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Yara Mrad Jan 2017
I wanna bottle up the memories of you
Filter my blood of your poison
Detach your roots, the roots you sunk so deeply into my heart
Erase the taste of your hesitant lips from mine
**** the paradoxical sensation of your hands caressing my thighs
Forget the way your eyes light up when you look at me
Estinguish the flaming desires blazing inside me
Burry the letters you wrote me with your shaky hands
Burn the traces of you on every inch of my skin
I wanna bottle up the memories of you
Let them simmer for years
Just like fine wine
For you were my sweet addiction
I was hooked on every aspect of you.
Every dimension of your being
Ignited a fire in my *****
Made me go mad
Mad for the love we felt but never had
Sent me on endless journeys within the murrals of my overworked brain
Got me moaning, screaming
Rushed my adreline like a hurricane invading every pillar of my body
Dilated my pupils
Intensified the beats of my fragile heart
Clogged the flow of blood to my head
Forced my teeth into my lips, even yours
I wanna bottle up the memories of you
As the few thing that create this bittersweet sensation and trigger the smallest cells of my being--
Other than the trembling flame of your liveliness--
Are the taste of wine burning the insides of my mouth
while the substance slowly blurrs my tired eyes
The smell of a book whose pages await the touch of my fingers absorbing each of the letters
The hazy feeling of worn-out eyes at the end of a day free of frames
The cold temperature of ice cream warmed up by the heat of melted chocolate
The smoothness of the soul of a tea cup covering the frames of my glasses
The sound of the sweet combination of words and notes blasting through my earphones
And the bottled up memories of you
Left to simmer for years
Just like fine wine
Burning the insides of my mouth
Till my eyes get tired of looking for your face in a faceless crowd
Nov 2016 · 486
Take Me Back
Yara Mrad Nov 2016
Take me back to the time
when the only concerns of mine
were cartoons and coloring pens.
When I was not stuck behind this fence,
trying to escape to a better place,
trying to avoid the problems I face.
Where the lights are darker;
the nights are longer;
and the sorrow is lighter.
Where the pain is fading,
and the scars are healing.
Where I can finally breathe, again.
Where I'm not at a dead end.
Where I can look in the mirror
and see beyond the bruised up picture.
Where there is no reflection,
no sight of agonizing perplexions,
no sight of a face that is painted black.
Borrowed but never given back,
this heart is not mine.
Those eyes are not mine.
I see the present but am stuck in the past.
I get drunk on the toxins racing just as fast
as the memories holding me back in chains.
I get high on the thoughts smoked up in my brain.
I struggle to stay alive outside of myself.
This body has become a prison by itself.
Living inside the walls of this cell
has made my vision too foggy,
my hands too ******,
my will too sloppy,
my days too rocky,
my mind too cloudy;
to act sane,
to try and maintain,
the fake play staged for the fools
who will laugh and point fingers at you
as soon as you leave the room.
You are a freak show;
at you, money they throw;
betting how much more you'll last
until all things holding you together collapse,
until you become a forgotten story of the past.
Jun 2016 · 368
Lies of a Lost Generation
Yara Mrad Jun 2016
I look around searching for myself,
I look for a sign to know where I dwell.
I can see my hands, my nose, my feet.
I can smell, taste, hear, and feel.
I have emotions, loud and clear;
I have feelings of love and fear,
I am a soul in a stranger's body,
I am a prisoner of a world too haughty.
What is a house when it does not feel like home?
What is a family when your true self cannot be shown?
Why does finding someone who understands you seem so hard?
Why does trying to be yourself only makes you fall apart?
Who said life is all about pleasing others?
Who said life is all about being mothers?
Is faking how you feel really worth it?
Is practice enough to make you perfect?
Are those voices in my brain really there?
Are those people being honest and fair?
Am I the only one who feels alienated?
Am I the only one who feels castrated?
Tell me, am I skinny enough to fit the standards?
Tell me, am I smart enough to have manners?
Tell me now, do I have a pretty face?
Tell me now, do I deserve to be chased?
Does it look like I am chaste?
Does it look like I am straight?
Will I ever escape the system?
Will I ever not be a victim?
Can I, for once, close my eyes
Can I, for once, see a world free of lies?
May 2016 · 312
A Cure for Blues
Yara Mrad May 2016
Like a piece of wrinkly gold
Color blinding, shape so bold

