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xy Sep 2018
My love for you is a rivers flow,
Which continues to rush in the winter snow.
Every night the moon will change its glow,
But the water will not stop or slow.
Even when the wind wont blow,
The river will not cease to go.
I say this now so you will know,
No matter how the hardships grow,
I will always love you and that is so.
xy Apr 2018
Your love is a memory,
I’ve yet to experience something so great.
Your love was my therapy,
Now that it’s gone it’s only myself that I hate.
Your love was scaring me,
As I knew without it my life was a blank slate.
xy Apr 2018
I set my boat to sail waters unknown,
Hoping the path will bring me back home.
I knew the weather was dark and frightening,
The clouds would roar and spark up lightning.
But the thought of your laughter,
Overcame the thunder.
After all of this rain,
We’ll be popping champagne.
Young and afraid but I gave you my all,
Sunken in the rain, but for you I stood tall.
Only to to finally arrive at our door,
To meet the person who could give you more.
xy Apr 2018
Don’t be sad you failed,
You’re not finished when you fail,
Only when you quit.
xy Apr 2018
Her eyes were like the ocean,
So blue, yet far from the emotion.
Her hair was a straw like gold,
A beautiful girl but her feet were always cold.

She brings herself down,
Like every guy that comes around.
So scared of being of being broken,
She leave all her thoughts unspoken.

If only they can see how beautiful she is,
If only they knew how clever she really is.
If only someone would show her how beautiful she is,
If only someone would tell her how clever she really is.
xy Mar 2018
A sensation to which nothing can compare,
Rebel like behaviour lightens life up like a flare.
Little things which bring us solace during any crisis,
Little things that ruin us, these are all of our vices.

At the end a cigarette burns my finger tips,
And this is when my heart truly skips.
My escape is over, feels as though in a trice,
Discomforting to think we fell in love with our vice.
xy Mar 2018
He was the fire that destroyed forests,
She was the water that grew the trees,
They were complete opposites,
But they could only coexist,
For she created the fuel to feed his flame,
And he would clear spaces for her work to grow,
Thus this tale of love is sadly unfortunate,
For he just wanted to be with her,
But would ruin her creations,
And she wanted him to see her work,
But she couldn’t bare losing her art.
Then one day she gave herself to him,
And as they made contact,
She put out his flame,
And he turned her to vapour.
The love which drew them together,
Destroyed them forever.
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