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yamilet nguyen Mar 2016
big, small, tall, short.
curvy, flat, scrawny, heavy.
getting the attention because they show more skin than the average woman.
they give them cute names like "*****" "cumbucket" and "*****". The only respect given to them is cat calling and t-bagging, as if they weren't human enough or even woman enough to be given the privilege to be taken on a date or better yet having a committed relationship with the boy next door because he is too embarrassed to be seen with the ****, but would **** in the sheets because he knew no one would see, that inside those sheets he made lustful sweet love to the **** from the stop. Don't be nice they say, she just wants to lay in bed all day, to eat your flesh and give you head, to make you love her and **** your ego. because no one wants a ****. But she was once used and abused, maybe that "****" never truly understood how to be loved and cared about because every person who has touched her given her reasons to despise every single bit of hope they would put in her head. Wanting the attention she was never given because hearing "you are beautiful" is like floating mid air feeling the goosebumps running down to her spine, making her wish she heard that a thousand more times. (3:20am)
yamilet nguyen Mar 2016
I see you, I see the way you're hurt and the way you ache.
I see the way you try to conceive love by just ******* your way into every ***** you see lurking around, you're ****** into this deep cynical lust that you try to come out of, but to where?
to more broken hearts and deceitful lies, to the way you gave in to the perfect touch you allowed to love you.
just to realize, perfection doesn't exist, and that this is just another myth of what they call love.
they call you a cynic, but they do not see that to you this nonsense is just a disease of vulnerability.

— The End —