Emerging from the brown earth
Like the sunrays on a day’s birth

Surface caresses the skin with its bumps
The road of life felt by the thumb

Up and down; perfect symmetry
Radiant shine fills the eyes, so glittery.

Peel away the shell of gold
Gems and stones slowly unfold

Brown as dirt; mighty treasures
Hazel heart full of pleasure
The tongue is lost; no maps, no measures

Melting surface in the cave of the mouth
Blissful substance drowning south

Dissolving into a heavenly taste
No plan in mind, unknown faith
Just one tale in utopian pace

Traveling down the narrow tube
Shape deformed; no circles, no cubes
A melting cure for dreadful blues
We had a Chocolate Ceremony in Creative Writing and our task was to write a poem describing our experience. This is a poem describing the degustation of the Italian chocolate Ferrero Rocher.
Mar 2015 · 880
Weaving Shelters
Yara Mrad Mar 2015
Let your lips play around with mine
Adrenaline explodes through your eyes
Heart starts racing
Skipping beats when it's you i'm facing
Not used to breaking free from my control
It sinks into my lungs where it unfolds
The sweetest pleasure of this new experience
Overwhelmed with the surreality of your existence
Yet it shelters itself in the warmth of your hands
Roaming around not knowing where to stand
Blushing red, rose shy
To let the world know that you're mine
But pink cheeks and intimidated emotions
Draw it deeper
And deeper
into the shadows of your motions
To cover up the intensity of their flow.
Thus ask your heart for it knows
The celebration that my body throws
Each time you come close
Each time my aura interwinds with yours
Each time my spirit senses the pulses of your soul
Jan 2015 · 718
Heart on My Sleeve
Yara Mrad Jan 2015
My palms are numb from holding on
To your hands that keep them warm
My fingers get stuck in yours
From carrying them for too long
My heart jumps up and down
It skips a beat but keeps beating on
Till my eyes get ahold of yours
Staring at me, drowning me in
Grasping the image of my reflection
Like i'm the definition of perfection

My cheeks will always be waiting to be sheltered
I'm ready to love you with all my senses
My body is a thousand feet above the ground
floating on air
And it does not care
I'm high on something that cannot be shared

When asked "why him, not someone else"
I don't have anything to say except
I love when your hands touch mine
I love the feelings they trigger inside
I love when you kiss my forehead
When you look at me and you almost forget
To breathe so you order yourself to look away
I love it when you get shy
When your lips say you wanna kiss me but instead;
You lower your head
Close my eyes and smile
I love when you hold me and look straight in my eyes
When i stuff my head in your chest
When i hear your heart that refuses to rest
I love when you kiss my hand
When you hug me so tight that i can't
Help but feel so tiny
With your hands wrapped around me
And my head under your neck

What i hate is
That i can't describe the things i love about you
Unless i wanna limit myself to a couple of pages to view
What i hate is
That from all the poems that i wrote
This must be the cheesiest
That's the best i've got
Let's give it another shot

