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Miss X May 2020
Call it law of attraction
or fate

It took me two years

I finally believe in love again
Miss X May 2020
not saying you're perfect
but the way you
shook your head at me last night
kissing my cheek
joking about my choice of wine
still makes me blush today

not saying you're perfect
but the way you
stood in the doorway last night
kissing me goodbye
smirking at me
still gives me butterflies today

not saying you're perfect
but you are
Miss X Jul 2016
And one day you forget
What it was like the first day
catching feelings
and walking around
trying to find the perfect café

And you forget
What it was like
going through spring with Vivaldi,
cameo jackets and each other's love

We forgot

We forgot
How we used to write poetry
How we used to fall asleep on the phone
How we used to find names for our kids
How we used to discuss the holes in Swiss cheese
How we talked about
we would never become one of those couples
who would forget

But we forgot
Miss X Feb 2016
When you know, you know.
There is no doubt
whether the sky is blue
or gold
or red like my love for him,
when you know, you just know.

Miss X Mar 2015
Drizzling sounds of the rain

You look at me
and I have never felt the same

Miss X Mar 2015
Believe me
I will eat all the pickles
you pick out
of your burgers
for the rest of your life
as long as you hold my hand
as we climb a tree
a summer afternoon
just you and me

Miss X Nov 2014
Eyes blank and hands cold
she sits alone in a furnished room
a closet full of Louis Vuitton
but not a man in her sight

Money fly through the air
but yet there is no one to care
Sore feet and a hot engine
but no one there
at the end of the day
to take care of her poor heart

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