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venus Sep 17
Tell me all your theories,
All your rebellious thoughts.
Tell me all your secrets,
All your fears and sins,
All that you’re ashamed to admit.
Tell me that you love me and genuinely mean it,
Let me swim in your alluring eyes,
Let there just be you and i and the dark night skies,
I want to get lost in your embrace and feel the warmth of your space, feel your heart tremble and race
the moment i touch your mesmerized face,
Heal my drained broken soul and erase,
Erase all my pain that words could never explain,
Sing me a sweet lullaby until i drift away and finally sleep.
Cure the insomnia you caused when you left,
because when life tore us apart it was unfair
It was theft.
venus Sep 17
Once we where close her sanity still existed,
As soon as we drifted,
Her soul was lifted,
Out of her body.
When i see her now i can tell she wants to scream,
but she hides under a sheet of fake smiles and piles, of rotten conversations.
Her laugh was a cry for help it was disturbing to hear.
I could see the genuine fear,
In her dead eyes.
Was her end near?
Her drained shattered heart doesn’t function anymore,
She has destroyed herself and dug deep within her core, ripped out all emotion. Ripped out all pain, not leaving a trace. Now she lives her life in pure emptiness. She dying inside,it’s written all over her face,
I wish i could help, and erase all her pain.
I wish i could break all the people who made her insane.
She’s too far gone now.
venus Sep 17
Broken she was,
I looked at her with curiosity.
Out of place she was,
I tired to get closer.
Her walls thick and guarded,
Until she tore every single one for me.
As every piece of brick fell to the ground, i saw her true identity.
She was consumed with confusion,
Looking for a way out, an equation to solve the complicated riddle that was her life.
So attached to a lie she forces her brain to believe.
All, so that she can receive,
A little bit of rest.
Because when you’re confused and unable to comprehend, a single fact, you look for an answer to craft.
Unfortunately she found the wrong one.
Her soul is now far within the scorch of the hottest desert,
dug deep beneath the bodies of the deceased,
She was a walking empty body.
venus Sep 15
I’m so terrified,
Of every out come my life could lead to.
I’m so lost,
Lost in a haze of confusion.
I’m so tired,
Tired of all the thinking.
Sleepless, drained,
Insomnia is a killer
Killer to my brain,
Bringing back old thoughts, that cause me so much pain.
Take one look inside my head you’ll see that I’m nothing but insane.
This dark feeling that’s suffocating my chest is so torturous I’m dying again and again.
venus Sep 13
How do i express,
the aching pain that’s suffocating my chest,
I wonder if i will ever confess,
Or will it forever be hidden deep and oppressed?
Overthinking, insomnia and agonizing stress.
It’s all I want to achieve I cant help but obsess,
I can’t focus, can’t breathe I’m a crumbling mess.
I invested all my power and tried, but they were all futile attempts.
Will I ever be what I aspire to be?
I want to prove that I can, I want the whole universe to see.
I hope that it’s written in my destiny.
God please my dream.
venus Sep 1
Alluring presence, she struck me with her angelic voice.
Giving me no choice,
As her soul touched mine so gracefully.
Confusing my thinking, ripping my heart,
The judgmental words of strangers are tearing my world apart.
Mysterious devilish glow about her, my curious eyes could not help but stare.
Hedonistic thoughts flood my brain, this isn’t fair.
Lustful thoughts, what a sin. This can’t be.
Now she is my heaven. Because she released, the devil within me.
  Aug 30 venus
there is a feeling
that is not a feeling

it is everything
it is nothing

it is here
it is gone

what is it
where is it
why is it

but this feeling is there
or not
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