I love when you say that you do
I love that i feel the same way too
Dec 2014 · 345
Yara Mrad Dec 2014
They say pain demands to be felt
With the deepest part of your heart
With all your senses, the ones left
From a numb body that has been shot
With sharp arrows that slowly lead to your death
Torturing your spirit till you feel it escape from your chest
Running away from the suffering
Tearing up your skin, layer by layer
Leaving marks and signs everywhere
Stabbing your heart fearlessly along the way..
And suddenly blood rushes through your veins
You feel the adrenaline racing the cells of your brain
A thought freezes the tremendous pain
The thought of him reinforces the army that stands against you
The whole world stops to embrace it too
Finding the source of the bombs
That exploded all at once
It was not pain triggered by the absence of your loved one, no
Not the plague that infects your heart once in a while, no
Not the butterflies at war in your stomach when you see him, no
Something toxic and dark; above all
It is,indeed, his presence that tortures your soul
With words that rip you apart like a sword
Oct 2014 · 625
Lonely Candle
Yara Mrad Oct 2014
Lonely candle on my birthday cake
Gasping for attention, putting its life at stake
The lonely candle wants to dance and celebrate,
Wave its shimmery flame although it's shy
but my,
Nobody willing to bring it to life.
Sailing by itself on chocolate waves
Searching for the one thing its heart craves:
To be lit up by a generous hand
To be serenaded with warming chants
Willing to sacrifice its new-born life; to see a smile
On that well-rounded face of mine
Willing to give in to my lips,
Revealing scars left behind my teeth that bit
The silky surface while making a wish,
Stealing the candle's light with a single blow
It doesn't mourn to the loss of its glow
But melts of joy as it knows
That it was the center of the show
Put on every year to ease my blues
Hoping that some of the wishes made upon its death
Will give life to the chance of them coming true

