want to roll your eyes
as well as melt your heart

It turns out
that crazy and sane equals
not only trouble
but love beyond what is human
beyond what is seen before
           completely invincible
May 2014 · 274
My poet
Miss X May 2014
His poems
make me happy
it proves
how deep his soul is
that's he is no ordinary man
I am lucky
to have a poet in my life
writing beautiful poems
for the both of us
May 2014 · 941
Dressing up
Miss X May 2014
Her feet hurt
from wandering around
in 4 inches high heels
trying to impress guys
that are impossible to impress
Wearing too much make-up
on that doll face of hers
never giving up
on trying to please
everyone else's interests
instead of looking at her own

At 3 am
She gets home
Finally grounded again
she takes of her mask
shows her true self
to the mirror
Miss X Apr 2014
I wish I was as talented
as the man who made me a poet
If I had never met him
Never felt his love
I would not be here
I would not write
I would not live

But I really wish I was as talented
as the man who made me a poet
The way he paints words
on a piece of blank paper
The way he colors my world
with his eloquence and his long
list of unknown adjectives

He made me write
He made me live

If one day I could be half as good
possess half of his talent in me
I'd be happier than a bird
with a french fry
Apr 2014 · 3.9k
Every morning
Miss X Apr 2014
I wake up every morning
and drink a bottle of gasoline
hoping it will turn me in to
a high speed train
powerful enough
to tear down the road
and quickly
pass by all the people
I fear to meet
Apr 2014 · 536
Unrequited love
Miss X Apr 2014
She wants to die for him
but he does not care to
even look at her face,

and therefore he overlooks
the fact that she is already
bleeding to death
right in front of him.
Apr 2014 · 415
Our song
Miss X Apr 2014
Whenever I turn on the radio
and hear the sound of our song
a feeling of happiness spreads
in my entire body
butterflies in my stomach
arms, legs and even toes

It reminds me of your laugh
your sweet smile as you imitate
the voice of the singer
It reminds me of how I feel
how reminded I am
that I want to spend forever
with you
Apr 2014 · 326
Nothing wasted
Miss X Apr 2014
I loved you
before you knew
before you had a clue

the tissues weren't wasted

Because suddenly
I felt your lips on mine
and saw our love shine
Apr 2014 · 1.6k
Life changing kiss
Miss X Apr 2014
The first time
your lips touched my lips
my life was changed
for better and for worse.

There's no way
such experience can be changed
No way such feeling can be erased
No way
such a life changing kiss
can be undone.
Apr 2014 · 526
Destination: love
Miss X Apr 2014
Life is a journey
but we are trapped and can't
travel anywhere but to our hearts
Our destination is love
but with ash clouds
filling the sky
we cannot go anywhere
Not by plane
Not even by sea
or by horse
Apr 2014 · 9.0k
Dad's birthday (haiku)
Miss X Apr 2014
with the sun shining
over our house, we all scream:
"happy birthday dad!"
My dad turns 50 today. Happy birthday, daddy.
Apr 2014 · 26.0k
Miss X Apr 2014
I see ***** girls
lusting after my boyfriend
I see them sending winks
and hearts and showing
some extra tanned skin
lace bras and bright red lipsticks
and heels higher than my self esteem

Maybe it is jealousy
Or maybe it is reality
One thing I know for sure;
I'm definitely going crazy
Apr 2014 · 360
Miss X Apr 2014
She wanted death to grasp her without saying goodbye
Only for a sad, distant moment
until she realized it would be a crime
to the love of her life.

She did not want death, it was all an inner lie,
she wanted a white fenced house,
and their children running around in diapers,
screaming 'daddy'  and enjoying their life.
Apr 2014 · 406
Always and forever
Miss X Apr 2014
They all laugh because
he has her lipstick on his cheek
teasing him, saying
she has marked
him for life

He shakes his head
and shares a smile
knowing she has
tattooed him for life.
Apr 2014 · 376
My world
Miss X Apr 2014
He has painted all of the walls in my world
into the beautiful, captivating colors of the rainbow.
Never have I felt more comfortable waking up,
seeing all the beauty around me, reminding me of him.
He is the kind of knight who came unexpectedly,
I, a lost princess, had never heard a single fairy tale in my life,
never thought an amazing man like him existed,
never thought of life as enchantingly beautiful.

He is
the sweet taste in my tea,
the big smile on my lips,
the nail polish on my nails,
the floral cologne on my neck,
the sugary taste in my candy,
the blue color on a clear sky,
the loud laugh in a tiny room,
the perfect sourness in my apple,
the oxygen in my lungs

He is absolutely everything in my world.
Apr 2014 · 309
Scream for love
Miss X Apr 2014
Her thoughts have been poisoned by darkness
Everyone believes
death will be upon them soon
Have they given up?
Don't they know
they have the ability to brighten her world?
They are the medicine
The antibiotics
which can save her life

She does not want death to grasp her
She wants them to save her  
stroke her hair
prove her
that everything is going to be alright

they confuse
with suicide

This is a scream for love

Love her
Apr 2014 · 377
My dear love
Miss X Apr 2014
My dear love
There are not enough stars in the world
which are able to represent
all the times
I have hurt your feelings
Once I open my mouth
poison comes out
shadowing a beautiful and bright day.

There are not enough paper in the world
for me to write my apology letter for you
My body is filled with words I want to say
but I am not sure
my vocabulary is sufficiently eloquent
to express all the thoughts
that have run through my head

My dear love
I hope you know that I love you
More than any woman
has ever loved another man
If I could
I would hand you the entire world
I swear I would

This poem is going to sew my mouth together
"I love you"
will be the only words you will ever hear
from me again
The only words
I should ever have spoken to you

My dear love
I beg you please
show me forgiveness
even if I don't deserve it
Apr 2014 · 422
A Queen with her King
Miss X Apr 2014
With a ring on my finger
and my man on my mind
I am ready
to conquer the world
in nothing
but bare feet
       and love
Apr 2014 · 1.2k
Miss X Apr 2014
here is my promise for you.
The rest of your life
will be a concert
Listening to me
singing in the shower,
every single morning,
are you ready for that?
I have given you a special
Just for you,
welcoming you
into my life,
my habits,
my entire world

hold on to that ticket
because it is all I'm able
to give you
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