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Mar 29 · 841
on the edge of 19
g Mar 29
Driving 90 miles down the highway at 3am on a Tuesday
Hair flying in the backseat radio blasting at 30
the future is bleak
And the past is dreary
18 years old almost on the edge of 19
Emotions seem unbearable and other times weak
Nothing is ever alright I just sit in my room
and imagine myself grown over night
I cant pretend the future isn’t scary id be lying if I said that
I act a 1000 years my age no one understands that
I don’t know my purpose The search might take my lifetime
What happens when the lights go out ?  Am I in heaven ? Am I alright ?
To say I have worries is way over my head, anxiety creeps in while I’m laying in bed
Is it wrong to think I’m meant for more than this life ?
Think positive think positive I’m trying cant you see !
The more I think positive the more unfortunate I believe
Aug 2019 · 616
midnight in paris
g Aug 2019
Side by side.

Hand in hand.

Dancing under the Eiffel tower at midnight.

The ultimate love story a dance of wind, ghosts at night slowly

intertwining with each other as if the kiss of death is just one moment

For those who believe in the little things, like dancing at midnight.
Aug 2019 · 789
the stages of growing up
g Aug 2019
The inevitability of growing older breathes louder at night.

Creeps in faster during the hours of the am, and smothers you until you slowly dream of a life you’ll never have.

Wake up and repeat.

You’ll never be younger than what you are today they say and that worries you more than it did yesterday, but this is only the beginning from now until the rest of your days.

You remember that line forever.

Life doesn’t get better, it just gets more adjustable.
Aug 2017 · 679
g Aug 2017
My eyes don’t shut
It’s as if they are glued open 24 hours a day
My brain doesn’t shut up
If it was a person, it would speak all day
I try to count some sheep
But my eyes never seem to sleep
So ill just sit back, relax
and stay an insomniac

— The End —