Lonely candle in the darkness
Know that I honor and thank your kindness
For you've given me enlightenment on this day
That was supposed to be filled with happiness, not pain
Bursting with sun rays, not rain
But instead, i'm devastated to say
Today was the worst of all birthdays
Sep 2014 · 485
Black and White
Yara Mrad Sep 2014
Feel the darkness beneath your skin
Your beating heart stealing the thread of light that is too thin
Too thin, too weak to make it in
That its existence blooms with the sparkles in your eyes;
Rarely to brighten up these two starless skies
As rarely as the sun warms up the winter lands
Or the rain waters the dried-out summer plants.
It's not long before those sparkles fly out
When you look up to the heavens,
Hugging the fortunate souls with your cloudy skies
Your mind wants to scream, wants to shout it out
Let the world know that the trembling in your galaxy
The lonely black stones in your eyes
The unheard pain buried deep in the sea
In a little abandoned box that nobody chooses to see
Isn't an exaggeration of a misled fantasy
Not a trauma caused by the toughness of your daily life
Not a scar from a sharp knife
But a sign of insecurity
Towards yourself, your beauty
Your size, your weight, your height, your color, your religion
Your fears, your weakness, your beliefs, your addiction
Now paralyzed, can't take a decision
You don't want to fail
Don't want to regret
Don't want to loose the sparkles that you have left
Don't want to feel lonely in the darkness
Don't want to be left alone with your thoughts
Don't want them to make you believe another beautiful lie
Aug 2014 · 554
Red flames
Yara Mrad Aug 2014
These days seem so empty
Feels like sorrow has gotten to me
Sadness, emptiness..set me free
Layers of rocks stacked over my lungs
Air struggles to get
Like a thief breaking into a random house
Secretly, silently sneaking
Comes in empty-handed
Leaves charged with guilt, can't stand it
It being the though of having disturbed
The strange soul living inside of me
That feels imprisoned in its own body
Knees tremble, nothing worth fighting for
Giving up on bones, falling straight down to the floor
Tired of carrying all this hope
Cause it's time to let go
Of everything that ties us up and drags us down
Powerlessness is a strong enough sign
Money doesn't grow on trees
Karma is really a ***** that can never be pleased
Starving empty stomachs live under the shadows of luxurious villas
Selfishness will soon **** us
Countries are suffering from terrorism
While we limit ourselves to caring about materialism
This isn't a fight to live, it's to survive
From the cruelness that has taken over and strived
Aug 2014 · 663
Yara Mrad Aug 2014
With a shy smile on her face she peeked into the place
Lost as a sheep would be away from its flock
She stood there in the doorway hesitated before she finally talked
Her pain was hiding under an innocent tone
She took a few steps forward and when she saw me
Relief sparkled on her pale face i could barely see
She said: will you please type the number of the nearest taxi on my phone?
Where am i, what's the name of this city?
How long will the taxi take to get here?
Tell him not to be late
I need to escape
Can i please stay here and wait
Until the taxi comes and carries me away?
I nodded, she rushed to the nearest chair and sat on it
I walked away to get my cleaning kit
Tables needed to be wiped clean
So did her heart, it seemed
As i came by to check on her
Ask her if she needed coffee or dessert
Her hand instantly wiped her tears
That had drown a humid pathway on her red cheeks
She forced a smile into her face
Looked at me with watered eyes and bitten lips
"Thanks, i'm fine" she said
"I'm just waiting for my ride"
As the taxi drove by on the other side of the road
She rushed out of the restaurant waving goodbye
Risked her life crossing to the other side of the highway
Must have had a tough night, that poor thing
And the taxi carried her away..
This is something I've actually witnessed last week while i was at work. A young girl, as described above, walked in and this is basically what happened. Couldn't help but write a poem about it..
Apr 2014 · 1.2k
Dirty Socks
Yara Mrad Apr 2014
Inside your high-fenced garden i have entered
Climbed over the sky-high gate you had cluttered
Stepped on every little beautiful flower
Burned its perfume without a care
Smashed the petals into powder
Dehydrated the ground with the water i wont share
****** out the remaining pride you had
Buried the life you had in you in the deepest layer of the ground
Attacked the pure love you had found
The dreams, the hopes you had lit up
With the fire of your excited eyes
Every door i had widely opened has been shut
Selfishness took me off guard
Now, Its setting an admirable prize
For whoever finds MY missing pride
I look down to my feet and my socks are no longer white
They've turned darker than my inner shades
From the mess that i am
The huge pond of mistakes i've made
The knives i've used to cut out your roses
The rocks i've thrown at your soldiers
That you had place to keep me away
From your heart, from your mind, from hurting you this way
Apr 2014 · 739
