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Sep 7 · 67
Joke apart
Tompson Sep 7
Life it's a bad joke
Told by people who wants to see
You cut your own throat
And when the curtains close
They all going to laugh
While you choke
Let them be the crowd
The judges
Put me in the death row
I'll get out
With the people who lives below
And one day
I'll be the one who controls the joke
Aug 28 · 261
Tompson Aug 28
The sun is rising
I wake up
Cigarettes and coffee
my drugs in this morning
The day is passing by
Pills are making my mind
The night has come
I need to get ******
Give me a line
Needles in my hand
My veins burning like your love
The smell of blood
Death its in my bed
It's all what I have
You left.
May 20 · 102
Bad trip
Tompson May 20
I can't see a open door
It's all darkness
Why am I on the floor?
I only hear the sound of my heart
Help me
I'm falling apart
May 9 · 302
What I am now
Tompson May 9
I woke up this morning
With this feeling
It's too late
I have to let the dark command me
The darkness is on earth
And it walks with me
You can see
It's too late
Don't try to save me
I want to be with the evil
That's it

It's too late
May 5 · 152
Tompson May 5
People has to see
The youth is sick
There's a evil following us
The world is killing kids
May 1 · 241
Tompson May 1
I loved you with all my tears
Even though you always judge me
You said that you meant well
But you love taste now like hell
And hell used to be fun
I'm dry
The tears has now gone
I realized
My cigarettes taste better
than your lips
In my mouth.
Apr 30 · 221
Life's jail
Tompson Apr 30
Feeling imprisoned in my existence
In me existence
I only see violence
Apr 30 · 575
Tompson Apr 30
I wrote you with my tears
I made you in the form of poetry
and in the other day you left me
Apr 29 · 126
I accept
Tompson Apr 29
Something has happened to me
It has been a while ago
I've been digging my grave secretly
Even for me
But now I know
My body is ready to go
My mind is working with it
But the time is close
It's something I have to do
It's a place I have to go
I no longer belong here
Just hope that there I'll find peace
Apr 26 · 471
Every fucking year
Tompson Apr 26
I do this thing every time
I spend months doing just fine
Partying, abusing drugs, having a great time
But then I realized
But then something kicks my mind
And now I spending months inside of the house
Speaking with the demons who lives inside
Not the house
They were there all the time
Even when I was doing just ******* fine
They are now tired of the good times
I let them command my mind
My days are now dark
I'm just waiting for they say the words
So we can finally leave the lights
For the whole eternity

I'm just tired of this whole ******* *******
Repeating all those ******* years
Like If I was a ******* drama queen  
The demons has come to ******* save me
Mar 23 · 127
Bad seed
Tompson Mar 23
I got the name of a machine gun
I'm the bad one of the family
I'm the one who do drugs for fun
I'm the one who likes to play with guns
I'm the one who's gonna die ******* young
I'm the one who's gonna make my family's name have blood

Such a shame
For a beautiful girl
With a beautiful name
Mar 19 · 1.1k
The red dress
Tompson Mar 19
Another morning
Another night
The pain is knocking outside
Sometimes I let her in
But sometimes
She just sit there, in my door
Waiting for me

There's no one like her
Beautiful, always with a red dress
She take care of me
She brings friends too
And then
My house become a mess

I think she just want pleasure with me
I tried cheat on her
Hoping that she would leave me
But she didn't care
She knows that only her can controls my head
She always says that she got my back
Oh dear pain, will you follow me till death
Mar 19 · 208
Tompson Mar 19
I'm not poetry
I'm just pure evil

I can't talk about the matters of heart
I only know the pain who beats my door
I can't talk about love
I only have knowledge about lost
I can't talk about happiness
I only know the world that has been surrounded by sadness
I can't talk about friends
I always being around enemies
I can't talk about beauty
I'm in too much *****
I can't talk about things
Now that my mind stinks
Mar 18 · 517
The truth
Tompson Mar 18
Im pretend
To be somebory friends
I go along with whoever it is with me in the moment
nobody knows the real me
Nobody knows the girl who wants to say
Please **** me

They're a pretend to be friends too
But no one dares talk about the real ****
Why people wanna hide they truly souls
People are so hypocrite
Nobody let it beat
The demons who wants to know the streets

