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Tompson May 20
I can't see a open door
It's all darkness
Why am I on the floor?
I only hear the sound of my heart
Help me
I'm falling apart
Tompson May 9
I wake up this morning
With this feeling
It's too late
I have to let the dark command me
The darkness is on earth
And it walks with me
You can see
It's too late
Don't try to save me
I want to be with the evil
That's it

It's too late
Tompson May 5
People has to see
The youth is sick
There's a evil following us
The world is killing kids
Tompson May 1
I loved you with all my tears
Even though you always judge me
You said that you meant well
But you love taste now like hell
And hell used to be fun
I'm dry
The tears has now gone
I realized
My cigarettes taste better
than your lips
In my mouth.
Tompson Apr 30
Feeling imprisoned in my existence
In me existence
I only see violence
Tompson Apr 30
I wrote you with my tears
I made you in the form of poetry
and in the other day you left me
Tompson Apr 29
Something has happened to me
It has been a while ago
I've been digging my grave secretly
Even for me
But now I know
My body is ready to go
My mind is working with it
But the time is close
It's something I have to do
It's a place I have to go
I no longer belong here
Just hope that there I'll find peace
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