Yara Mrad Apr 2014
Unusual feelings colonized my core
Unusual heartbeats race their way out of my pores
My body tries to shake peculiar sensations away
Skin glowing with sweaty drops going insane
Nerves breaking
Hands shaking
Nervousness took over by surprise
Never felt like this around you
My heart sounds like an excited child
Running around like a fool
Wondering when's the time to open the presents
That's what i find myself doing in your absence
Counting the days, the minutes, the seconds
Counting the stars in the sparkly skies
Reminded of the crystalized diamonds in your eyes
That light up every time you see me smile
Mar 2014 · 816
Passionate Felony
Yara Mrad Mar 2014
How can a Human behold such a celestial love?
All i know is that a love like this only exists in the skies
In the purity of the heavenly hearts
You say i deserve to be loved this way
Even more if possible, you say
Someone with a heart like yours
Someone with a soul like yours
Deserves this mistaken love
Not me, i'm full of flaws.
You don't see them in me
This is not how it should be..
I get lost in your staring eyes
My companions in my lonely nights
I can't get over the way you look at me
Those eyes, this black peaceful sea
I love the way you love me
I love how you made me see
I love how you taught me
How to love myself, how to be free
This passion you have for me
Has to be a felony
If i ever open my eyes
If i ever look back at those days
If this is a lie, please tell me
I won't be surprised despite
The happiness, the serenity you brought me
If this is a lie, here's my confession
This lie's greater than any shallow truth i'll ever hear
Mar 2014 · 443
Jack Black Hearts
Yara Mrad Mar 2014
Don't know what's gotten into me
Can't feel myself, can't see clearly
Feels like im drowning in confusion
As if this is all an illusion
Lost control over my body
Everything seems so blurry
Im suffocating on my own thoughts
They tangled my neck no matter how hard i had fought
Their marks are deep in my veins
Knifing their way to my heart, to my brain
Poisonous as a snake's bite
Got me by surprise
Didn't see myself fall so hard
Surrender to you with my last card
Don't even know where to start
All i'm going to say is you got me off guard
Mysterious intentions or friendly suggestions
In you, i see my reflection
Mar 2014 · 264
A Place in Heaven
Yara Mrad Mar 2014
If you were offered a place in heaven
Will you accept the invitation to paradise land?
Will you abandon the things to which you are attached?
Are you willing to leave it all behind
And take a seat next to the Gods?
You know you'll be happier up there
But your legs are still shaking
They're still hesitating
Your steps remain shadows
Waiting to be swallowed
You look up and notice the long endless staircase
You look down and see the people walking as if they're charity cases
At the top, floating clouds and wealthy spirits
On the bottom, floating minds
Emptied of their reason, replaced with shallow sights
If you were offered a place in heaven
Will you ignore the screaming voices?
Will you let the starving beasts limit your choices?
Will you give in to your senses
Or will you break free and conjugate to your own tenses?
Just a bit of freedom
Just a bit of wisdom
If i was offered a place in heaven...
Heaven is where my imagination is
Heaven is where my heart is
Heaven is where my thoughts take me
Far from reality that would be
For the unthankful, for the believers, for the dreamers, for those who broke free.
Feb 2014 · 702
Yara Mrad Feb 2014
Book your place on the train of my thoughts
That travels around my mind all the way to my heart
See yourself through my eyes
Forget your fears, leave them behind
There's nothing that could describe
The way i feel about you, the feelings kept inside
Some words are better left unsaid
Cause everything our mouth says is released into the world.
That makes our feelings defined and precise
As they turn into seizable material
Possessed by each and every speaking creature.
My feelings are for me
My feelings are for you
They're not for the world to see
They're not to be used
But by my virtuality speaking to yours
Through our tangled eyes
As i breathe the air that traveled around that body of yours
Loaded with sweetness, touched by your soul
Sacrificing itself to revive my lungs
Tickling my cheeks, it's my being it swung
With every breath that you breathe
With every breath that i breathe
From your lungs to mine
Like an ***** that soothes us both
That ***** is our lost feelings of love
Jan 2014 · 465
Detangle My Fears
Yara Mrad Jan 2014
Say you'll save me from myself
From the monster living inside of me
Say you love me as well,
Say you'll help me be
The best of me you've always wanted to see
Say you'll detangle my fears
Hold me tight, let me know you'll be here
Carrying my heart in yours
Taking care of my soul like it's your own
Look into my eyes and just assure me
That everything's gonna be alright like you've always said it would be
Let me wrap myself up in you
So that i can rest my head in my usual nest
Listening to the greatest symphony coming from your chest
The sound of your generous heartbeats
Keeping me company while your protective arms surround me
