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venus Jun 2021
Fading in and out of sleep,
I have a complicated reality,
I can’t say I’m surprised this is just my normality.
venus Jun 2021
I silently mourn us everyday,
I always wanted you to stay,
Even though i did everything possible to push you away
There’s this ache in my chest created with an everlasting flame,
I chose to put an end to our endless misery and I’m sorry if i caused you any pain,
From this wicked, futile game we will never gain.
Our world so complex, with galaxies so beautiful, filled with silver stars lighting up the alluring night sky,
In the midst of it is our goodbye, the heart wrecking finale of you and I.
Amongst all the comets and meteoroids, floating in the nebula, we didn’t even try,
No one is to blame,
Even though i called for you but you never came.
I was the one that left so i can’t complain,
Now our world is simply doomed in a loop of repetition , what a shame.
The fall was agonising i won’t deny,
it replays in my head,
our interstellar goodbye.
venus Jun 2021
I’m drained of all energy
I’m so hurt so confused, only darkness inside of me,
Please play me a beautiful symphony,
Get me out of this catastrophe,
Let the pain that consumed my soul drift away with the melody,
Let your words soothe my scars, heal my heart, touch all of my anatomy.
You’re my only antidote, be my saviour, my clarity.
Save me, I’m yours for eternity.
venus Jun 2021
As you can see it’s empty here,
This part is the most painful it’s a grave dug so deep, i don’t want you to fall so a fast pace i keep,
All these places i showed you were all inside of me,
All the voices all the streets filled with lions and snakes,
Your heart is way to pure to walk through these lanes and try to fight with all your might to break these walls of concrete, built so strongly so neat you fall down in defeat,
my chest sinks as you weeped
You’re hand with scares engraved, my hands with so much strength waved,
I’m so sorry i left i just don’t want to be saved.

— The End —