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Alagaësia    "Tell me, Atlas. Which is heavier: The world or its people's hearts?"
Mystic River
28/M/Sweden    Extremely new to this forum where i have opportunity to learn from all of you Beautiful people round the globe! I can not only give ...
16/Gender Fluid    I'm not sure what I'm doing
Katie Herbert
A Simillacrum
Bianca Custodio
Philippines    “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” ― Anaïs Nin
Dorothy Arenas
MNL    The truth is... words terrify me.
Matthew Chen
Far From Somewhere    A veteran with battle scars for a hopeful tomorrow.
Winona Marek
MNL    sup
Mishy Kim
Patricia Arches
Fernando Miguel V Carlos
Philippines    Just a guy
Julia Quizon
MNL, PH    I wish I was better at writing these things.
Jhannah Capistrano
manila    poems are hard, but my heart is harder (charot)
Dominique Espiritu
Manila    I aspire to write poems that long to dance off my paper.
Sofia Paderes
The Philippine Islands    Welcome to where I spill my heart.
Philippines    I'm not a very good writer -- I just feel a whole lot
I like spoken word and poetry :)
Marge Redelicia
Manila, Philippines    Makata|Artista|Aktibista|Malaya
Jason Chae
island    a poetry rat
Repcin Maker
South East Asia    I will change the world in a while. I came here because of curiosity I want to practice the techniques of the pen

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