like an army
Let's just stop time and have our own little silent party
We'll dance to the beat of our united joyful hearts
While you spin me around singing "we'll never be apart"
Jan 2014 · 1.2k
Dreamy Clouds
Yara Mrad Jan 2014
You and i both
Know what it takes
To live on clouds, floating in space
In our mystical dreams that we rarely loathe
That is for the vibrant beauty that hides within
My passionate eyes whenever they see you grin
So what if the power of our fantasy
Is strong enough to win over reality?
Would all our dreams come true like you promised me
Or will we feel so overwhelmed that we'd fail to be
The perfect image of each other's imagination
Drawn with critical observation
Of the things we like
The things we don't
Like the way you smile
Your heavenly cologne
Or the way you get cranky
When my mood swings and i stare at you blankly
What if the power of our fantasy
Is strong enough to win over reality?
Would all our dreams come true like you promised me?
Jan 2014 · 981
Chocolate Glazed
Yara Mrad Jan 2014
When i was younger my mom used to say
Someday your prince will come and steal you away
On his white horse you'll ride
Across the utopian valleys  
Im still waiting for those promised fantasies
As i got older my momma comforted me
The time will come, await the day
"You'll find love, i assure you"she used to say
Love doesn't want to be found
Love likes to hide and not make a sound
When you're ready it reveals itself
In the most beautiful, unexpected ways
Dwelling in a divine creature
That blinks at you while you gaze
At him while admiring his features
And out of nowhere, it hit you
The one thing you knew was due
But never thought would come true.
All the fairytales are vanished
Replaced with cursive words
Dancing to the rhythm of this curse
That is in fact two-faced
Thus, nothing's ever too messy to be chocolate glazed.
Jan 2014 · 787
My shoes, My blues
Yara Mrad Jan 2014
Here we go again
Same person different day
Different person, same mistakes
Still, Feelings remain the same
When we finally decide to open up our wounded heart
Go for it and risk it all
Erase previous regrets and start again
Offer ourselves as slaves to strain
A door sewed with pearls
Appears to our thrilled eyes
A carpet tainted red
Unfolds itself in the heavenly clouds
Lifting us to the cosmic space
Previously visited when our hearts set sail
Blinded with love, both traveled away
But yet again you seem to act childish
Not caring about what i feel, acting selfish
Is it me who misread all the signs
Or is it you that's turned upside down?
There's always something missing, something going wrong
When you love them from deep within
They shut their door in your pleading face
When your friendship is at its best
They surprise you with the feelings long-hidden in their chest
It never seems to be the right moment
As if he's meant to be your opponent
So this is what it feels like to walk in my shoes
Let me know if you find a cure to these blues
Jan 2014 · 1.4k
Captivated by Feelings
Yara Mrad Jan 2014
Lost in the translation of your actions
That show the feelings you hide
But hide their flawless perfection
Cause you were so admired by them all
The king of the game, the one that never falls
Despite your strength, your power to never flop
One look at her and your legs went numb
Your heart raced for her more than it ever did before
More than the time you ran till your legs went sore
Your goal was to win her, make her yours
It's not about winning the game anymore
Cause it's in her love that you were meant to fall.
Every time you hear her voice, it's your name she calls
Suddenly, shouts of a cheering crowd  mean nothing at all
You try to be strong but it's your heart she stole
You let her get away
Take your ardor and fly away
"She's the blessing i'm lucky to behold"
You say
"Whenever she's in sight, my eyes they turn gold"
You praise
She's the treasure that made me explore
The beauty of her world, making her so innocent and pure,
The kind of perfection that makes her to-die-for
While she grants you the pleasure of being the one she adores
Her grace makes you forget all
When its your aching soul that she enfolds
Jan 2014 · 1.5k
Life's Pathway
Yara Mrad Jan 2014
The people you meet and the experiences you've had
Those gavels that build up your pathway leading to a future
As bright as your accomplishments
As dark as your failures.
You may choose to be just another number
Or thrive to shine like thunder
To some you're a stop on the road;
A pebble in their vast sea of rocks
To others you're a destination;
An essential stone they place with rigid intention
You're their hero on the walk of fame
Or the outsider on the walk of shame
Thus, disappointment's the winner of this festive year
From your anger, losses to your biggest fear
It haunts your dreams
Steals away your sleep,
Here to degrade people from high above the clouds
To way down below  
Rolling in the muddy hole
Made for our faded ashes
Alongside the endless mourns,
The trembling sounds of our murmuring voices
That hide a hint of joy
In tribute to all that's now long-gone
Insecurities, doubts, and all that once dragged us down