Please answer me this
What is it you see when you look at me
I'm tired of pretend
I want that people see
The evil who follows me
No more *******
Stay with me
Or just leave
Tompson Mar 16
Do you wanna get hurt, girl?
So I’ll cut you with my pain
I’ll show you all my darkness
You’ll beg for my mercy
you’re weak girl, for this

We can ****
If you wanna to
But baby
I won’t stand with u
Tomorrow morning, you’ll be lonely

You’re just like me, trying to fix it this ****
Its not our fault, it’s not our problem
No more
This world has been broken for a long time ago
Mar 15 · 410
Give a shot
Tompson Mar 15
I'm gonna give life one more chance
I have to try before I chose the end
Because that's how life works
You keep trying your best
Giving shots without no rest
I'm gonna try this new thing now
Before life shoots me down

Mar 15 · 337
Falling for
Tompson Mar 15
Tell me a reason to stay
Tell me a story that makes me forget the pain
Sing me a song that won’t break my heart
But the whispers won’t let me listen your beautiful voice

There’s something through my eyes
There’s something in my head
But there’s nothing in my heart

You wanna be with me
I know
But you don’t like my dope
I can see the evil with my eyes close
The devil likes my blood
Full of drugs

Do you know how it is?
I think you don’t
Living like a ghost
Feeling like a zombie

Looking through the mirror
My face is blurry, I just see demons
I wish I could sleep all night
I wish I could sleep all day
But the voices in my head make me stay awake
They made me obey
I can't take it

I’m falling
Falling through the pain, not for you
Mar 14 · 583
Wtf am i gonna do
Tompson Mar 14
I took some Xanax
Hoping that getting high would take away this ******* pain
But this **** ain't making it
I'm going crazy
I wanna burn the house down
But my lighter I can't find out
*** am I gonna do right now
Mar 14 · 1.1k
No future
Tompson Mar 14
Everybody is afraid of look into my eyes
There's no future, they say
I get that
My eyes has been locked in the past
The thing is
In the past I'm already dead

They chose to look at my face
At my body
Where the party never stops
Beautiful girl
They say

Now the time is passing by
They're noticing
The no future problem is now all over my body
The fun is gone
The party is over
They all left with no drama

Now I know
No one stays when you're bleeding from the nose
No one stays when you have blood on your hands
No one stays when the dead girl from the past
Find her way back
Mar 14 · 129
It's so clear
Tompson Mar 14
I've been so ****** up in the past few days
It's clear that I'll die in the middle of those days
I can't fight anymore
This thing inside of me always want more

I have nothing else to lose
There's nothing else to take
It controls my life
It wants me to die

Suicide, suicide, suicide
It's all what I can think about
It controls my head now

It's so clear
There's nothing human left in me
Mar 14 · 280
No more love in my heart
Tompson Mar 14
You asked me for some problems
I told you all my pain
Made you bleed for me
I let you go with all my shame
I let you see my demons
Because I wanted to see you misarable

We spoke, and spoke, and spoke
You made promises of love
But you couldn't see
All what I want was to see your heart broke

I left you in tears
Because you means nothing to me
Mar 14 · 88
Tompson Mar 14
In the middle of the day I take a pill
I hope that getting high will stop me to get ****

Coffee, pills and cigarettes
It seems that nothing will stop the pain in my head
Another pill, oh god, I'm getting ill
Another pill, now I hope that it'll ****

Can't sleep
Can't be awake
Getting high don't help
Cigarettes don't help

Another pill, please, I beg, let it ****
Mar 14 · 232
Evil spirit
Tompson Mar 14
I sit in your bed
Asking for help
You only said
"there's a demon living in your back"
Oh, dear mom
I told you all my pain and depression
And you couldn't see
The demon has become me

You can call it a ghost, the devil itself
But this evil spirit its myself
I'm the ghost
I'm the demon
And the devil speaks everyday
He wants his angel back
He says
"To make the pain go away, you have to come with me"
And I wanna go so bad
because the pain in my head
Made me speak with the evil who lives in my back
Mar 14 · 286
Teenager thoughts
Tompson Mar 14
Welcome seventeen years old

Walking like a ghost through the streets
Thinking about suicide and feeling sick
Wondering me what I want to do
But maybe I just wanna **** and die too
Like others teenagers living in this generation
I don’t know what’s going on, there’s no explanation.
Asking me if I’m weak
A poor thing
Such shame
I’m not poor
Just a thing

— The End —