Making room for shinier stones
Full of life, reflecting hope
For a brighter future known for achieving goals
Dec 2013 · 890
Yara Mrad Dec 2013
Forgive me father for i have sinned
You're full of mercy so here's the thing:
In this abandoned room screaming shame
I lay on the bed with myself to blame.
Doubt burning me to the tip of my toes
That was my lowest point i suppose
Doubted god in a moment of weakness
I guess that's what i get for surrendering to demons
Blaming God for the darkness of my days
But the devil is the only one to be tamed.
Referring the bad in our lives to the king of enlightenment
No doubt that was a silly judgement
On the verge of giving up, we lost our pride
Accusations were sent to our savior, no wonder why..
We let suspicion get to our brain
Mess with us and cause us pain
How can the flame be the cause of darkness?
How did we commit this sin, so brainless?
We were the victim of the devil's
But right now, It's time for his resignation
And just like the ancient Greeks did for creeps
Let him be thrown to those avid beasts
While people watch
And angels sing to the king
Dec 2013 · 545
Washed away
Yara Mrad Dec 2013
From the beginning i knew
That what we had wasn't true
The sound of our laughs still echoes in the back of my mind
Bursting with the lightning of your memories;
Yes, they must be one of their kind
They never fail to draw a smile on my face
That smile that you used to love and praise
That smile that is useless if not reflected on your gentle face
Truth must be said
We were both just living on floating clouds
Surrounded by the beauty of our wandering eyes
So why settle for reality
That is in fact just a lie
When we can spread our wings and fly
With the power of our unconscious desire?
Dec 2013 · 1.0k
Yara Mrad Dec 2013
With a split of a second
A million thoughts travel our mind
Few are the ones captured
And framed on the wall of our memory
It all just comes down to a game of sensations
Some thoughts please us with their parody
Others scare us with their complexions.
Used to choose the easy way around,
Tossing and turning till we fall apart
Because the mystery of imagination got us under its spell
Thus control over our silly life is hard
Imagination gives us the power of creation
Coloring each and every corner of this world
Wishfully writing scenarios to be heard
While the fight against temptation
Turns into an overwhelming war
With the worst and strongest enemy of them all
Just look in the mirror and you'll see
The fire in his eyes burning you to the core
Dec 2013 · 963
Christmas Leftovers
Yara Mrad Dec 2013
This occasion's red but i'm feeling blue
Nothing to gain, nothing to lose
They tell us to welcome this festive season with an open heart
But my heart is already torn in two
From the days that made me fall apart
The friends that left without saying goodbye
The sanity i had but was snatched by surprise
The goals i failed to accomplish
The people i let down because i was acting foolish
The days that seem to have washed away my happiness..
With every smile comes a stroke of emptiness
Sitting here in this silent room
With nothing but a soul deprived of its bloom
The shady walls boil with anger
Complaining about the materialism that stroke like thunder..
People on the streets fake their laughs
We all sure did forget the meaning behind this celebration
Since we spend money on tree decorations and useless crafts
Meaningless, fading gifts that won't last
Longer than the starved homeless that only pray for a proper meal
Thus, a tableful of dishes soaked in lavishness
Is being devoured by our bodies invaded by selfishness
While fancy music entertain our deaf ears
So we fail to be filled with the one thing that should be our specialty
And that is *humanity
Dec 2013 · 1.5k
Nature's Slavery
Yara Mrad Dec 2013
Those few shy sun rays
That fill the saddest valleys
With the grace of their warmness
Are not aware of the joy they bring when
They steal their way in from the 70's clouds
White, grey and dark as the night
Choked by the rage of the stormy skies
Putting up with our accusing eyes
Blaming them for this furious weather
Not knowing that they're under the pain and pressure
Of the scrunchy lightening tearing them up like a whip
Few of them survive while others slip
Between the hands of the mad forces pushing them to cry
Yes, they boil with the urge to pry
As raindrops ,as cold as the heavens' heart,
With the demons pressing "restart",
Soak us with the filthy rain
Of this silly, slavering game
Every round that a devil gains
Dec 2013 · 610
Invasion of the soul
Yara Mrad Dec 2013
Can't dare to close my eyes
Filled with pain, sadness and sorrow
Trembling till the tears resign
Afraid of what i might see when i follow
The train of my thoughts ***** by the hurricane
Of this life that's only just a game
The winner oughts to be heartless
But we're all helpless now that
Love, friendship, war and wealth
Remain the utter preoccupations
Of our unfortunate generations.
Disguised creatures invade our dreams
And leave us slaves to their schemes
Smiles erased from all faces
Dragged to unfamiliar, dark places
Tied to their muddy fingers,
Carried by cheap linkers.

*a bit depressing but still..
Nov 2013 · 599
Eyes of a Warrior
Yara Mrad Nov 2013
Devouring every little thing you see
As it drowns to the bottom of the sea
Of those oceanic eyes of yours
Home of the lost souls
Reflection of the sparkling stars
Shelter to the fragile spirits  
It's only now that I'm aware
That the cold breeze I used to feel
Is nothing but the trembling fear
Of being haunted by the thought of you, standing so near,
That I might be captured by the sharks of these betraying jewels
Suddenly tarnished with a million bruises
Slaughtering butterflies in my stomach
But my heart won't let me surrender
Although it seems so weak and tender
They didn't tell me love was so vain
So will my brain spare me of this strain
Or am I meant to live in pain?
Nov 2013 · 806
Warm Spirit
Yara Mrad Nov 2013
Your hand on my cheek
And my cheek rests against the warmness
The blood pressure rises through my veins
Up to my face that slightly floods into redness
Its not shyness just relief
That this fragile body of which you broke the chains
Had been disarmed of belief
And my wandering spirit
That your touch saved with grace
Made my heart beat for it knows
That my soul just enfolded in yours
Nov 2013 · 520
Yara Mrad Nov 2013
Swing my heart across the world
While it wanders around with a vision that is so blurred
From the spinning and the turning
That this love has brought
As the smell of your perfume
Fires up my lungs with every move
Your hand resting gently on my waist
Your eyes bathing in the ocean of mine
A step back we take
And so we forget our mistakes
A step forward we make
And so we escape
From this world to a greater space
Where there's nothing but love and wine
Thrives our love that's so divine
Won't you spin me a little more
So i shall know for sure
If this is reality
Or just another fantasy
Nov 2013 · 1.2k
Yara Mrad Nov 2013
The whispers of the wind
Slowly rove the back of my mind
Alongside the random thoughts
That once resigned
From the silliness that this life brought
Breaking free from the united mold
That this world uses to shape us all
Don't be shy
Instead be bold
We're following leaders who worship gold
Built and meant to gain perfection
Look up and you'll see
That the stars are nothing but distraction
From the blemishes that are masked with shimmer
Look a little deeper and you will be
Surprised that what you once thought was gravity
Is nothing but the heavy anchor
That is tied to you with a string of silk
It drowns you till you suffocate
From the toxic gas of indifference
Creating an army of blinded clones
Tricked, so they can bilk
We stump with out fragile bones
Hoping to chase away the bitterness
That has taken over our miserable life
When are we going to revolt and thrive ?
Nov 2013 · 1.0k
Love at War
Yara Mrad Nov 2013
With every heartbeat comes a thought
Which reminds me that an empty space in my head
Still lacks the light of your soul
The one that blinds if caught
And it comes from the warmness that shines from your core
It knows its way through my heart
Like a warrior knows his enemy at war
Then it paralyzes my mind with the idea of your love
That invades my being
With every single blood drop,
That travels through the maze of life;
The life that looks so easy but is too flawed.
Like the love we share
It hurts while seeming oh! So fair
But I can't deny this fraud
That held me captivated in you
Not able to escape from what you call yours
So please just tell me
And save me from what is so sore
Are we in love or at war?

— The End —